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TO ‘IN THE CLUB’, THE OFFICIAL TUESDAY CLUB INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE - BROUGHT TO YOU IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PERFECT POP CO-OP AND OUR FRIENDS Dear Tuesday Clubbers, It’s great to be back gigging, and great to gig in Hitchin, as you know this latest run of dates features 3 in that particularly fine Herts town. A s you will see from the pics on the next few pages, we kicked off with a fund raiser at the rather grand St.Mary’s church and followed it up with our first date at the fabulous Club 85, for The Metatrons album launch. Wow what a venue, it remind us a bit of the Tardis, the humble facade gave no hint of the brilliant venue inside. A big thanks to Roger and all the gang for being so hospitable... we even got petrol money! It was a great and varied evening of music from The Flues, The Metatrons and the excellent Twirling Canes, rounded off by a rather fine ‘dirty’ kebab. We will most definitely be taking up any offer of a return to this particular venue (hint hint ;-) But have no fear if you missed our show, just go to page 5 and watch our set from the wings!


Next up we played another great Hertfordshire venue - ‘The Green Room’ in Welwyn Garden City for the mighty departing promoter Mungo’s leaving party, which was a real blast with a great eclectic line-up, more of that on page 9! We will follow this with our final of the Hitchin trilogy and then complete our summer dates at Aston Clinton Beerfest. Once the dates are complete we will be back into the rehearsal rooms for the summer to return in October for more dates and new material! So in the meantime, we hope you like the latest mag and all the news from The Perfect Pop Co and wish you a happy and sunny summer, hope to See you very soon. The Tuesday Club Forever xxx

Big thanks to Dave Newbold for the great pics!

“The Tuesday Club are synth punk pop at its catchiest if you’re thinking about Blondie and Roxy Music you’re on the right track... it’s infectious and uplifting” Vive Le Rock, 2016 Cover star:

The Perfect Pop Co-Op

TC’s LIVE GIGS! 4-8 Pics from the latest shows

The Fishwives Broadside 9 New band alert!

She Made Me Do It 10 That Man Mr.Crewdson back with new SMMDI

July 23rd - ROTW fundraiser The George - Hitchin July 30th - Aston Clinton Beerfest Aston Clinton

Perfect Pop Co-Op 11-16 Introducing the label, releases & new band Diamond Meadows

Beyond The Wizards Sleeves


Lovely new album from Richard Norris

Henrietta Canary 18-19 Britpop 90s Girl’s take on Europop post Brexit!

Who’s In the Club?

Dréa from Farewell Albatross


The Parson’s Knows 22-25 Denise Parsons, gives us all the news from Trestle Arts base, Verulam Radio and it’s environs.

Empire Records Advert

The best shop in the world... apart from ours!



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Twas great to be back live again. Our first gig in a church, saw us also make our Hitchin debut for the Rhythms of the World Fund raiser. Big thanks Annananana for all the photos!



A big thanks to Roger and all the gang for being so hospitable... We even got petrol money! It was a great and varied evening of music from The Flues, The Metatrons and the excellent Twirling Canes, rounded off by a rather fine ‘dirty’ kebab. We will most definatley be taking up any offer of a return to this particular venue (hint hint ;-)


See our whole set live from the wings via Dave Worm cam!

“We even got petrol money!”

Pics by Denise Parsons and AVBD

A great night was had at The Green Room on Saturday 9th July, which saw local legend (Jimy) Mungo bow out as the venues promoter after many years of keeping the live scene in WGC vibrant and exciting. Proof of his talent was the bill which included The TCs ;-) great taste... Fay Brotherhood, Steve White and The Protest Family and this little gem of a band The Fishwives Broadside (see more about them on the next page...) Pics by Anna



Fishwife’s Broadside: Great British Amateurs; ramshackle, acaustic (sic) rabble; Sing songs of LOVE, LIFE & LOW WAGES; CORRUPTION, CONNIVANCE etc. Pah... Everything’s Tick Boo? They will busk in your front room.

“We smashed up our electric instruments and replaced them with imagination” Formerly a nine piece, now down to a six... (shrinking band sydrome, we know another band who’ve suffered from that don’t we kids!)... Visually the band have an ecletic rural post war look and are fronted by the charesmatic Strummeresque 40 W Tyler. Their sound has shades of The Fall and The Jam but mainly reminds us of an alt folk style Sleaford Mods all delivered in an agit post punk politised package. To us they are as exciting and engading as non electric gets, which is why we bought their lovely and impressively packaged 7” as

soon as they vacated the stage! But don’t just take our word for it, check um out!

She Made Me Do It release their new single ‘Frantic’ ahead of their electro-rocktastic new album ‘The Frantic Legion’ which is scheduled

for an Autumn release.

‘Frantic’, as the name suggests ups the pace and seamlessly mixes chunky guitar riffs with a hybrid of analogue synths and barnstorming manic beats with an infectious chorus thrown in as the cherry on top of the darkly coloured new wave cake.

Download now through iTunes, bandcamp and all major digital outlets: frantic Video by Jeff Conway YouTube channel

The current available releases from The Tuesday Club, There’s vinyl, mp3’s and Cd’s

My Consciousness EP My Consciousness, Harsh tales of ancient news and Something Major. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP001

Lady Gargar EP Lady Gargar, Scars are Superstars and Resistance makes your heart groan fonder. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP003

Forbidden Kiss EP Forbidden Kiss, Cities Alive and One Idea and a lonely voice. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP002

Boo Hoo EP Boo Hoo, Beat Oven, Greyer Shades Of Grey Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP004

EP ‘Quadrilogy’


New Glamour Single A new version of the song from the debut album with a it’s B-side, live fave Old before your time. Available on Gold enhanced CD, with special video and MP3 download!

See you next Tuesday - The Album - White Vinyl, CD and MP3 download! Dolly Dynamite Ain’t Got No Class Money Means Nothing Nanananana She Splayed My Teeth New Regime (Slow Swing) Replication and Montage All You Do Is Wow New Glamour Wish My Slate Was Cleaner Vinyl As a Manifesto Zerox Recorded in 2015 with the legendary Steve Honest at the controls, this version of Zerox features; The Minx, J-Rod and The Beautiful Wolf and also features a guest appearance on the drums of our friend and ace session man Francesco Lucidi (Who also made a cameo appearance in our Forbidden Kiss video too). Released at the start of June 2016 by popular demand following our Farmers Boy, appearance where we performed it with Will Crewdson, Adam Ants guitarist.

E EASE V I S LU REL EXCN EW Serving up a heady cocktail of synthpop, electro, post punk, disco, funk and acid house, Diamond Meadows are inspired by a love of bands such as Travelogue era Human League, Soft Cell and Cabaret Voltaire

Released July 19th 2016



Introducing The Bleeed, who recorded at Hackney Road

The D.O.D.O’s debut album sounds more like a the


Studios, produced by Steve Honest in 2012 and 2013. This material has never been released until now.

Featuring 3 former members of The Scratch and one from

We are White Worm - all known to you in The Tuesday Club. This EP is the first in a series of side projects, future ventures and re-issues from The Perfect Pop Co-Op, our friends and collaborators.


soundtrack to Saint-Saens carnival of the animals transported to a lost autumn somewhere in a darker, richer, swinging 60’s... the 1860’s that is. Harpsichord, strings, bells, and tormented otherwordly backing vocals provide the backdrop to this feast of psychedelic melancholia laid bare to inspire and unhinge in equal measure. From the soaring yet forbidding, puritanical bleak, wailing, death mask procession of ‘Into the Black’, to the 60’s apple blossom infused cold war time bomb - ‘Waiting for the walls to come down. The DIY or DIE Organisation sound like a ghostly ice-cream van stalking the neighbourhoods of the as yet unwritten Tim Burton animation… ‘Gothic Pop Victoriana’.

Released April 1st 2016 The Silent Scream Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) Super Juice Plus to commemorate 40 years since the Ramones debut LP. Here’s a FREE download of our version of their classic track Commando. commando

Released April 16th 2016 Waiting for the walls to come down Into the black

And in future times...


St.ALBANS BOY DONE GOOD and Former In the Club guest Richard Norris and his number one album! BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE DEBUT ALBUM ‘THE SOFT BOUNCE’ IS RELEASED Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, the sonic brotherhood of Richard Norris and Erol Alkan, release their debut album via Phantasy on July 1st. The album is reviewed in the Guardian here. The paper says ‘”Erol Alkan and Richard Norris started ushering the lysergic sounds of vintage psych on to the dancefloor via their remix work a decade ago. Now their debut of original songs finally arrives, and their initial vision is very much intact” The album is available to by in various formats, including a spacial gatefold mirrored sleeve edition, at the Phantasy website

And here in case you missed it, is Richard’s In The Club Appearance from April 2014 :-)

Always on the lookout for a different perspective PPCO introduce a new irregular review feature - Henrietta Canary’s

Tweeting from the cheap seats

Girl of the 90s Henrietta gives the PPCO her 90 degree angle on the modern world...

Knock, Knock, who’s there? Europe... No, seriously, Thank you for the music... Post-Brexit Britain poses all sorts of predicaments. Not least, according to some, the allimportant question of whether the Royaume-Unis will still qualify for the Eurovision song contest… Eurovision is something I haven’t got a clue about. All I really know is that ABBA once won it and Bucks Fizz won it with skirts that rip off.

Being a 90s Britpop girl, I also have little knowledge of other music that has come out of Europe. I am suddenly acutely aware of my own Eurignorance, and joining the ranks of those who are shamefully Googling all matters Europe, I decided to find out more.

The “Billboard Hot 100 European number 1 hits” directed me to several artists (in some cases I use the term lightly): Abba, Sweden Stars on 45, Netherlands A-HA, Norway U2, Ireland Roxette, Sweden Milli Vanilli, Germany Ace of Base, Sweden Sinead O-Connor, Ireland Los Del Rio, Spain Enrique Iglesias, Spain With Sweden dominating this list, I began my enlightenment there. I delved a little more into Billboard and was reminded that Europe (the band) and The Cardigans also hail from Sweden, as do Neneh Cherry and The Hives.

Sweden should always win the Euro’s shouldn’t they? Listening to the Cardigans ‘Carnival’, I’m taken back to the hazy days of carefree summer parties, hanging out with friends instead of revising for GSCEs. ‘Lovefool’, released the following year, featured on the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, alongside Garbage, Radiohead and fellow Swedes, The Wannadies. The Cardigans had a definite place in my 90s playlists, in spite of not having the “Brit” to go with the “Pop”. Later, in 2003, they released standout track “You’re the Storm” a powerful, passionate love song full of feminine sensuality and surrender. The Hives came onto my radar in 2000, though ‘Veni Vidi Vicious’ was gathering dust in a box. Listening to tracks from ‘Tyrannosaurus Hives’ there was more toe tapping than I had thought; I could quite happily bop around to ‘Walk Idiot Walk’. For all the punky adrenaline in the songs, they have a simple poppiness that makes them easy dancing music. I wondered what other jewels were in Sweden’s crown, and discovered a band called Kent, who

seem to be something like a Swedish Coldplay (producing fairly bland and uninspiring dirge that has incredible success) though their instrumental advert for their 2016 Album ‘Då Som Nu För Alltid’ is worth a watch. In the interests of diversity, I left Sweden and explored further afield, covering ground from Norway to Germany to Spain and finally the Ukraine, where I met Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello for the first time. Gogol Bordello’s “Wonderlust King” is what they call ‘Gypsy Punk’ which basically means it’s Mumford & Sons for people who think they’re too cool for Mumford & Sons. Also Ukrainian is Oceana’s ‘Endless Summer’, the official song for Euro 2012. As for Euro 2016, ‘This One’s for You’ is the official offering from Frenchman David Guetta, but the vocalist Zara Larsson hails from… Sweden... And that circular tour of Europe does not conclude my musical journey; I have further territory to explore and discoveries to make.

In the club This month the club has crossed the Atlantic to Charlotte, North Carolina, as we welcome the fabulous Dréa Atkins into our ranks. Dréa sings with Farewell Albatross, who have just released their debut “Filthy Heart” EP. Their sound has been described as lo-fi alternative basement rock. We describe it as bloody good.



Ladies and gentlemen...

Farewell Albatross 1) OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to drink? Tequila Gimlet. RBD from Vintage Trouble turned me on to them because they help us keep our girlish figures and they are fucking delicious. 2) What was the last thing you heard/watched that was so good you had to tell someone about it? Ah, so dumb but I am a big fan of Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck. I am very much on the pulse of activism and I love how this American comedian doesn’t let any of the bullshit fly. He speaks to the masses that are under-educated and disenfranchised and gives them the plain truth. The beauty is, it is the plain truth about equality for all of us in a hilarious delivery. 3) There used to be badges and compilation albums proclaiming ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ but Is Punk rock dead, alive or just evolving? I am so very lucky to live in a part of the US where Punk flourishes! One of the oldest standing Punk clubs in the country is where we play regularly, The World Famous Milestone Club. I think that Punk evolves to fit the temperature of the moment, turning it up when it really needs it, and being just abrasive enough when times are easy. Struggle is an ever present part of existence and to me Punk is the epitome of the music of struggle so I never see it dying. Local US punk groups that make my heart sing are DSR, The Bleeps, The Common Wealth, Turd/Cutter, Pleasures Of The Ultraviolent, No Anger Control and the most amazing Kings of Spade from Hawaii. 4) In terms of new bands starting out, is the internet a help or hindrance? I think that the internet is a total help but it seems overwhelming

at times so it is easy to feel like you are always behind the eight ball. I like to use the internet to reach people who would normally never hear of us or our music and then keep our closer fans in the immediate loop. I think the internet has ultimately hurt music sales, that is pretty undeniable but at the same time there is a trade off. I don’t mind the extra elbow grease for results... for now. :) 5) IF Premier League Football is the current ‘rock’n’roll’ (in terms of Superstar status), what do you think could or should be next big thing? : Ok, so I did have to google “What is Premier League Football” because I’m from America. When you say Football I know you mean soccer but when I hear Football I think about my beloved Panthers and my hopefully future baby Daddy Cam Newton. GO PANTHERS! KEEP POUNDING!!!! Wait, was there a question? 6) If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be? I love movies so much but I also hate to watch them so it’s a paradox. I much prefer to spend free time chatting with friends over drinks, listening to music and reading when I’m alone. That being said, I recently watched Dead Pool and that was so badass and I’d like to be Dead Pool but without the pizza face. He is hilarious and can’t die and is a badass and loves sex. Did I say he was a badass? 7) You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was? If I could be in any club, and thanks so much for including me in yours, I would want to be in the “Bernie Sanders, I told you so and we really did fix all of the injustices in America where everyone

gets a unicorn and a great paying job and awesome healthcare Club.” The handshake for that club is epic. 8) Who’d be in your 4 piece fantasy rock’n’roll band. Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals? YAY! Truthfully, my fantasy foursome exists in Farewell Albatross because my band and my bandmates are a dream come true. In the interest of a fun answer though, I would actually make Ty Taylor play drums because I love to sing and he is so fucking soulful I bet he could make insane drum beats that would transcend you to another galaxy. I would want Grace Potter to play bass because she is sexy as hell and would be a welcome asset to the stage and really never produces mediocre work. I would want Jack White to play guitar, not because he is the best guitarist but because he surprised me the most when I first met him and saw the White Stripes in 2001. Talent like his is a house on fire, and I would want that shit in my band. I’m the singer though, right? I would like to be in my own fantasy. 9) If you had a time machine and could go back to any year in music, what would it be and why? I would travel back to 1981 so I could be a recording engineer in the studio where Queen and David Bowie recorded Under Pressure. That is my all time favorite song, not because it is the

Pics by: Stephen Anthony Arce.

most musically brilliant but because I have always loved Queen and Bowie and they are together and built a song that hits at the heart of social injustice. It was the first time as a kid that I realized that rockstars could make a difference in people’s hearts and minds. That song still makes me cry. And meeting my two biggest idols would be the shit. If Pat Benatar could be hanging around at the studio with her hottie husband Neil, I would be super stoked. 10) What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had? Maybe one question would be favorite place to play a gig. I’m certain it will be in London or Barcelona. I can’t wait to tell both of those stories. 11) Where’s the best place to find you on the internet? The best places to find us on the internet is: facebookcom/farewellalbatross @farewellalbatross

and on Itunes, Spotify, Band Camp, and Tidal. Watch a trailer for the bands new ‘Filthy Heart’ Album here:


Parsons Knows

By Denise Parsons – Music Promoter – ‘The Live Music Project’ Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans


Hello... I can’t help thinking June was pretty apocalyptic really what with the never ending rain and thunder claps that literally shook my car and, not wishing to open up the debate again, none the less... I was IN and now somewhat shocked and dazed. Maybe we will see some true anarchy in the form of music over the coming months.. lets hope so... maybe it’s time to revive ‘Rock against Racism’ & ‘The Anti Nazi League’ both of which I marched for back in the day. Which got me to thinking about some young bands I’ve come across over the last couple of months... Revolution anyone??? Magicians Nephews Band – probably the youngest band I have come across... but don’t let that fool you... these lads are very talented and turning out originals tunes that could come from a much more mature band. Aged 10 & 12 they are wowing audiences wherever they go. They are getting a lot of attention from the press and producers alike. They also make some very clever videos... check this one out from when they appeared on my show... over 7K likes on their page too... These guys rock!

Arcadian – Not had a chance to catch them live yet but have played their single on my radio show & I liked it. They are a 5 piece indie with a funky twist band from the St Albans area! Zen – Seem them a couple of time now and they are going from strength to strength. Great performance from them at the recent Plough & Harrow festival in Harpenden. Definitely a young band to keep an eye on! Playing at The Horn in St Albans on 17th July. Atlas – Again, not seen the live but really like the EP ‘Campervan’ another band to watch me thinks!

In other news we have a great local festival coming up called ‘M’ festival on 9th July at Marlborough School. This festival has grown and grown and this year will boost 2 stages with many young acts as well as more established ones. I will be broadcasting live for Radio Verulam during the afternoon. For more information Starseedez release their new single this month – After signing to ‘End of the Trail’ records earlier this year their new single is getting a lot of attention from Radio Stations nationally and has more than 4000 plays on Soundcloud prior to release!

Dates for your diary... Busking Day – in aid of The Crescent is 23rd July 2016 outside The Clock Tower in the centre of St Albans. Local musicians busk all day to raise funds for this worthwhile charity. events/227397024313909/ The Live Music Project has its summer bash on Saturday 20th August with headliners Indi & The Vegas plus supports from Magicians Nephews Band (see above!) & Southdown Jazz Jets.

Come & party like its 1999...

There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — “music and cats.”

Albert Schweitzer

Trestle Arts Base Russet Drive St.Albans AL4 OJQ

Thank you & Goodnight…

01727 850950 e: @trestletheatre