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Issue 002 October 2013



Bands is fun. No, they really are. When AVDB asked me to write this intro, I did it without prior knowledge of what was going to be in the mag (I’ve since seen it) and I thought ‘hell, what I can I write about that’s not my day job?’. Then I thought... ‘well, write it about that, then’. My day job is baffling, amusing, infuriating, intriguing and enlightening...usually all before lunch (most days). Being in a band is... much the same. Since The Tuesday Club started in late spring 2011, we’ve done some fun things, some awful things, some necessary things and some pointless things but you can honestly say that it’s been FUN every step of the way. One thing it hasn’t been... is at all boring. There is a school of thought out there that when you get past 30 and insist you must still be in a band (tut), then you must play to a stereotype (of which there are about six main ones)... or play covers. Regardless of your love, or hate, for what our band does I think it’s safe to assume the TC does nether of these things. This is because, despite the combined age of the band being somewhere around 350 years, we all still love what we do; trying out new stuff with our music and finding new things that are happening in the world. So don’t write yourself off if you’re still in a band and are a bit older than you should be - never be bitter, always be hopeful - and remember, music needs to be driven, not controlled (right?!). Oh and the mag - some great stuff in here. Go read :)

J-Rod - The other guitarist (and typo)


WHAT THE TUESDAY CLUB ARE CURRENTLY STICKING IN THEIR EARDRUMS! Andreas Vanderbraindrain: T.REx – Buick Mackane The Minx: The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Goggles Wasabi Penis: Mark Lanegan - You Only Live Twice [Imitations 2013] J-Rod: Steeley Dan - Peg Rogerio Marauder: Whitehorse - “Broken” Fabulous Glabrous: Aura Negra - All The Queens Ravens The Beautiful Wolf: My Spine Is The Bassline - Shriekback Tittybar Telski: Chic – Glasto performance

Upcoming gigs!

Contents Cover star:

The Tuesday Club

8 Track 2-3 What’s going on in our musical world

Who’s in the club? 4 Limozine... And hold tight – it’s a double whammy this month …

Sat Oct 19 - Paper Dress Vintage, Old Street Fri Oct 25 - The Grey Horse, Kingston Sat Oct 26 - Trestle Arts Centre, St.Albans Sun Nov 10 - Purple Turtle, Camden, B-Movie Support Sat Dec 14 - The Farmers Boy, St.Albans Sun Dec 1 - Bar 62, St.Albans

(Club) Foot tappers 5 AVBD and The Beautiful Wolf trawl their record collections



2013 Photo Diary. A great day out!

Da Minx


The Chanteuse Speaks!

The Impaler Speaks!


Legendary Texan blogger ‘Tim’ The Impaler imparts his sizeable knowledge on us.

Wasabi’s Wonders & The Eye 10 Caperage, hilarity and fly on the wall movie footage

Nick and The Sunmachine


St.Albans most hard working promoter Nick Stephenson gives us an insight into his rather fine band!

Who’s in the club? 12 The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing ...See, look how good we are to you!

Trestle Arts


Our fab friend Densie Parsons speaks about The Trestle Arts Base in St.Albans, a venture to be supported at all costs TC fans! @tuesdayclub1 @Vnderbraindrain @TCTheMinx Thanks to: Design @8ecreative. Editor: Reggie Mental. Photography: 8ecreative, Howard Key, Andy Brain Words: @ simonj68, Molloy Hitchcock, The Minx, Faye Don’tlikeitupum, Stuart Pidboy, Don Tellumpike, Don T. Panic, Sister Dolly, AVBD, Beautiful Wolf, J-Rod, Wasabi Penis.

In the club So, who’s?

1. So, rather than ask the ubiquitous question of ‘where does the name Limozine’ come from (and why did you decide to spell it like that – Ed). We want to know; OK you’re in a limousine, where are you going?

Coventry 2. And from the same rather obvious theme, what car IS Limozine?!

It’s a 2009 Fiat Punto with tinted windows 3. You write a lot of songs with ‘Love’ as a theme, Deep Fried Love, Love to Love Ya etc. But we want to know, Evil Love, why evil what did she do??!!

This is when you meet someone and you end up doing really bad stuff together, and you know it’s bad but you do it anyway cos

you’ve got Evil Love.

4. You have to choose from the following films and insert it into the following sentence: Lord of the Rings, Reservoir Dogs, The Wizard of Oz If you were all characters in [insert film}, who would you be and why?

Reservoir Dogs - we wouldn’t be in it,

but we’d be on the Club Tropicana, drinks soundtrack are free. (Or CBGB’s) 5. If Limozine were a cake, what cake would it be?

We like a bit of Battenburg 6. Each of your albums come with amazing artwork. How do you come up with ideas and who puts together the artwork?

Dean sees a picture and mocks it up with crayons and glue, then Karl does it properly in Photoshop. It’s all crayons, glue and greatness. 7. Which comes first – melody or lyrics?

Lyrics come first, but Limozine song titles come first of all. A good song title is half the Battenburg. 8. You are creating a Limozine time capsule, what 4 items do you put in it?

Beer, Tequila, Jagermeister and Sailor Jerry

9. You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was?

10. What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

Would you like some money/drugs/ booze/girls? Limozine are a Rock ‘n’ Roll band from London inspired by The Cramps, The Stooges and The Ramones. Limozine have released four albums, Car Crash Casino 2007, Evil Love 2010, Full Service 2012 and You’ve Been Limozined 2013. See Limozine - 11th October at the Islington in Angel.

B U L C Foot tappers ‘COS the Platters still matter.. .

Dear Club fans, welcome to AVBD and The Beautiful Wolf’s monthly round up of the new, the old, the signed, the unsigned and the inspirational, from our very own musical old curiosity shop, where we pick and podcast 10( ish) tracks that turn us on... with a little help from J-Rod! Here’s a selection of the featured tracks, but you’ll have to listen to find out more :-)

This month’s featured track from ‘See You Next Tuesday’, is a fave of 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, having featured twice on his mixtapes this year.

Morrissey and Costello.

Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer classic American punk from Stiv Bators, Cheetah Chrome and the boys, Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You - Psychedelic Power Pop from the classic Underwater Moonlight album by Robyn Hitchcock’s early 80s band

The DODO - Just a Game - A The Tuesday Club - ‘She Splayed track from one My Teeth’ of the many side projects of Andreas Simple Minds - 30 Frames a and Wolfie. Second. You may find it hard to The DIY or believe now, but SImple Minds DIE Organisation (or The DODO first clutch of for short) also featuring one albums were time Scratch guitarist The Filth. Cristina - Things Fall Apart Cool, Wolfie style NoWave from cool European The album is still available on NYC 1981 postpunk Bandcamp, the CD in a DIY synthpop. individually handmade case This is from their 2nd album The War Effort - Building Trade Empires and Dance - Another track from 1980s Welwyn Garden City - recorded on Portastudio and released on Local Heroes SW9 - How the the cassette only compilation ore West Was Won - Scratchy post “Sounds from the Garden”. To find out m d punk from 1980 coming from (no link... they seem sadly absent about these an a similar place to early Scritti from the internet - I might have n our other tracks o featuring one Kevin Armstrong, to rectify that!) download w o h s who has gone on to work with E podcast... E R F r u o y everyone from Bowie, Iggy, Other tracks featured in Jagger and McCartney to September and October include:



You have been viewing See more of Andy’s Tuesday Club pics from Croxfest Here: See more of Andy’s pics: See more of Howard Key’s pics from Croxfest here:

DA Minx It’s not always easy to know who you are talking to at Tuesday Club gig. Looking for the cowbell ... Don’t get minxed up! People ask why Minx sometime speak with English accent. дураков. They not realise Minx is spy. Has vague Northern accent. Can get away with Northern in London as foreign.

ask if other ‘has the bottle’. Must be argue about vodka. I would argue if friend stole vodka. Make me violent. Can take my limey but not my vodka.

Monday (Monday) Walk past builder man working outside house. He make noise. I ask what mean. He say wolf whistle. I sniff, and tell him, no THIS is wolf whistle. Kalashnikov and Perestroika come quickly to heels. Builder man run off. Will not get wall built now. Neighbour insist on new wall as Kalashnikov like next door cat. Cat not like him. Perestroika also dig up vegetables. Potato addict. Man opposite hate Perestroika. Wave garden implement when he get out. Now have to find nother builder man. (Minion no use, is no good DYI. Ha ha ha. Minion is I-DYI-T.)

Friday (Friday) Builder come back to finish wall. Tell me he ran away as he was ‘bricking it’. Tell him cannot brick if run away. No brick, no wall. Refuse pay. He ask for to text me. I say no pay. He ask for Facebook of name. I say no pay. Builder now new minion. Old minion sulking. New minion buy flowers. Red roses. Complain when have no thorns. Change flowers. Minion buy vodka and lime fruit. Minion can stay as long as likes.

Tuesday (Tuesday) Gig with Club of Tuesday. More cowbell. Wednesday (Wednesday) Shop day. Go to record shop to admire work. Man tell me is classical record shop. I tell him ‘See You Next Tuesday’ is classic record. He ask if I like Korsakov. I tell him is only hayfever. Leave shop. Useful man. Complain Ted Baker have no cakes. Asked to leave shop. Minion suggest go to Westfields. Try confuse me. We get Westfields in East London. Why not Eastfields? And not big park. Will complain. Beat minion but still take shopping. Do not go into Marxist Spencer. Someone may be watching. Thursday (Thursday) Go to public house. Argument outside with silly boys. One

Just remember, they look the same, so be very careful. Avoid feeding after midnight and don’t let them get wet.

Saturday (Saturday) Tuesday gig Club at place call Croxfest. Am most disgust when think it festival of Crocs shoes. Prepare to beat anyone with croc shoe with drummystick. No Crocs or Uggs. Good gig but need more cowbell. Sunday (Sunday) Day of rest. Old lady down road who go church every Sunday see me spit and tell me is vulgar. I tell her not that much to be like The Volga. Quite proud of spit now. Spit like largest river in Europe. чудесный

THE IMPALER SPEAKS This month we feature pics from The Impaler’s UK Tour 2013 with some action in early July. “I had to dash from the amazing Limozine show at The Stag’s Head pub in Hoxton to the extremely cool Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch for a stellar night of music from The Tuesday Club and opener Will Crewdson (who plays with some stellar acts, including Scant Regard, Rachel Stamp, Flesh For Lulu, Johnette Napolitano, and Adam Ant).

OK, so I knew I’d be meeting up with them, but it was an amazing adventure! The greatest rock & roll band you may not have heard of but definitely need to is Damn Vandals – here’s The Impaler with vocalist Jack Kansas and guitarist Frank Pick loitering in front of Our Black Heart (aka The Black Heart) Bar & Pub in Camden (London)!


The Stag’s Head pub in Hoxton hosted an incredible night of the highest energy rock ‘n’ roll imaginable in the form of London-based rawk heroes Limozine on July 6, 2013.

Here are a ton of photos: and my reviews of The Tuesday Club’s first two singles: Ain’t Got No Class Dolly Dynamite Go see these cats live, buy their records, and support independent rock ‘n’ roll! @impalerspeaks The Impaler supports local music, film, and other artistic endeavors worldwide, from Austin TX to the United Kingdom and everywhere else. The Impaler has been a member of the Mass Movement creative team since it was a cut-n-paste fanzine many years ago and is solely responsible for The Impaler Speaks website, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel. Support indie music. Support indie film. Support indie life.



This month, I’ve been moving away from cat beards and back into more familiar musical territory. A chance YouTube discovery of a remixer / mashup specialist by the name of Soundhog led me to consider the world of cover versions and “other” versions where familiar songs are re-worked into something altogether different. Starting with the aforementioned Soundhog, a nice little mashup to start off.

Proper musicians know lots about musical theory (which rules me out ). What I do know is a subtle change from minor to major key, and vice versa, can radically change the whole atmosphere of a song. Behold these 4 little nuggets edited by Oleg Berg. Lots of great stuff on his YouTube channel. Quite a sunny tune in a major key This on the other hand sounds pretty bleak.

The Eyein

y k s the

Some say he is omnipresent. That he is everywhere and yet nowhere, all at once. Some say he has a camera on a stick. That, in fact, he has two, with a torch that makes midnight seem like noon. Some say he is nosier than Pinocchio after a whole weekend of lying. All we know is, he’s called The Eye and this is where he reveals his latest exclusive probe into The Tuesday Club annals. Click on the eye to view … After last month’s exclusive YouBloom compact visual summary, this month sees an outtake snippet from Croxfest, where AVDBD spots a rainbow and The Eye spots AVDBD spotting a rainbow.

2 This is a guilty pleasure at the best of times, but with a key change its just a bit wrong. The sound of the 1917 revolution?

I think this last one sounds like a Russian folk song ( which pleases The Minx greatly ) and this leads us onto our next musical expedition. When James Bond battled against the Russian agents in the classic early films, I don’t think he could have envisaged these stony faced members of the red army embracing the decadent music of the West....

To conclude this installment, let me leave you with this little gem. When iconic rock music meets Gregorian chanting and what sounds like a doorbell, you will learn that great music can even transcend the need for instruments and common sense. Smells like the Flying Pickets.....


n I


First piece I’ve written in a while this. To be honest, in this day and age you have to be musician, journalist, promoter, salesman and everything in-between – I’m sitting here listening to ‘Exile on Main St.’ on my headphones, thinking I bet the Stones never had to big themselves up in the same way modern bands do. They just ‘lived’ it and made records! What a life! Regardless, it seems to be a necessity these days so I’m going to just bloody well enjoy it. :-)

Nick and the Sun Machine fully formed in March 2012 with Michael J Scott (our guitarist/ Keys player and youngest member) completing the 4-piece line up.


imon Hadwin (drums/vocals) a close friend and collaborator for the last 8 years, keeps us in line (sometimes) whilst Joe White (bass, vocals) is from a large musical family and keeps us out of line (occasionally). We share a love of similar bands, songwriters, girls, curry, festivals, films and art. Blur always springs to mind, the Beach Boys (very much a ‘me and Si’ thing but we all like) reduce us to tears. Jane’s Addiction make us wet our pants every time. We love harmony. And Chaos. Both can be fun. This contrasted with some intensity and the occasional spattering of darkness and loads of groove makes us what we are. Arranging songs and then performing them at Festivals like ‘Standon Calling’ and ‘Folkstock’ this year has made us very happy. We’ve been referred to as Folk/ Rock, Alt Folk, and Prog Rock but, like most musicians, we hate genre confines. Who needs that shit when you’re trying to write songs?! I mean, I never think ‘OK, I’m in a

‘folk’ band ... here ya go’ If I write something and it ends up sounding like the electro, classical blues then so be it, who cares! As long as there’s drama (that pleases both us and the audience) and some theatricality, (yes, we’re looking at you Tuesday Club) we have a great laugh.. it’s only bloody music for God’s sake! In other news, we’ve just finished out debut album ‘Wide, Lying Smiles’. Our producer Andy Davies will be delivering the masters a day after writing this. Exciting! He has insisted on going for a curry in the ‘New Gulshan’ in St Albans to celebrate. Collectively, we all prefer ‘Kor E Nor’ – amazing fish dishes in there, just divine. But we’re not gonna argue with him. He may make our record sound like ABC in 1985 to punish us for not worshipping what he considers to be St Alban’s finest curry house. (I’m not against ‘The Lexicon of Love’ but there are far superior 80’s synth albums. ‘Dare’ springs to mind! Sorry Andy). I’d like to draw your attention to our Soundcloud page (http://soundcloud. com/nickandthesunmachine) because it has the most ‘current’ version of Nick and the Sun Machine you can find. With a free download too! Yes folks, 4 tracks from our fourth coming monster. One track, ‘Ask me for my name’, when released on the album, will contain a sample from a Bond

film. Guess the Bond film and actor and you could be in with a chance of winning a night with our drummer in Vegas. He will dress as Elvis and marry you too. You have been warned. Nick Stephenson x NickAndTheSunMachine

See Nick supporting The Tuesday Club at Paper Dress on October 19th along with last month’s In The Clubber’s The Unfortunates. Free Entry!!

In the club 2 The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing

Long championed by The Minx’s alter ego Minki on Recharged Radio show Minki’s Magic Moments we decided on a double whammy In The Club this month and caught up with The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. They describe themselves as: Old school punk rock. Like, REALLY old school. Genuine 100% actual Londoners, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing come from a past which probably never happened via a present they didn’t want. Less steampunk and more “SteamPUNK”, the British four piece mix Anarchy and Anachrony in equal measure. Expect a robot Sid Vicious covering Slayer in an 1877 East End Music Hall: a murky mix of Doctor Who, Doctor Watson and Doctored History. Not for the faint hearted or those of a delicate disposition. So, forgive us, chaps, but with such a lengthy name, we are hereby forthwith going to refer to you asTMTWNBBFN, is that OK?



How do you pronounce that?

1. OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you all want to drink?

Gin (Hendicks preferably)

2. Victoria’s Secret really is our favourite song of yours so far. It’s nothing to do with a catalogue featuring scantily clad ladies of the same name. We also know the real secret (If you, dear reader don’t know the secret, may we point you to, (Blimey, myspace is still going? – Ed)) but can you tell us a secret about you we don’t know already?

We could, but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore would it?

3.The Victorian era was rather spiffing for the invention of things, some of which you cover in your songs. If you could have invented one thing, real or imaginary, what would it be and why?

Fire. We’d invent fire. Genuinely- imagine if you were the person who

invented fire? You’d make a mint! Hang on though… if the best thing is to make “a mint” then maybe we should cut out the middle man. We’d like to invent… Mints. 4. You have to choose from the following films and insert it into the following sentence: Lord of the Rings, Reservoir Dogs, The Wizard of Oz If you were all characters in {insert film}, who would you be and why?

Hang on, what sentence? We’re lost. Confused. I don’t get it. We are going to insert our own film … If you were all characters in {Adventure Time} who would you be and why?

Andrew - Marceline the Vampire Queen (half demon...all METAL) Andy - The Ice King (big beard, magic crown, kidnaps princesses). Marc - Jake The Dog (shapechanging, loyal companion of the last human). Jez - The Earl Of Lemongrab (strange experiment created by Princess Bubblegum - finds social interraction awkward) 5. If TMTWNBBFN were a cake, what cake

The cake is a lie. This is why

would it be? 7. Your last studio album was called “This May Be the Reason Why the Men That

Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing Cannot Be Killed by Conventional Weapons”. Not that we want to kill you or anything, but er .. what non-conventional weapons will do the deadly deed then?

You could always try voodoo...

8. Which comes first – melody or lyrics?

The egg

9. You are creating a TMTWNBBFN time capsule, what 4 items do you put in it?

Andrew O’Neill, Andy Heintz, Marc Burrows and Jez Miller.

10. You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was?

The Groucho. We’ll bring the sten guns, you bring the spray paint! 11. What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

My round, what are you drinking T’empty wu en beebee fa-un? Catch The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing on the 4th October at The Garage, Highbury Corner. Buy tickets at Myspace: Facebook: Twitter: @blamed4nothing

Hello! How exciting to be asked to write something for you!! Well I am Denise and I run ‘The Live Music Project’ for Trestle Arts Base in St. Albans. I’m also a big fan of ‘The Tuesday Club’! I’m often seen at gigs thrusting leaflets under people’s noses, as well as singing along and whooping… so you may have seen me already!! Hopefully you will have heard of my volunteer project to showcase local original bands at our lovely venue! I am a big supporter of local live music so it has been a fantastic experience for me being able to get really involved. I get to choose the bands and We are very lucky in St. Albans to have so much talent on our doorstep, so my job has been a joy, helping bands I already knew and discovering so many more I didn’t. What you may not know is that we are a registered charity. All events are free and well worth a visit as we have some great bands coming up over the next few months! And of course the fantastic and fabulously entertaining ‘The Tuesday Club’ are booked for 26th October so please come along and see what it’s all about. Please have a look at our web site P.S. Mr Vanderbraindrain will have lots and lots of space to interact with the audience so crash mats will be provided!!

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY! is the The Tuesday Club’s debut LP Out on Limited Edition (Signed White Vinyl) and 14 track CD

Buy yours now at:

I have ever written but it “Flippin’ wonderful. Probably the shortest review really says it all - , they’d sound like this” “If Roxy Music were doing the Rocky Horror show dios - Steve Honest, Loaded TV/Hackney Rd Stu

VerRall “It’s the Sex Pistols set to music!” - Charles and The Tubes with extra as noi Para s Trio Los Y erto Alb een betw orgy ton wan

“A devilry from Kitty Hudson.” - The Ringmaster t, and The Tuesday Club are “This is clever while staying absolutely exuberan year.” - AAA Music one of the most exciting acts I’ve heard all

In The Club 002  

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