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Issue 005 January 2014



Well, I’m 30. Yes, my 20s are now behind me and despite assurances from the rest of the band that actually, it’s not that bad and ‘cheer up, you moany git’, I do feel a bit uneasy and feel a few things might change. However, The Minx, being from Soviet Russia n’ all, said that there’s no need to have a revolution if all is going well (I think she might have been referring to Glasnost, not the earlier event) so I’m going to stick with what I know. If it ain’t broke... However, many people do see a new year as a brand new start for many reasons, be they personal or whatever. To make this Tuesday Club related, we’ve been around since 2011 and have bedded in as a band rather nicely but over the last few rehearsals, a few new sounds have started to appear (beginning with Rodgerio joining the band in the middle of last year). We’re not saying that the sound will change... but it might take a few new directions as we explore other musical avenues (and whatever new musical toys the band will get for Crimbo). Also, expect a new release or three from us this year. So, while not a revolution per se, it’ll be an evolution. Here’s to the 2014 Tuesday Club. J-Rod.

8 TRACK JANUARY. . . WHAT THE TUESDAY CLUB ARE CURRENTLY STICKING IN THEIR EARDRUMS! Andreas Vanderbraindrain: The Urinals - I’m a Bug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUFcGGn8rw8 The Minx: Terry Scott - I Like Birds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJhyNiYCn5A Wasabi Penis: Brant Bjork - Somewhere Some Woman http://youtu.be/Aym--85tAk8 J-Rod: The Trouble With Sweeney - Listen To What The Man Says (Yes, it’s P**l Mc*****y but it’s actually a really nice version of that track, rather thantheMOR wings horridness. Good luck trying to find it ontheinternet though!)

Rogerio Marauder: Rihanna – Umberella * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvBfHwUxHIk Fabulous Glabrous: Rebecca Black – Friday* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0 The Beautiful Wolf: The Dubwood Allstars - Under Dubwood https://soundcloud.com/caughtbytheriver/under-dubwood Tittybar Telski: Justin Bieber – Baby* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kffacxfA7G4Ed’s note: * Songs marked with an asterisk are punishment for the laxity of said musicians at meeting the mag deadline. Therefore, they shall ever be associated with these songs

Thanks to: Design @8ecreative, Tiggy Pop. Editor: Reggie Mental. Photography: Various, Words: @simonj68, Denise Parsons, The Minx, Faye Don’tlikeitupum, Stuart Pidboy, Don Tellumpike, Don T. Panic, Sister Dolly, AVBD, Beautiful Wolf, J-Rod, Wasabi Penis.

Upcoming gigs!

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The Tuesday Club

8 Track 2-3 What’s going on in our musical world

(Club) Foot tappers


AVBD, J-Rod and The Beautiful Wolf trawl their record collections

Who’s in the club?


With Ollie from Flash Fiktion

Fri Jan 31 - Club Tiger Feet, London Sat March 15 - Electrowerkz, Angel, London Sat April 5 - Paper Dress Vintage, London (New Glamour Single Launch Party) Sat April 26 - Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans Sat July 14 - Farmers Boy - St.Albans Sat November 8 - Ant-Lib, London

Da Minx 6 The Chanteuse Speaks!

Hairy Chesterfield



Who’s in the club 2?


With Alex from Tax The Heat

The Parson’s Knows


Denise, gives us all the news from Trestle Arts base.

Wasabi’s Wonders & The Eye 10 Caperage, hilarity and fly on the wall movie footage

Unsalted Popcorn 11 Film reviews and the like from our latest recruit Kahn Johnson

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A little bird told us... our tweet of the month Ginger Wildheart @GingerWildheart 16m Hey, if we aren’t playing your town it’s because your local venues/promoters are too tight to pay the band full price. Take it up with them.

B U L C Foot tappers

‘COS the Platters still matter.. .

Dear Club fans, welcome to AVBD and The Beautiful Wolf’s monthly round up of the new, the old, the signed, the unsigned and the inspirational, from our very own musical old curiosity shop, where we pick and podcast 10( ish) tracks that turn us on... with a little help from J-Rod! Here’s a selection of the featured tracks, but you’ll have to listen to find out more :-)

This month’s Barbarrossa’s featured signature track from Burundi and ‘See You Next Dance club Tuesday’, is beats, resulting ‘Money Means in a heady Nothing’, heady cocktail. taken from our debut 3p and Check out Cauldronated’s ‘In the album Club’ interview in next month’s http://goo.gl/BlmJxv mag! http://goo.gl/C2tU0o Flash Fiktion – Baptised Featuring Dexter O on guest vocals, this South London 3 piece have been one of my (AVBD’s) fave bands even when they were Switches back in 2008.This brand new single finds them (vocally at least) edging into the realms of a 21stCentury Pop Joy Division... not a bad thing by any stretch, in our humble opinions. Read more about them in our bumper In the Club feature on the next page :-) http://goo.gl/OLhM86

T.Rex - Sanctified It’s pretty much law round here to have a bit of Bolan in the mag. This little gem I unearthed from ‘The Works in Progress’ album released in 2007 aroundthe 30 year anniversary of his death. http://goo.gl/GPlPf8 Talking Heads - Memories can’t wait. From their 1979, Brian Eno produced album - Fear of Music

Cauldronated – iBossa Led by Ex-Ant, Bow Wow Wow and Scant Regard back bone Dave Barbe, new band Cauldronated mix Nicoesque http://goo.gl/Ukjbg2 Euro Vamp drawl with Mr.

Can - I want more. Their 1976 uk chart ‘hit’ which found them playing on top of the pops http://youtu.be/E0nfjguTclg The Bleeed - Dreamboy doing well on their day-off from the Tuesdays; Andreas, Titty, Wasabi and The Wolf dream up a tasty little side project. The tracks featured in this month’s mag are merely a sample of the January podcast. For the whole shebang click the link below and enjoy, Happy New Year listening folks!

ore To find out m d about these an n our other tracks o d show downloa ast... your FREE podc



In the club with

Flash Fiktion

t s i r a t i u g e i l l O

film, what film and who would it be?

1) OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to drink?

Pina Colada please and Half a lager for Rodder’s here. 2) What was the last thing you heard/watched that was so good you had to tell someone about it?

Punchdrunk theatre productions. The drowned Man. 3) With a name like Flash Fiktion we do have to ask, what book you recommend?

The Flash fiction genre was a key influence in forming our sound and any books featuring short, sharp and dramatic literature is good to pick up and put down and quite an inspiration for song writing. I have also enjoyed White Bicycles which recounts the work of Producer Joe Boyd in the 60’s it has some great accounts of Nick Drake and early Floyd. 4) If you could be any character in a

Oscar Madison, Walter Mattheau’s character in the ‘Odd Couple’ a comic genius. “I’ve got brown sandwiches and I’ve got green sandwiches - it’s either very young cheese or very old meat”. 5) If Flash Fiktion was a cake, what cake would it be?

Hash brownies. Tasty choco goodness with euphoric and possibly unpredictable side effects.

6) So, your new single, Baptised … if you weren’t called what you’re called, what WOULD you be called? You AND/OR the band.

Our band would be Uncle, I’d be the Man From..... Illya Kuryakin perhaps. 7) Which comes first – melody or lyrics?

Depends on the mood and creative process. Sometimes ambience has to come before both. 8) You are creating a Flash Fiktion time capsule, what 4 items do you put in it?

1. A nice SaintEmilion 2. A turntable and selection of desert island disks.

3. A 100 watt filament bulb. 4. A bent Boris Bike.

9) You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was?

I’m in the mood for Nothern Soul. Lets go to Wigan casino Heart of Soul all nighter ‘78 10) What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? Any gigs coming up? (Please, begs Andy)

At some stage. Please be patient whilst we calculate our next live move.

And release date for next album?

Many more creations to come from Flash FiKtion. Keep following for updates. https://soundcloud.com/ flashfiktion http://www.last.fm/music/ Flash+Fiktion https://flashfiktionmusic. bandcamp.com

DA Minx It’s not always easy to know who you are talking to at Tuesday Club gig. Looking for the cowbell

ComparetheMinki.com ... Don’t get minxed up! Minx make New Year Resolutions. 1.Rid world of disgust shoe. Is only one resolution. Only resolution need. To see video of Minx shoe punish go Tube of You here http://youtu.be/b_lexmGa7Iw

Monday (Monday) ? Tuesday (Tuesday) ? Wednesday (Wednesday) ? Thursday (Thursday) ? Friday (Friday) ? Saturday (Saturday) ? Sunday (Sunday) ? С Рождеством Христовым!

n I

@simonj68 is back, with his

. .‘hairy’ Chesterfield! because you are causing everyone else to listen to some distorted music flowing out around you. Nobody else is enjoying what you are listening to, it may be the best album in the world, but all that comes out is distorted noise and unbalanced treble.

Fill your ears with music, as often as you can, it is great.

I have often heard other peoples “leakage” while listening to my own music, so even though I have earphones in my ears, the annoying sounds still find a way to leak into my brain.

I have music at home, inthe office, in the car, on trains. It makes walking around a supermarket almost bearable as you can switch on the thousand yard stare to avoid eye contact with those you went to school with years ago and enjoy a new album while you try and work out what the best deal on wine is that week.

What I have never been able to understand about this situation is that by the very fact that these people are listening to music, I have to make the assumptionthat they enjoy listening to it. So why not invest a relatively small amount of money in some decent headphones. By the way, this is not going to end in an advert for Beats by Dre.

The key is actually the middle word here though, Fill YOUR Ears. One of the most popular music players, let’s call it the iPod, comes with some nice little earphones, and they are identifiable as ones from Apple to make you look cool – well that was the original idea, so others could see you had an iPod not a Zune. The thing is that these earphones are possibly the worst thing that Apple have ever made. OK, they are now responsible for people videoing gigs on their iPads but that one can wait for another day.

The noise leakage from Apples headphones is amazing, and not in a good way. The sound quality that actually makes it into your ears is poor, but far more important than that is the sound that fills the bus or train carriage you are on. If you often find people looking around your bus and then staring at you for a couple of seconds, I can assure you that this is not because they find you unbelievably attractive, it is

watching episodes of Friends on a laptop with no headphones. I must admit in that case though I was more amazed at someone watching Friends on DVD than the annoyance of the audio. She was actually stunned and quite embarrassed when someone else asked her to use earphones, it seemed to have escaped her notice she was on a train to Manchester and not in her lounge.

the simple message is buy some decent headphones, Anyway,

which really don’t have to cost the earth, and whatever you do never replace the Apple ones with more from Apple if you lose or break the originals. Much like wearing a novelty tie to prove that you were the “character” in the office, the need to wear specific headphones to prove you have an iPod has passed. Make Unless you are a professional footballer it about the music you want to listen to in they are not a good look, ever. And actually a quality manner, and make the trains and if you are a professional footballer, they buses of the land a better place for all. are not a good look, ever, just because you get them free doesn’t make them good.

Realising that this was the weak point of Apple, the other phone and MP3 player people came up with a great idea. Sadly

this great idea was not to have really good in ear headphones as standard, but to increase the speakers on the phone so the music could just be played out load, with no need to remember to pick up the headphones before leaving the house for the day. This isn’t the same as crowding around a radio in the early 80s to listen to the chart run-down (yes, it used to be on a Tuesday!), this is sitting ona bus playing music loudly with not a thought for anyone else. Thankfully this is rare, but I have seen someone on a train

In the club with

Tax The Heat

chip fat in your fuel tank, does that actually work? Who knows, maybe just eat chips. 4) If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be?

1) OK firstly, we are sittinginthecyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to drink?

I’d love a Whiskey Mac! I’m writing this in a freezing cold room right now and that just seems perfect. It HAS to be ginger wine though not ginger beer. 2) What was the last thing you heard/ watched that was so good you had to tell someone about it?Watched;

Gravity in 3D! I thought it was brilliant and visually stunning (I’m writing this in Nov btw, just in case when this comes out 3D is old news and you actually get to touch the actors in the cinema.)Listened; The last thing was probably The Walking Papers debut record. Really digging it, lyrically very, very good. 3) ‘Taxing The Heat’ seems to be quite a topic of discussion lately (get us, being all political) What should we do to save some cash?

Hmmm good question. How about spending the last of your money in a casino in an attempt to get rich? Seems sensible. Or put

Harry Callahan from the Dirty Harry films. He’s been kicked off homicide so many times! Whata pro. 5) If Tax The Heat was a cake, what cake would it be?

Carrot Cake. Jack and Anton are the solid sturdy sponge cake, JP & I are the immense icing. A pretty heavy cake but you always wanna eat more. I just don’t think there’d be jam involved if TTH was a cake, I don’t know why.... 6) So, you have a sexy vinyl 4-track EP out. Nice. We approve. Apparently vinyl was responsible for Alex and Jack meeting up again, with the result being Tax The Heat!! What records were you buying?

As far as I remember I didn’t actually buy anything that day. Maybe Jack did? Let just say we bought the entire back catalog of The Who just to keep it interesting. What a day! 7) Which comes first – melody or lyrics?

For me, melody every time. Melody with chord progression

Alex Veale

and then fit the lyric into that, let it flow. The melody gets you into bed, lyrics keep you wanting more. 8) You are creating a Tax The Heat time capsule, what 4 items do you putinit?

1) My checkered suit 2) The Beatles - Revolver 3) Tax The Heat’s debut EP 4) One of JP’s Hats 9) You are nowInTheClub, but whatclubdo you actually wish it was?

The Masons; I’d love somebody to come and fix my house for free. That or the whiskey mac carrot cake club. www.taxtheheat.com www.facebook.com/taxtheheat http://youtu.be/GCDjKbkn0Ps


Parsons Knows

Trestle Arts Base, Russet Drive, St.Albans, AL4 OJQ 01727 850950 e: production@trestle.org.uk www.trestle.org.uk @trestletheatre


By Denise Parsons – Music Promoter – ‘The Live Music Project’ Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans


Hello and a very Happy New Year to you all.. You’ve had the turkey and trimmings and all the chocolate you can eat, added a few mince pies for good measure and drunk copious amounts of booze so now it’s time for the New Year’s diet to commence.. ( or is that just me then?? ) Anyways, something you don’t have to ration this January is your musical fix because it’s guaranteed to beat them January blues and generally cheer you up!! In no particular order please have a read of my recommendations for this month. Make a New Year Resolution to support local original music NOW and go to as many gigs as you can. 1.


Firstly I would like to introduce ABI ( Murray ) A rather impressive young lady I think!! Gigging out and about locally and more recently up north too!! Often seen at open mic nights with her keyboard and a fantastic singing voice belting out her own tunes.. Recently Abi was listed in the MTV unsigned listings and I for one voted for her. At the time of writing this the results are unknown but obviously she is on someone’s radar and should certainly be on yours too!! http://www.soundcloud.com/abimusicuk https://www.facebook.com/abimurraymusic 2.

Mr Tom Dibb

Secondly, Mr Tom Dibb ( allegedly good friends with Miss Murray) has also been doing the rounds lately in his camper van. Sometimes seen busking around St. Albans, he’s another regular at the open mic nights at The Boot on a Wednesday evening and The Amble Inn in Harpenden. He plays guitar with a lovely soft reggae beat that is jolly hard not to move around too. I purchased his CD ‘ Lost’ and have played it a lot . https://www.facebook.com/TomDibbMusic https://soundcloud.com/tom-dibb/lost

David Hoare

Third up we have David Hoare who runs The Amble Inn in Harpenden (just in case you want to go and chat to him or something). He is a regular at open mic nights both in St. Albans and his own pub as well. David is beyond definition, really (in the best sense) and is fabulously entertaining and very very funny! I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying his performance skills a lot lately and every time my jaw aches with laughing so much. David also plays in bands and stuff but is best known for his comedic (poetic perhaps? ) selfpenned songs about the most incredibly wide range of topics. They are a bit tongue in cheek and laced with innuendo but the way they are delivered is just pure genius. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC5uYjCLaGg0ov0dDDC5e-Q 4.

The Metatrons

Fourthly, we have ‘The Metatrons’ from Hitchin. I’ve been hearing great things about this little band (and so I booked them for ‘The Live Music Project’ at Trestle) but had not had a chance to see them live until they did an unplugged session recently at our local and rather wonderful record store ‘Empire Records’. It turns out I knew the gorgeous singer Polly from years ago so that was just lovely too! They have a great fuzzy pop sound which reminded me a bit of Blondie and they look good too!! Featuring the legendary Dez Paradise on bass, they have very catchy tunes that you can sing and move around too!! Really looking forward to them playing for me in February. If you want a copy of their CD, then pop into Empire Records and check out their local music section - I’ve already got mine. Well worth it! Come and see them at Trestle!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/118713911501053/?fref=ts https://soundcloud.com/themetatronsrock 5.

Katie plus Juan

And last (but by no means least) the very lovely Katie plus Juan duo. Now I know a lot of you will be aware of Katie Masson as lead singer with Co Jones and quite probably have heard of this great little duo as well, as they are very popular round St. Albans. What I love about them is they are both really talented and justblend together so well. Lovely, lovely, songwriting with a latin vibe, with silky vocals that really warm the soul on these cold nights and makes me remember the summer. They gig quite a lot so if you’ve not seen them then you’re missing something. So, go see them and buy their CD too! https://www.facebook.com/KatiePlusJuan?ref=ts&fref=ts Thank you and goodnight! Denise Parsons




Welcome to January. Back to Earth with a bump after Christmas. Just like this appalling rapper who “believed he could fly”. Don’t show this to AVBD. It’ll just give him ideas.


Lastly for the guitar players amongst you, there is some cracking stuff on this page.


Something else which caught my ear is this feathered fella. Could this be considered “cock rock”?

Search for “guitar moves” Random Bonus YouTubery People falling over, playing pranks and generally making fools of themselves every Friday



Actually, a bit of cock rock can do funny things when mixed with whatever this chap is on.

http://youtu.be/9_xIoJzZtKg On a much more serious note, I’m liking this a lot this month. Hip hop jazz. Perfect for doing the washing up.


e y E The

...in the sky After the last mince pie has been eaten and the last remnants of turkey curry/ sandwiches/terrine/dog snack has all been used up, we bring you The Eye’s January instalment, a look back at The Tuesday Club Christmas party at Bar 62 in St Albans, with a Panto theme. Here is ‘All You Do Is Wow’with ‘selfie’ camera work from ‘Ms Andrea Vanderbraindrain’ and another rareglimpse of Rogerio Marauder’s ‘The MAGIC HAND’. http://youtu.be/C1HkO5sJstM

There’s two reasons why people become film critics’ one, they love film; two, they love a list. Unfortunately, this still being October, I can’t tell you what my top ten films of the year are as there’s still time for more contenders to arrive (Gravity for one).


so January has arrived and a new year is underway (it hasn’t – it’s bloody November really) – so what have we got to look forward to this year? What cinematic gems will have us salivating and rushing to the multiplex? Noah, obviously. Now, if you’ve missed the buzz about this one, hit the Googles and find the trailer – it’s a corker. Russell Crowe, fresh from his indifferent performance as Superman’s dad, is the titular boat builder gathering animals in May,while Ray Winstone tries to stop him. There are more animals than the original text would suggest, fiery comets and a massive sword. People are going to talk about this one.

Dumber To (that’s gonna annoy a lot of sub-editors (Ed – it does!)) and a return to Sin City – all of which should keep you busy. A few ‘reboots’ are on the way as well, with Chris Pine having a crack at being Jack Ryan (looks quite good) and Robocop being given a makeover (looks cool, worryingly). And let’s not forget Muppets Most Wanted. After Jason Segal did such a good job bringing the gang back to the big screen, hopes are high. Feck this one up Gervais and I’ll kill you.

Also trying not to In the less fantastical disappoint will be corner of the cinema Dawn Of The Planet universe we have Marvel, Of The Apes. Rise who are set to continue was stunning, so this to show DC Comics how needs to be at least you do the film thing. as good. Guardians Of The Galaxy and the amazing Captain Oh, and Transformers 4 will land in America: The Winter Soldier June. Try to be on holiday, eh? will be landing, along with X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Spiderman 2 (OK, I Kahn can be found at unsaltedpopcorn.blogspot. know the last two aren’t Marvel Studio films, but co.uk where his films of the year will appear at who created the characters, eh? Thank you). For the end of the year (cough), and the Unsalted these films alone I’ll be camping out at my nearest Popcorn podcast on iTunes. multiplex. If you want something more highbrow of course, there’s the Lego movie (looks ace), Dumber And


Don’t forget, still available at all good record stores, gigs, car boot sales... www.thetcshop.com SEE YOU NEXT TU ESDAY! is the Th eT uesday C Out on L lub’s deb imited Ed ut LP ition (Sig ned Whit e Vinyl) and 14 tr ack CD Buy your

s now at: www.the



“Flippin’ wonder ful. Probably the shortest review I really says it al have ever written l - musicnews. but it com “If Roxy Music we re doing the Rock y Horror show, they - Steve Hones ’d sound like th t, Loaded TV is” /Hackney R d Studios “It’s the Sex Pist ols set to music !” - Charles Ve rRall “A wanton orgy be tween Alberto Y Lo s Tri os Paranoias and devilry from Ki The Tubes with ex tty Hudson.” - Th tra e Ringmaste r “This is clever wh ile staying absolu tely exuberant, an one of the most d The Tuesday Cl exciting acts I’ ub are ve heard all year. ” - AAA Music

facebook.com/thisisthetuesdayclub @thetuesdayclub1 AVBD - @Vnderbraindrain The Minx - @TCTheMinx R. Marauder - @YTDS Dave Worm - @Roddamiser J-Rod - @JRod_TC thisisthetuesdayclub.co.uk info@thisisthetuesdayclub.co.uk pinterest.com/thetuesdayclub thetuesdayclub.tmstor.es

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