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Catch India Royal History in Indulgent Style on Maharaja Express Train Tour The journey of life waits for none to make it better or worse. Then, why must you wait for it to take its course. Board on Maharaja’s express luxury train and know what treasures this opulent journey has for you. One of the top ten luxury trains in the world, it takes you on a journey to the royal and cultural heritage of India. No experience can match the leisure that waits for you onboard with the unparalleled life of these few days. Designed in a way to introduce guests to the ways of royalties India is so proud of, Maharaja Express tour will take you to some of the best known places in India. Unveiling Extravagant Accommodations The Train will take you on a trip that will make your memories voluptuary to come back to. The grandeur of its suits that has the one in only Presidential Suit also is to be seen and felt rather than put in words. The others are Deluxe Suits, Junior Suits and Suits that redefine the way accommodation and service are provided on a journey. This makes the personal hiding place on maharaja express train tour lush where the feeling can be compared with being in the city of Corinth, so richly it is decorated. For the joy of Journey and richness Plan a trip either for 3 to 4 days or 7 to 8 days as per the time available with you. Choose from the five kinds of tours, namely, Heritage of India, Treasures of India, Gems of India, Indian Splendor or Indian Panorama. A perfect place for a sybarite to travel and stay simultaneously, Maharaja Express luxury train can be reserved online for an all India tour after checking the schedule for the journeys. All these tours focus on a trip to Rajasthan, some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Some of the sites among them are now World heritage sites. Get done with the Maharaja express bookings to enjoy great food (continental and Indian), luxury quality of services, spectacular views of the journey destinations, all the facility that might be a need of the onboard guests. Halts in the Path Capital city of Delhi along with places like Agra, Mumbai, Lucknow, Gwalior, Kajuraho, Varanasi, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ranthambore (for the popular Royal Bengal Tigers and other species of Indian Wildlife) are the special places that this odyssey covers. Cross the borders of various states to meet veritable history of this country. Maharaja express tours are meant to relax and enjoy being endowed with an opulent taste!

Catch India Royal History in Indulgent Style on Maharaja Express Train Tour