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Ahh, February. It’s the coldest month, in theory...and the shortest (on our calendar. The Calendar of the French Revolution made all the months 30 days exactly, so they’d never have those annoying people who were born on the 29th of February going ‘I turn 4/5/6 this year!’. I’m sure there were other, slightly more scientific reasons behind each month being 30 days but that seems like a good enough reason to me. Anyway, I digress). At the end of this month comes Spring and then we can all crawl out of our holes and come out of hibernation! With a whole heap of gigs lined up for this Spring, this particular TC’er can’t wait to take off his mittens and start not worrying about jumpers. Of course, one thing I always seem to forget is just how warm a TC gig gets. Appropriate attire is a worry, whatever the season. Some days, I wish we were a jeans ‘n’ T-shirt band! So, to another edition of In The Club (ITC to its friends). Drag up a cup of tea, sit your behind down and have a read for 15 mins or so. There’s lots inside!

J-Rod. Guitarist Stage Left, and typo. 8 TRACK FEBRUARY. . . WHAT THE TUESDAY CLUB ARE CURRENTLY STICKING IN THEIR EARDRUMS! Andreas Vanderbraindrain: David Bowie - Lady Grinning Soul The Minx: Connie Francis – Stupid Cupid Wasabi Penis: Eleven - All My Friends J-Rod: The Correspondents: What’s Happened To Soho? Rogerio Marauder: Poly Styrene - Ghoulish Glabrous Fabulous: Black Star Riders - Bound for Glory The Beautiful Wolf: Jacques Dutronc - Et moi, et moi, et moi Tittybar Telski: The Stranglers – Hanging Around Thanks to: Design @8ecreative, Tiggy Pop. Editor: Reggie Mental. Photography: Various, Words: @simonj68, Denise Parsons, The Minx, Faye Don’tlikeitupum, Stuart Pidboy, Don Tellumpike, Don T. Panic, Sister Dolly, AVBD, Beautiful Wolf, J-Rod, Wasabi Penis, Daxy, Kahn.

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The Tuesday Club

8 Track 2-3 What’s going on in our musical world

(Club) Foot tappers


AVBD, J-Rod and The Beautiful Wolf trawl their record collections

Who’s in the club?


With Dave Barbarossa from Cauldronated

London Sat March 15 - Electrowerkz, Angel, Weds March 19 - The Boot, St.Albans don Sat April 5 - Paper Dress Vintage, Lon (New Glamour Single Launch Party) Albans Sat April 26 - Trestle Arts Base, St. Sat July 12 - Farmers Boy, St.Albans Sat Nov 1 - Farmers Boy, St.Albans Sat November 8 - Ant-Lib, London Sat Dec 6 - Farmers Boy, St.Albans

Da Minx 6 The Chanteuse Speaks!

Hairy Chesterfield



Lies, Damn Lies and Guitars 8 Guitar tips with Daxy

The Parson’s Knows


Denise, gives us all the news from Trestle Arts base.

Wasabi’s Wonders & The Eye 10 Caperage, hilarity and fly on the wall movie footage

Unsalted Popcorn 11 Film reviews and the like from our latest recruit Kahn Johnson

Guess Who?


The Valentine’s from... @thetuesdayclub1 AVBD - @Vnderbraindrain The Minx - @TCTheMinx R. Marauder - @YTDS Dave Worm - @Roddamiser J-Rod - @JRod_TC

DON’T MISS: New Gl amour - Single launch - Pa per Dress Vintage, Saturday 5t h April

B U L C Foot tappers

‘COS the Platters still matter.. .

Dear Club fans, welcome to AVBD and The Beautiful Wolf’s monthly round up of the new, the old, the signed, the unsigned and the inspirational, from our very own musical old curiosity shop, where we pick and podcast 10( ish) tracks that turn us on... with a little help from J-Rod! Here’s a selection of the featured tracks, but you’ll have to listen to find out more :-)

This month’s featured track from ‘See You Next Tuesday’, is - ‘All You Do Is Wow’ from our debut album, Cauldronated - The Ring of Khan - Another track from this month’s featured ‘In The Clubber’ Dave Barbarossa and his new project. Rread more about Dave’s likes and loves opposite.

a nod to all manner of musical styles, 2011’s Moonlight Butterfly is primarily focussed on Sam Prekop’s love of messing around with vintage synths. It’s one of their shorter albums, mostly due to the length of the tracks (Inn Keeping is over 10 minutes in length) but still effortlessly listenable. Full discography is available at Thrill Jockey Records.

The Bleeed - Dream Boy Doing Well - as yet unreleased and featuring 4 members of The TC, The Vekta Sigma - In the Old Gold Bleeed have 2 City - A lavish, metropolis-esque EPs ready and masterpiece of a track which I first waiting to go, heard and then but are waiting subsequently for it to get played it on much much darker out there... the sadly long lamented Recharged The Time and Space Machine Radio, back Explosions in the Sky - Fronted in 2011 It has by St. Albans’ very own Richard been an enduring staple ever since, Norris, his melancholy and beautiful. career began in the late 70’s with teenage The Sea and Cake - Inn Keeping punk band from J-Rod’s favourite album The The Innocent Moonlight Butterfly. A band that’s Vicars, through been around since 1993, the Sea an affiliation and Cake have been constantly with Waldos records - most making albums since then. With famously with The Grid and now

this, The Fabulous Time and Space Machine, look out for Richard in our ‘In the Club’ section next month, so watch this (time and) space (machine) Clinic - If You Could Read Your Mind - Clinic are an English postpunk revival/noise rock band from Liverpool, noted for their often fast-paced, eclectic sound La Shark - I know What You Did Last Summer - a curious bunch who don’t seem to care or have a plan for global domination. They prefer to just keep pumping out great quirky singles like this. We played on the same bill as them in 2011 at Leopallooza festival in Cornwall and the other connection is that they are rumoured to have recorded this and other tracks at our fave studio Hackney Road.

ore To find out m d about these an n our other tracks o d show downloa ast... your FREE podc



In the club with


So after last month’s double cial whammy we have an extra spe nth, super-duper In the Club this mo was one Mr Dave Barbarossa, who instrumental in introducing the was ‘Burundi’ inspired sound that am pivotal in the music of early Ad w and the Ants and Bow Wow Wo Wow. Andreas and The Minx can n barely contain their fan boy/fa Russian glee. 1) OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to drink?

I’ll have a Guinness ta

2) What was the last thing you heard/watched that was so good you had to tellsomeone about it?

‘Jay -Z unplugged’, amazing live band. Borgen on telly.

s m u r d a s s o r a b Dave Bar

5) If your new musical project, Cauldronated was a cake, what cake would it be?

Battenburg, laced with acid and brandy, loads of whipped cream and chocky mousse inserted, sprinkled with hundreds and a seethrough carton...on a shelf in the galaxy...with a ribbon


7) If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be?

4) Which piece of a drum kit do you think most represents you? Blimey, can we go back to Robespierre?

9) You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was?

...It is all one instrument to me...

‘Where’s the money?’

6) Your debut novel ‘Mud Sharks’ is actually nothing about fish. (It’s actually about thishttp:// news/4561789076) Apparently a mud shark is a piked dogfish, which fits in nicely with our love of Dad’s Army. So, what’s your favourite fish?

3) In your email agreeing to do this interview, you requested that we ask nothing about the French Revolution. Thoroughly tempted as we are to bung in a tough question about Marie Antoinette and Madame Guillotine, we won’t. However, if you could go back to any time in history, when would it be?

I like tomorrow.

10) What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

Galen in ‘Planet of the Apes.’ 8) You are creating a Dave Barbarossa time capsule, what 4 items do you put in it?

Sticks, car keys, London A to Z, banana. Leave it as it is, I like it here, ta.

DA Minx It’s not always easy to know who you are talking to at Tuesday Club gig. Looking for the cowbell ... Don’t get minxed up! Monday (Monday) The Minx decide to make list for minion to get for Валентинка (Valentine)Is stupid custom that not have in Russia until many years after others. Apparently Valentine is Roman saint who meddle in love lives. This now resultin lot of red and fluff toy in shops, and cross women and men who pretend forget. However, minion very faithful to romance and insist of get surprise for The Minx, so make list of wants. Tuesday (Tuesday) Rehearsal with Tuesday Club. Cannot enter rehearsal room for dozen dozen bunches of roses. Stupid minion has order too many. Rehearsal room much cross with minion. As is band. As is Minx. Ебать! Wednesday (Wednesday) Send minion out to buy plenty vase. House smell like florist. Builder minion say smell like brothel. Slap him. How he know what brothel smell like? He strengthen table for all vases and keep quiet. Know what good for him. Thursday (Thursday) Florist send postcard to minion. Has gone on holiday to Maldives with money from sale of Valentine roses to minion. Minx even much cross with minion now. Roses leave bad taste in Minx mouth. (Ha ha ha Minx joke, I not really eat rose!) Friday (Friday) Letter from bank. Minion has over draw by many

money. глупый мальчик What is Minx to do? Builder minion hiding at temper of Minx. Minx make instant Pot Pourri from 1728 roses. Saturday (Saturday) Minion and Builder minion (minions are friends?!) take initiative and buy manysmall bag. Dry rose petal in oven. Make plenty bag of rose petal to sell on market stall as air freshen. House now definite smell of brothel. Even Minx know this. But forgive minion. He most enterprise. Minx proud. Sunday (Sunday) Minx, minion and Builder minion stay in bed. Ваши грязные умы!! ;)

n I

@simonj68 is back, with his

. .‘hairy’ Chesterfield! in a bit of legwork yourself. This is actually no different to the way it has ever been when I was younger. Finding new bands (from Peel and NME etc.) and supporting the ones you really liked, there has always been an element of work and trial and error. This is really no different to music blogs, recommendations and going to see bands.

So why in defence of Spotify?

the demon of the on line music industry that is killing music and is hated by many, and yet a few conversations and news items recently have set my mind thinking. I have slagged Spotify off in the past for the miniscule payments they pay per stream of a track, also because of the perception of the impact of the company on the music industry itself.

Well, almost everyone I know who uses it (either paid or free) buys loads of music as well. They use it as a source of checking something out before spending a £10 on an album. If you read a magazine there could well be 20 new albums you are interested in, so what is wrong with listening to a few tracks from each and deciding which 3 or 4 to buy? It seems logical to me really, same as my lending you a CD to listen to in order to see if you like it? I only know two people who have stopped buying music and now use Spotify for all their listening, and they both state they can’t afford to buy music at the moment, but they both pay the Spotify subscription.

Spotify have been making headlines for the last few weeks, with record payments to labels, new services and apps, global growth in free users and those with subscriptions and now Led Zeppelin included. (Although I am mystified that there could be anyone who has been Spotify is not what original Napster was; it holding out to listen to them until they were does not give you the music, it loans it to available on a free music streaming site?) you. You never own it, unless you choose to buy it (or download illegally obviously). So why are they hated? Many artists refuse This is personally why I think it is flawed, to have their music on the site and others as I want to own music, so it doesn’t really do reluctantly but moan about the payment work for me. (Like books vs Kindle; a book that they receive. This seems fair; why only available electronically I will read should an artist have their music streamed on my tablet, but if there is a physical and played for nothing while others make version I would rather pay for that, same money off the back of it? I have genuinely as I have always been with music. 99.9% no issue with that, I think artists should get of what I have I own a physical copy of.) paid, after all if they don’t there will be no new music and so on and eventually the Spotify are also paying multi-million of industry will get eaten by Simon Cowell and pounds to record labels, so they are feeding the industry and again, this is not Napster. One Direction. I think this argument is flawed from a The fact that the labels are not paying the number of different angles. Admittedly artists is nothing to do with Spotify and my in depth market research is based on independent artists don’t not want their talking to people I know and reading the music on the site they can remove it. When news and blogs etc., but I have to say that you start to look a bit deeper it doesn’t look Spotify does have a use, and is possibly as bad does it? (actually) the “new model” that the music But there are alternatives, cry industry keeps telling us is needed. many, and yes, Bandcamp, Commercial and BBC Radio is in the main Soundcloud, MySpace (yes, (with notable exceptions) dull and formulaic, still) and YouTube all co-exist. and it is very rare to hear new artists and There is music everywhere bands now unless you are prepared to put to listen to; internet and independent radio stations

and podcasts litter the internet. There is a flaw with many of these on line and digital stations though - they don’t pay the artist for playing their music. Yes they may hand over a lot more in royalties if the music is purchased via their site or app, but just for a play, zero pence. Now there is not a lot of difference between 0.004 pence and 0.0 pence, but there is a difference. The indie alternatives don’t charge users to listen but they don’t pay their artists they are actually doing a worse job than the “monstrosity” that is Spotify. Are people who listen to bands on Bandcamp more likely to buy anything than people who use Spotify? In my experience I don’t actually think that is the case, but more people use Spotify so there would actually need to be some clear stats on use / plays / listeners / purchasers to see what the real picture is. I could sit here all day and listen to music for free with no restrictions or adverts on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, never pay a penny for music again as long as I have the internet. And these are sites where artists willingly and freely add their music to get it heard. How is this any different to Spotify? Is the music snobbery of some fans and those in the industry in danger of missing the understanding and benefit of on line streaming services, subscription based or free?

Is Spotify actually the saviour of new music awareness? (For reference I have a free version of Spotify on my laptop here though I can’t remember the last time I used it, mainly as I hate listening to music on my computer. Also, I am not digging out any individual or specific stations here, I know almost all of the people involved do it to get new music heard, but as I have tried to briefly explain, just saying Spotify is “bad” is no longer any argument to me).

LIES, DAMN LIES ANDPART 1 GUITAR PLAYERS: One of the first true epiphanies in my guitar journey was that many of us don’t tell the truth. It dawned on me after I had been playing for a number of years and really started to gain confidence performing with other musicians. I remember stopping in my tracks, shocked and irritated one day, struck by the realisation that there are three absurdly transparent lies consistently told by the majority of high level guitarists. This is the first of a three part blog series where I will explore each one in detail.

1) 2) 3)

“I hardly ever practice” “I don’t know any music theory” “I’m completely self-taught”

Any young musicians beginning the quest will likely have already come across an intimidating adept instrumentalist (but all too often a guitarist) with much more experience, who utters some permutation of these three falsehoods, and sometimes with persuasive conviction. The severity of the lie is almost directly proportional to the pride (often smugness) with which the individual tells it, and you would be well advised to roll your eyes when hearing it, or if you must, disassociate yourself from the worst, consistent offenders. Forgive the candour, but they’re full of shit.

with such speed, timing, accuracy and trickery witho repeating those ball skills ad nauseam every day in traini from an early age. There is absolutely no way a dramatist li Shakespeare could have written such beautiful plays witho being an extremely well read man, dedicating time a energy to the perfection of that craft. Incredibly special a gifted as he was, he was not born knowing how to write ver

We, as musicians, are no different to athletes or writers in th regard. Good musicians know this, but the general public a weaker, less experienced players do not; indeed, one suspe they would rather not. It is the easier path to take. Facing to our limitations as guitarists and the need to grow requir both courage and humility, two qualities that, once applied musicianship, will like a benevolent virus infect every aspect of o approach to life. No other combination of human characterist will serve us better. I would even go so far as to say that other combination of human characteristics would serve socie better. In short, practicing is about realising how good you’re n

It must become part of your daily routine and be as reflexi as breathing, eating or bathing, even if it means you ma sacrifices in your social calendar to meet the time demands practice. Dedicate as much time as you can, and bear in mi it will take at least an hour to fully warm up and set loose t stored up creative potential in your muscle memory. It will worth it, even if the pay-off is far from immediate and obscu to you when it comes. Check in again next month for Lie Number 2, “I don’t know a music theory”.

Lie number 1 - “I hardly ever practice”. The truth? In order to be technically proficient you need to practice. A lot. Every day. Thanks to Daxy For years. This is non-negotiable. A footballer like Christiano Ronaldo could never perform step-overs and dribbling skills


out ing ike out and and rse.

this and ects up res to our tics no ety not.

ive ake of ind the be ure



Parsons Knows

By Denise Parsons – Music Promoter – ‘The Live Music Project’ Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans


Hello and welcome. I can’t believe its February already! With Valentine’s fast approaching I thought I’d recommend some music that touches my heart in various ways! (Mostly on the melancholy side but that’s just me.) I’ve never believed that sad songs make you feel sad, rather the opposite! So here’s this month’s choice, in no particular order!! 1.

Nick & The Sun Machine

First up I have to mention Nick & The Sun Machine. Nick and his band are very popular locally so they may not be new to you. Luckily I have the pleasure of seeing them on a regular basis and they are always great! However their gig for Trestle last November was quite simply stunning - they actually made me quite emotional as I have never seen them perform or sound better, something they themselves agreed on! Nick wrote a blog after the gig so I’ve included the link so you can have a read for yourself. There is also a free download from their latest EP, Quiet Lying Smiles, which is excellent! Please remember that an already popular band still needs your support! 2.

Alex Lily

Second up is a very talented songstress Alex Lily. She also played at Trestle in November and I have never heard her sound better either! She did a solo set and was just fantastic! She has a wonderful vocal range and sings with a fabulous intensity which really makes you take notice. I looked around the room and saw everyone paying attention. Think that’s good enough a recommendation as any! I hear she is going to be doing more music collaborations this year so I am really looking forward to that!! If you get the chance, definitely go and see her! 3.

Mr Tom Craven

Thirdly, I would like to introduce Mr Tom Craven . He’s an accomplished singer songwriter from Watford. I just think he’s lovely! He looks lovely and he sounds lovely! His lyrics are more on the melancholic, sometimes angry side but very poetic and delivered with a heartfelt intensity. He is currently working towards a big gig in April at Watford Palace Theatre which is pretty good going!

Trestle Arts Base, Russet Drive, St.Albans, AL4 OJQ 01727 850950 e: @trestletheatre


Indi and The Vegas

Fourth up is Indi and The Vegas. This is Indi Forde’s full band. Indi is often seen doing solo performances that wow the audience and fellow musicians alike. I first had the pleasure of seeing him at one of Nick Stephenson’s open mic nights about a year ago and was totally blown away! I always look around me to see how an audience reacts and as I caught a few other musicians’ eyes they just looked dumbstruck, as if to say ‘WOW who is this kid?’ (I say kid from my perspective though he’s probably a little older than he looks!) The fact that other musicians are impressed I think is a very good sign of how good someone really is as they are often the most critical of other performers. His solo performances are with electric guitar,gadgets and loops, delivering a very upbeat sound. He’s a stunningly natural guitarist with a soulful voice. I don’t really like to compare one musician with another but think a bit of Prince/Michael Jackson/Bob Marley rolled into one but more that that, as he definitely is a unique talent. He was billed at last year’s Folkstock Festival as ‘the wild card’. If you ever get the chance you really have got to see him, either solo or with his band. 5.

Marina Flo

At last but by no means least Marina Flo. A more mature singer songwriter with a lovely natural way of performing, bringing a bit of humour to the proceedings and with very expressive eyebrows which tell the story, especially when singing a song called ‘Big Legged Woman’! I was lucky enough to catch her performance at the Folkstock Xmas bash last December and instantly decided to buy her EP! I just loved the words and the slightly country feeling to her songs. Unfortunately she lives in Norfolk so I am going to have to wait until the summer to see her again, but I have persuaded her to put a few copies of her EP into Empire Records. St Albans if you want to purchase. I highly recommend it! More next month! We’ve got some great bands and solo artists coming up at Trestle in the next few months so please, if you like original music then come along and support ‘The Live Music Project’. Our lovely venue seems to receiving some great feedback for which I am delighted! We only showcase local original bands and artists across a diverse range of genres as personally I don’t like to categorise too much (I book all the acts so they are all very good (Yeah, I know, I would say that!)) and if it’s good it’s good and that’s that! You may discover something new! And don’t forget it’s FREE to get in, so nothing to lose. Thank you & Goodnight


Wasabi’s Welcome to the latest instalment of internet nonsense. As Valentines Day approaches, allow me to present a couple of oldies but a goodies from New Zealand showing the other side of romance.

Finally... Click here for GIF form

It starts with... and ends with Speaking of romance and girlfriends, this chap should really go out and get one. Whilst we have 8 members in the band, we would consider a ninth air-horn player with skills like this. What did you say....?

e y E The the sky In this episode we see The Eye ensconced midst The Tuesday Club as theytake over a flower shop for the ‘See You Next Tuesday’ album launch to celebrate Real Record Store Day – filmed on April of last year and never before seen.

There’s two reasons why people become film critics’ one, they love film; two, they love a list. Unfortunately, this still being October, I can’t tell you what my top ten films of the year are as there’s still time for more contenders to arrive (Gravity for one).


how to celebrate the annual spontaneous and pressure-free display of affection? (Do I detect a note of sarcasm there ?– Ed) Why, with a movie. But which one, I hear you cry? There must be dozen out there! Fear not, young Padawan, Creepy Uncle Popcorn is here to help.

Coleman start swearing and tearing about, you know you’re in for a good time. You can laugh through the weddings, sob and sniffle during the funeral and sigh contentedly together at the end.

First, some rules. You need to set the mood - low lighting is good, but not so low you trip over the cat when the pizza arrives. And not so bright he/she can see how you eat pizza. Second - pick a film that at least one of you knows well enough to not mind missing bits if you get distracted.

Date movies are not meant for that subtitled masterpiece. Right. We’re all set.

The Muppets This has got everything you want, everything you need to show your special someperson that you have a heart so big it can love Jason Segal singing. It’ll make you laugh; it’ll make you cry; it’ll make you sing along to Starship. It’s THAT good.

Four Weddings and a Funeral OK, this one is a bit clichéd, but sod it.From the moment Hugh Grant and Charlotte...

The Empire Strikes Back The perfect test for the newer couple. If they dismiss this choice, ditch them. If they show surprise and intrigue, these are good signs. If they greet this choice with whoops of delight and start quoting lines from it while stabbing a Ja Ja Binks doll - lock ‘em in the cellar straight away. This one’s a keeper.

Y Tu Mama Tambien Remember that rule about no subtitles? Doesn’t apply here. This film is too good not to be included. It’s both funny and heartbreaking; love and hate colliding in the Mexican surf at the end of a road trip that becomes much darker than first appears. It’s got the lot - sex, love, anger, jealousy and an older woman pulling the strings... It’s simply wonderful.

Kahn can be found at unsaltedpopcorn.blogspot. and the Unsalted Popcorn podcast on iTunes.

Guess Who? The Valentine’s from...



a f

d e g i




e Tuesda y Club’s Out on Lim debut LP ited Editi on (Signed White Vin and 14 tr yl) ack CD Buy your

s now at: www.theT

m @thetuesdayclub1 AVBD - @Vnderbraindrain The Minx - @TCTheMinx R. Marauder - @YTDS Dave Worm - @Roddamiser J-Rod - @JRod_TC Clockwise Spiral from top left: a) Reggie Mental, b) Denise (The Parsons Knows), c) The Beautiful Wolf, d) Titti Bartelski e) AVBD f) The Minx, g) (Glab Fab just provided us with a blank square as he doesn’t ‘do’ Valentines!!), h) J-Rod, i)


“Flippin’ wonderful . Probably the short est review I have really says it all ever written but - musicnews.c it om “If Roxy Music were doing the Rocky Horror show, they’d - Steve Honest sound like this” , Loaded TV/H ackney Rd Stu dios

“It’s the Sex Pisto ls set to music!” - Charles Ver Rall “A wanton orgy betw een Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias and devilry from Kitt The Tubes with extra y Hudson.” - The Ringmaster “This is clever whil e staying absolutel y exuberant, and one of the most The Tuesday Club exciting acts I’ve are heard all year.” - AAA Music

Wasabi P j) Rogerio, k) our band treasurer!

In The Club 006  

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