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IPE Decking – The Most Excellent Option for Durable Decks If

you are planning to utilize wood in your house, it is wise to consider using IPE decking. IPE decks are made of IPE wood which is largely found in South America. IPE have become some home owners’ top choice when it comes to decks. It is famously known for its durability, hardness and strength and scratch resistant. It usually has a black or olive brown color and has stripes that are darker than the main color. These are what make the wood interesting and appealing to home owners’ who utilize wood for their homes. For easier reference, listed below are some of the most notable qualities IPE:


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IPE is highly resistant to abrasion, fungi, molds and abrupt weather conditions.

It is very easy to maintain.

Among all decking materials, IPE is the strongest wood.

This wood has proven to last for a lot of years.

It is mainly scratch proof and will not wear out easily.

Benefits of IPE Decking For homeowners, it is very important to get everything done correctly the first time to avoid spending a lot of money on refurbishing, that is why, some homeowners are unsure of using IPE wood decking, mainly questioning if it is actually the right kind of wood to be used for their homes. If you are still not convinced with the qualities of IPE wood mentioned earlier, here are some of the benefits of using IPE wood for decking that might convince you: •

The overall cost of installing or building a deck when utilizing IPE wood is very cheap, compared to utilizing Redwood or Cedar.

It is available at a very low price. It will allow homeowners to spend more on other areas of the house and will help them maximize and get the most out of their investment.

Building a beautiful deck using IPE wood will allow you to do any activity on the deck without worrying about the wood becoming damaged.

It requires minimum amount of maintenance.

It can withstand higher footfalls.

IPE decking is popular for a lot of reasons. It is infamous for its resistance to decay and infestation and has the ability to withstand the worst of weathers, testifying its

long lasting quality. Another benefit of using this type of wood is that, you are not required to use any chemical treatment because it has the ability to naturally repel insects. It will relieve you from the hassle of spending a considerable amount of money on maintenance. Moreover, aside from using IPE to create decks, it can also be used to create hardwood flooring as well. Another good thing about IPE wood is the fact that it has been given the Class A rating from the National Fire Protection Agency which means that it has a high fire resistant rating making it safe to use.

IPE Decking – The Most Excellent Option for Durable Decks