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So following our latest comeback, we’ve just been in the studio to begin work on our 3rd album at the fab Hackney Road Studios with our guru Steve Honest and here we are on the verge of a new mini tour, mainly and for the first time in and around Hitchin! We’re especially excited about The Metatrons date at Club 85, but hope to see as many of you as poss at all 6, in between the joy of another England performance at the Euro’s of course! We’ve just been in the studio working on a new ep that we hope will be with you by the proposed October dates, but as we didn’t want you to have to wait until then and on the back of the honour of performing it with Will Crewdson, we’ve decided to give away a copy of Zerox by way of thanks for your continued support. See page xx for details! In the meantime, we hope you like this the latest mag and all the news from The Perfect Pop Co. See you very soon. The Tuesday Club Forever xxx

Big thanks to Dave Newbold for the great pics!

“The Tuesday Club are synth punk pop at its catchiest if you’re thinking about Blondie and Roxy Music you’re on the right track... it’s infectious and uplifting” Vive Le Rock, 2016 Cover star:

The Perfect Pop Co-Op

Back in the studio

A new session at Steve Honests


GIGS! 6-7 Perfect Pop Co-Op 8-19 Introducing the label, the bands and the releases

PPCO - Ringmaster Review

Pete Ringmaster runs the rule over the label


On the Radio 13 PPCO radio debut on Verulam Radio (listen again)

PPCO - Ringmaster Interview 14-18 Pete Ringaster puts the questions to the board!

Girl of the 90s 20-21 Henrietta Canary’s 90 degree perspective

Who’s In the Club?

Simone Austwick from 111


New albums! 23-25 Jason How, Scarlet Fantastic, Department S The Parson’s Knows


Denise Parsons, gives us all the news from Trestle Arts base, Verulam Radio and it’s environs.

Empire Records Advert

The best shop in the world... apart from ours!



LABEL AND BAND LINKS @thetuesdayclub1 AVBD - @Vnderbraindrain R. Marauder - @YTDS Dave Worm - @Roddamiser

Thanks to: Design @8ecreative Pete Jones John Viney Will Crewdson Anna Wakeling Vive Le Rock Dave Newbold Denise Parsons Tracy Morgan

St-st-st studio time... The weekend of Saurday 14th and Sunday 15th May, saw the first visit to the studio of our new streamlined line-up: The Master Steve Honest was as ever at the controls as we recorded four new tracks which will form part of our 3rd Album. The tracks were:

Always Taking Things too far Who and Youz Army Let the Kids Run the Country Rock’n’Rolls Not a Science (it’s a Chemical reaction)

Our day in 3 seconds flat.


So what is The Perfect Pop Co-Op and How can it help you? I hear you asking just what is Perfect Pop Co-op. In the words of its founders, it is “A record label set up by a bunch of music obsessives to release all of our various musical adventures…” There is a good chance you might already have come across the label especially if fans of the inimitable pop ‘n’ roll of The Tuesday Club. Created by Andreas Vanderbraindrain and his colleagues in the band, PPCO was set up a few years back to release the exploits of The Tuesday Club as well as those of the bands they were also involved in at the time and previously. The success of The Tuesday Club quickly stole all attention and time it is fair to say, with the label becoming the sole vehicle for the band’s acclaim sparking releases over the past four years.

Alongside the music, PPCO also has an online magazine keeping all up to date with the label and its bands with half devoted to the world of The Tuesday Club, which their fans know is a full time job in itself. The latest issue has insight on those bands behind the label’s new releases, plus additional features on the likes of Department S and Automat as well as news, shows and much more. The magazine is a throwback to the seventies DIY press in tone and character, a time when it was almost as much fun and informative to read about bands as it was to hear them. As to the music, we have already mentioned the four EPs of The Tuesday Club released over the past eighteen months, Forbidden Kiss, My Consciousness, Lady Gargar, and Boo Hoo, for ppco4_RingMasterReviewwhich you can find reviews elsewhere within The RR. Alongside them there is also the original New Glamour single from the band, a track which swiftly became a crowd lust and here shares the plaudits with its B-side Old Before Your Time, a typical and an as ever one of a kind Tuesday Club encounter.

Tuesday Club_RingMasterReviewNow though, the label has gone back to its initial intent and is beginning to release old side projects, new side projects, collaborations, and plenty more alongside the continuing creative antics of The Tuesday Club. Under its umbrella, a clutch of singles are already lying provocatively available alongside the recent quadrilogy of EPs from The Tuesday Club, a collection of tracks ready to flirt with ears and imagination.

For those behind PPCO, the perfect pop song “is the 3 minute, or under, 7 inch vinyl” with the likes of the Buzzcocks singles, Virginia Plain from Roxy Music, and Get it On by T.Rex as examples. It is a design which has shaped The Tuesday Club songs since day one and going on early evidence is the starting point for the bands on the PPCO roster which also includes The Bleeed, The DIY or Die Organisation (also known as The D.O.D.O), Andreas and the Wolf, and Reverse Family.

Also recently available is The D.O.D.O single Waiting for the Walls to Come Down. The Saint Albans band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Andy Scratch, guitarist Steve Filth, and bassist/keyboardist/drummer John Viney, creates a psych pop adventure with a great scent of darker punk blues to it, especially in Waiting for the Walls to Come Down. It has a nostalgic seventies air too yet strolls along with a fresh rock ‘n’

roll swagger embracing decades of the genre’s invention. It is accompanied by the sultry croon of Into The Black, a thrilling slow tease of a song with a southern bred air caressing the imagination like a mix of John Otway and a Bowie inspired Wedding Present. Also out now is The Silent Scream EP by The Bleeed. With its title borrowed from one of the best episodes in the Hammer House of Horror series of the eighties starring the legendary ppco 1_RingMasterReviewPeter Cushing, the EP and its title track quickly thrust their sonic tendrils through ears. The opener rhythmically dances with devilish intent on the senses instantly, the quartet of Beautiful Wolf, TB telski, Andreas Vanderbraindrain, and Wasabi P flirting with and prowling the psyche with their horror punk ‘n’ roll. Seemingly inspired by eighties gothic rock as well as darker rock ‘n’ roll hues, the song swings along with a character and dark melodic drama which does reminds a touch of the previously mentioned Department S. The track is glorious, a rousing slice of dark anthemic pop backed up as potently by the punkish Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon), a tribute to one of Hammer Film’s many stars and finally Super Juice, a wonderfully irritable and fiery song. All these releases can be found on the Perfect Pop Co-op bandcamp site with the added treat of a free to download cover of Commando from The Bleeed, a track released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of The Ramones’ debut album. It is just the start of big things from Perfect Pop Co-op, plenty more releases being line-up with in time the label

hoping to embrace a broader expanse of bands. They have certainly started in style with the first selection of records, uncaging hungry and unpredictable pop ‘n’ roll encounters that simply excite and grab attention. Pete RingMaster 16/05/2016 Copyright RingMaster: MyFreeCopyright For more exploration of the independent and promotional services check out

On the radio, the first interview - May 16th at Verulam Radio...

PPCO interview Hello and thanks for sparing time to talk with us. The Perfect Pop Co-op has been around for a while now, tell us about its beginnings. Andy: The Perfect Pop Co began as an idea around 2011. All of the members of the Tuesday Club were in different bands at the time and we were looking at a vehicle to release material through. Previous to the PPCO, we (John and Andy) were in a band called The Scratch and used to release our material through our own label Ponyland Records, PPCO was based on those lines, but basically the idea was a Rough Trade style collective or Factory Records, which was more accurate in the fact that both they and we had no budget or business acumen...(allegedly)... Would it be fair to say that the label was formed as much as anything because of The Tuesday Club but was also diverted from realising its initial intent because of the band?

Andy: Well as we said we had already had the idea and done the vinyl renaissance thing too, our first 7” (The Scratch) came out in 2002 when vinyl most defiantly wasn’t hip, but yes especially as at the time of starting the Tuesday Club we were an 8 piece so there was budget, desire and more than a little material ready and waiting. Jordan had Recharged Radio, Andy, John and Terry had The Scratch, Dave was in We are White Worm, Minki had 50ft Woman, Lozz had been in loads of bands and since left to form Knock Off and Brian had been in lots of bands too and worked as a session player. John: Yeah - as Andy said, we’d originally set up the label to release all the different bands we were in - but as the Tuesday

Club was such fun the other bands went on the back burner and the TCs bacame our main focus. Dave: The mistress became the muse if you like. For me, it was like falling in love with being in a band again. Limitless possibility and no baggage. Remembering why I wanted to do this in the first place. Why form a label in the first place. I know The Tuesday Club is not exactly a band which is every idle so it was not because of wanting to find something to do. Andy: Basically we were overflowing with ideas and concepts and needed a way of archiving them coherently, but at the same time giving the world a chance to listen in. Since it’s conception The Bleeed, Andreas and The Wolf and two or three other off shots have happened, not least The D.O.D.O from 2011 and Reverse Family - that has been in existence since 2006. Cont/....

Music writer/reviewer and band/release promo/bio writer. Artists previously worked with include: In Vain, The Capsules, Solar Halos, Seneron, Crashgate, Able Archer, Machine Rox, Fahran, Centre Excuse, Evanstar, and many more as well as FRUK and Pluggin’ Baby. For promotional features, bios, specific written work and more, get in contact at for prices and info. Presenter of The Bone Orchard and RingMaster Review podcasts promoting the best underground bands and sounds from metal to rock, punk to noise and more; continually presenting the cream of new independent releases across all genres. Dark poet at The Carnivale of Dark Words and Shadows http:// Disclaimer: All written and visual content on this site is protected by copyright. You may not reproduce any of this content online or in print without obtaining written permission.


THE TUESDAY CLUB - ZEROX Recorded in 2015 with the legendary Steve Honest at the

Forbidden Kiss video too). Released at the start of June by

controls, this version of Zerox features ex-members; The

popular demand following our recent gig at The Farmers Boy,

Minx, J-Rod and The Beautiful Wolf and also features a guest

it also ties in nicely with Adam Ant and indeed Will Crewdson

appearance on the drums of our friend and ace session man

being back on the road again this month with The Kings of The

Francesco Lucidi (Who also made a cameo appearance in our

Wild Frontier tour!

Released June 7th 2016 Zerox - The Adam And The Ants Classic in a Tuesday Club Style

I am assuming The Tuesday Club came first, a fair time before the start of the label? Give us some idea to the background of the band too; how you all got together etc. Andy: Actually the label may have come slightly earlier, we started putting on nights at a local pub in St.Albans, The White Hart Tap, The Scratch generally headlined, 50ft Woman played and we had other bands come down as support we had these loyalty cards that got stamped and we gave away free stuff to people who collected enough stamps. I think the Tuesday’s were only rehearsing at this time, I seem to think 2011 November, Electrowerkz in London being our debut. What was the spark to Perfect Pop Co-op returning to its original idea and brining other projects to ears? Andy: There had been a lot of upheaval in the band, the tragic loss of Terry hit us all very hard, Lozz and Brian had already left, I guess we were unsure of the future and kind of thought we need something solid and positive to focus on At the moment, the bands and releases on Perfect Pop Co-op are all linked in some way or another to members of the band? Andy: Yes at the moment, each project features at least one or more past or present member of The Tuesday Club, but we do have dreams of samplers featuring other bands, we are basically trying to raise the profile of PPCO to see where it can take us! Can you give us some insight to the bands? Andy: Each band has a different sound, though most in fact all have Andy singing on them there are a lot of styles. We see The D.O.D.O for instance as a 60’s tinged - psych experiment. The Bleeed is our goth, Hammer Horror side, but we also have 2 or 3 experimental pop acts and an 80s synth duo! We never set out to write in a style, and tend to go with where it takes us. Our latest plans are for a PPCO invision of Irish 4 piece Girl Band, who blew our minds when they played in St.Albans last year. John: We often write and record tracks concentrated bursts with whoever is about - for example The DODO album was written and recorded in 3 weeks over Christmas a few years back with 3 out of the 5 of us in The Scratch - and so that became one project. Another, as yet unnamed project, which still needs mixing - was an albums worth of stuff recorded by 3 of us from

The Tuesday Club last August - so that will become another project - so I guess these bands are all just different permutations of a wider pool of friends - so each one is different as we all bring different things to the party. Are these on-going projects too; bands we can expect more releases and new songs from in the future? Andy: Yes, we have plans to release something new for every month of this year, generally when a new mag comes out a new release will, not only older material, but we are intending to record a new track a month in our bunker, under the Perfect Pop Co Review What are the differences, if any, of releasing just one’s band’s material and having many projects to take care of? Andy: There’s no diference really, other than the style of the artwork. I read somewhere about the labels’ idea of the ‘perfect’ pop song. Can you elaborate on that and does it mean we are safe from hearing meandering ten minute epics from you? haha Andy: Well everyones idea of perfect pop is slightly different, none of us are Queen fans, but Bohemina Rhapsody wasn’t 2 minutes or O Superman by Laurie Anderson. Personally my Cont/....



Introducing The Bleeed, who recorded at Hackney Road

The D.O.D.O’s debut album sounds more like a the


Studios, produced by Steve Honest in 2012 and 2013. This material has never been released until now.

Featuring 3 former members of The Scratch and one from

We are White Worm - all known to you in The Tuesday Club. This EP is the first in a series of side projects, future ventures and re-issues from The Perfect Pop Co-Op, our friends and collaborators.


soundtrack to Saint-Saens carnival of the animals transported to a lost autumn somewhere in a darker, richer, swinging 60’s... the 1860’s that is. Harpsichord, strings, bells, and tormented otherwordly backing vocals provide the backdrop to this feast of psychedelic melancholia laid bare to inspire and unhinge in equal measure. From the soaring yet forbidding, puritanical bleak, wailing, death mask procession of ‘Into the Black’, to the 60’s apple blossom infused cold war time bomb - ‘Waiting for the walls to come down. The DIY or DIE Organisation sound like a ghostly ice-cream van stalking the neighbourhoods of the as yet unwritten Tim Burton animation… ‘Gothic Pop Victoriana’.

Released April 1st 2016 The Silent Scream Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) Super Juice Plus to commemorate 40 years since the Ramones debut LP. Here’s a FREE download of our version of their classic track Commando. commando

Released April 16th 2016 Waiting for the walls to come down Into the black

of tracks we liked by new and old bands. But as the band evolved/ changed we got less TC and more PPCO, plus now we have more outside contributions. We like getting bands we like involved too, our In the Club section has already featured Richard Norris (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve), John Robb (Membranes), Will Crewdson (Adam and the Ants, Selector, Rachel Stamp, Bow Wow Wow, Scant Regard, She Made Me Do It), Maggie Demonde (Scarlet Fantastic), Dave Barbe (Adam and the Ants) and Pete Jones (Department S), plus loads of local St.Albans bands we like too. The idea is defiantly ‘fanzine’ in the style of the Old punk zine ‘Sniffing Glue’, very DIY, rather than the old NME or Melody Maker - there’s no time for loads of editorial, but that’s not to say that we wouldn’t welcome an editor Pete ;-) - trouble is the pays crap... £0 per hour! Bascially the mag is a free way to support and PR our musical community and hopefully tempt people into buy our wares! (Andy) favourite every single is Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry, but I don’t think you could beat Ride a White Swan by T.Rex or Tainted Love by Soft Cell, they are more the area we are dabbling in I’d say. John: I think we all have a love of the 7 inch single - fitting everything into a 3 minute blast of perfection is quite an art and growing up in the 70s and 80s we were spoilt with great examples - what I liked back then was that often really quite weird tracks could get onto top of the pops. Laurie Anderson is a good example - but things like the Flying Lizards - I Want Money... or Pump up the Volume by MARRS. Dave: Speak for yourselves. Queen is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Great pop music is like that elusive thing where a song hits the spot, first time, and it lives with you forever. Its just.....right. No thought required, no second listen, just perfect. Is there a plan in motion with Perfect Pop Co-op in regard to expanding artists and where you hope to be in say two or five years? Andy: Yes as we said earlier, first we need the world to know we’re here, from there who knows!? Will the label remain an in house bed of creativity or are you looking at some point in releasing records from other bands? Andy: The Creativity bit is key to us, but yes we’d love to one day have PPCO numbers all over peoples record collections The remit will always remain pop in its varied guises? Andy: Yes, I think a catchy chorus is always they key Tell us about the online magazine from Perfect Pop Co-op. Andy: The mag started as a vehicle for The Tuesday Club and everyone contributed daft columns, and we did a monthly podcast

What is in line for our ears and imagination rom the label in the coming weeks? Andy: Next up we are going to put out an Andreas and The Wolf single track and with the June mag is Zerox, The Tuesday Club cover of the Adam and The Ants classic, we recently did a gig with Adam’s current guitarist Will Crewdson - top bloke and in more bands than our own Rogerio TC, so we thought what with Adam back on the road too why not get that baby out in circulation! And from our favourites The Tuesday Club? Andy: We’ve just been back in the studio with our producer the fab Steve Honest at Hackney Road and recorded 4 tracks towards a new album (3), which we hope to have out in the spring of 2017. Will there be a live aspect to the label, i.e. shows with your bands together at any point? Andy: That was something we spoke about which is where the PPCO review idea came from, it’s definitely a possibility Once again big thanks for the chat and time shared. Anything you would like to add? Andy: Our thanks is to you Pete for your continued support. All we’d say to the world is get over to our bandcamp and get involved :-) The Perfect Pop Co-Op A question, just how many versions of The Tuesday Club’s song New Glamour are there? ;) Andy: There’s actually only two. An album and a single version Pete RingMaster, The RingMaster review


The current available releases from The Tuesday Club, There’s vinyl, mp3’s and Cd’s

My Consciousness EP My Consciousness, Harsh tales of ancient news and Something Major. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP001

Lady Gargar EP Lady Gargar, Scars are Superstars and Resistance makes your heart groan fonder. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP003

Forbidden Kiss EP Forbidden Kiss, Cities Alive and One Idea and a lonely voice. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP002

Boo Hoo EP Boo Hoo, Beat Oven, Greyer Shades Of Grey Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP004

EP ‘Quadrilogy’

New Glamour Single A new version of the song from the debut album with a it’s B-side, live fave Old before your time. Available on Gold enhanced CD, with special video and MP3 download!

See you next Tuesday - The Album - White Vinyl, CD and MP3 download! Dolly Dynamite Ain’t Got No Class Money Means Nothing Nanananana She Splayed My Teeth New Regime (Slow Swing) Replication and Montage All You Do Is Wow New Glamour Wish My Slate Was Cleaner Vinyl As a Manifesto

Including all the hits! and LIVE FAVES!!

Coming soon to The Perfect Pop Co-Op See You Next Tuesday ‘expanded’... exclusive download only album, includes all 22 tracks recorded at the original sessions!

And in future times...

Always on the lookout for a different perspective PPCO introduce a new irregular review feature - Henrietta Canary’s

Tweeting from the cheap seats

Girl of the 90s Henrietta gives the PPCO her 90 degree angle on the modern world...

Iggy Pop: Post Gig Euphoria

I love the Royal Albert Hall. It’s like a rich, velvet bubble of flowing sound. Sitting up in the circle you miss out on the intensity of feeling ‘right there’ with the artist, but you have the benefit of being able to watch as though from a distance – like an out of body experience. The lights went dark, and my breath was held in anticipation. The silence was broken as Matt Helders beat out a call to arms in the darkness; then there was Light, and there was Iggy coming to Life, baring his chest animalistically. I was disappointed to see several empty rows towards the front of the stalls. I would have gladly given up my seat to be down there in the thick of Lust for Life. Within seconds, the first dissenters emerged: refusing to stay back, they broke from their allocated seating, and vaulted over the seats in front. One or two at first, then in a steady trickle. Before Iggy could undo his buttons, the empty rows had been filled, fluidly, like adoration being poured into a bottle. Security didn’t stand a chance – no more than a pebble can stop a stream. Iggy said – giving the final say in the matter.

“Let them up”

I have never seen Iggy Pop before. As a teenager in the 1990s, I had thought he was someone that old people liked. When I was 15, I had seen him perform on The Word and my best friend and I were shocked, and a little repulsed, by

someone of his age daring to show his body. He’d undone the button on his trousers: “Oh My God it’s his pubic hair!” We had squealed, and covered our eyes. 20 years later, I am ashamed of my childish thoughts. I have come away from this gig with a lot of respect for Iggy Pop, not only as an artist and musician, but also as a philosopher and a man. What a good guy! I have never heard someone crowd surf so politely: “Can you move me that

way? I need to go back and finish the song from the stage.” Between songs, there was

a refreshing lack of talk, and when he did speak, everything he said had worth. I totally identified with his analysis of work: “A little evil, stress, politics – fuck off, it’s Sunday!” And his introduction to ‘Chocolate Drops’ roused me almost as much as the song itself:

“…A lot of good people who wanted to do something special and real with their lives…were getting fucked up through their own sensitivities or other peoples’ malevolence…everybody I think has a little voice that says to you every day of your life - I want to know, this path I’m on, does it have a heart or not?” This gig was breathtaking, not just because of Iggy, or the exquisite venue, but also for the band: a multi-talented array of artists, valiantly holding the fort when Iggy got literally lost in the crowd; Matt Helders’ arms must have been ready to drop off. And of course, Josh Homme, whose performance was exceptional: his melting writhe as he played the first few bars of Baby hypnotised me. He wasn’t making music – he Was the music. The music was in us and we were the music. We were one rich, red, velvety organism, from Iggy’s deepest velvet voice to the red velvet seats we (weren’t) sat on. From the red of the ushers’ jackets and Iggy’s underwear, to the glitzy red metallic jackets the band were wearing. Everything tied together; all wrapped up in a delicious gift of dazzling sights and sounds that reverberated through my lungs. The music is my breath, and I don’t want it to stop.

This gig was breathtaking, not just because of Iggy, or the exquisite venue, but also for the band: a multitalented array of artists, valiantly holding the fort when Iggy got literally lost in the crowd!

In the club Joining us in the club this month is the fabulous Simone Austwick of the band 111. As well as fronting and writing for 111, she is a dab hand at making music videos. If you want proof, take a look at The Tuesday Club New Glamour video,’cos Simone made it! Ladies and gentlemen, Simone Austwick


Simone Austwick


OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to drink? Oh I guess if this is the cyber-pub, I better order a round of Synthehol What was the last thing you heard/watched that was so good you had to tell someone about it? 3D Printing? But seriously, probably “Breaking Bad” about a year behind everybody else....

Pic by: You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was? Club 18-30 !!! Who’d be in your 4 piece fantasy rock’n’ roll band. Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals Bowie on vocals Ronno on guitar Boulder on bass Woodmansey on drums.

There used to be badges and compilation albums proclaiming ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ but Is Punk rock dead, alive or just evolving? Made my fantasies come true. :) Punk was a small & brief phenomenon at the time it happened & only became huge in a global sense much later, so it could be argued its If you had a time machine and could go back to any year in more alive now than it was then music, what would it be and why? 1971 - Birth of Glam Rock and then all that great 70’s stuff that In terms of new bands starting out is the Internet a help or followed hindrance? It’s a blessing and a curse, a necessary evil, & we’d like someone What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had? else to do that for 111 if anyone’s keen(?) Who the hell are you anyway? :D(It’s a If Premier League Football is the current ‘rock’n’roll’ (in terms of Superstar status), what do you think could or should be next big thing? You’re really asking ME about that? Please God anything but football. ;) If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be? Oh I dont know , Jones, the cat from Alien...

Where’s the best place to find you on the internet?



Released 3rd June. CD and download through, Amazon and iTunes! REVERIE is out on Dirtbag Baby records via Right Track/Universal Take Me Away from REVERIE view the vid here!





The new, critically acclaimed DEPARTMENT S album, When All Is Said and All Is Done. for more info go to


Parsons Knows


By Denise Parsons – Music Promoter – ‘The Live Music Project’ Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans

NEW RELEASES to watch out for: My Girl The River – I love this album! Its Kristine Hughes (Cicero Buck) & friends with a more Nashville kinda sound! Kristine’s vocals are always amazing but I love the storytelling on this album & the passion in which it’s been produced. It is one of those albums that really makes you stop and pause and take it all in. Find out more here and go buy it! This will be my ‘Album of the Month’ for June on The Parsons Knows Local Music Mondays 7-9pm on Radio Verulam.

Hello Hello, hope you are reading this with your feet up somewhere reasonably warm and comfortable! So what’s been happening I hear you ask... Well, quite a lot actually. Some of you may have seen my fundraising campaign for a St Albans based charity The Crescent – the one where I am jumping out of a plane with The Mayor? I have actually been pledged money to push him out of the plane... but that’s another story! Well due to bad weather it was postponed and will now be happening on 15th June so still time to donate!! The Mayor (former owner of Harry smiths Bar) has also pledged the proceeds from the next Harry Smith reunion party so next month I will be able to tell you how much we raised!! I’ve also been eating my way around Hertfordshire, all in the name of research off course! Food and music go hand in hand don’t you think! So to all things music and it’s been a busy old time lately. My radio show having moved to a Monday night for q full 2 hours of local music is going extremely well and guests and literally queuing round the block to get on the show!! There have been lots of new releases and some more to come this month as well. Here’s a few you should really check out!

April Blue – you can’t beat some funky vibes from these guys on a warm sunny evening... always a great act to see live! They’ve got several dates coming up starting with The Jungle Bar in Hertford on Saturday 4th June with the long awaited album release called Pop Girls Etc... Very excited to get a copy of this if the last 2 singles are anything to go by. Oh and they are taking the bold step on the merch front and you will now be able to get hold of an April Blue beanie.. cool guys.. very cool.

Billington & Quinn – Long awaited EP release from this rocking country band! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked Sinead when the new EP is coming! But, some things are worth waiting for and it’s a great 5 track album. Very well recorded and produced. They will be popping in live on my radio show on Monday 13th June so tune in!

30th June – Acoustic Gems – The Crown St Albans sees ‘The Bearded Busker’ making the trip down from Norfolk for a one night special. Alton Wahlberg is somebody you do not want to miss. Amazing performer.

Harry Phillips – New album ‘English Americana’ – gorgeous vocals and fab song writing. Already getting attention from the likes of BBC introducing. Definitely another one to add to your list.

A few dates for your diaries gig wise... 4th June – April Blue – Jungle Bar, Hertford

So that’s about all folks.. remember to support your local scene whenever you can.. they really appreciate it and you know I would not recommend anything that wasn’t bloody fantastic! By the way did I mention – falling out a plane soon??? Oh and I am recording it for Radio Verulam… ‘Scream… bleep… bleep... bleep... Scream’ yeah should be interesting. See you at a gig soon. Thank you and Goodnight.

12th June – The Hare & Hounds Garden Party with a great line up inc The Ben Drake Collective (full band). Starseedz and Phoenix O’Neill The Swanvesta Social Club are on tour – see opposite page for more info.. playing various dates all over the summer. 17th June – The Metatrons album launch – yikes.. soooo excited about this one!

Trestle Arts Base, Russet Drive, St.Albans, AL4 OJQ, 01727 850950 e:, @trestletheatre

Profile for The Perfect Pop Co-op

In the club 029 june 16  

Welcome to the new issue of In the Club, featuring The Tuesday Club, 111, Jason How, Department S, Scarlet Fantastic, Henrietta Canary, The...

In the club 029 june 16  

Welcome to the new issue of In the Club, featuring The Tuesday Club, 111, Jason How, Department S, Scarlet Fantastic, Henrietta Canary, The...


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