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Strict Quality Procedures


STRICT SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AND CREATIVE SOLUTIONS TO ISSUES THAT HAVE PLAGUED BUYERS FOR THE PAST DECADE. Perfect Parts specializes in active and passive components. We specialize in reducing your risk of a line down situation or receiving sub-standard parts. Our part specialists can locate anything you need and cut your costs on your entire build of materials lists. You need not worry about obsolete, end-of–life, or allocated materials with us by your side.


Helping you achieve your financial goals Our supply chain solutions include multiple excess material management options custom fit to fit your needs and offer you the highest return on your initial investment for your parts. We tailor each agreement specifically to fit your needs.

man’s treasure” is truly the case with excess materials. Excess parts take up space, time, and energy. Let us use our expertise to bring you the return on the investment you initially made, free up space, and recycle your old parts for the new ones you need.

Some of our options include; consignment, lot buys, line-by-line and “EOL project solutions”. Inquire today about our “EOL Solution” options and help to keep the supply chain moving. The saying “one man’s trash is another

Visit our website to see more on consignment, lot buys, and line-by-line. Then call one of our specialists to guide you.

MARKET WATCH Our market experts analyze different commodities to ensure you have the information you need when you need it. Each of commodity managers have worked in their specific fields for at least five years with specialty work for OEM/EMS/ CMS manufacturing. With our knowledge, market history, and expertise you are sure to have the information you need in order to make the best choice based on your and your customers needs.

Getting the most from our research analysis


Perfect Parts vs. Other Distributors

Let us evaluate your excess material list today and make you an offer to recover your lost cost.

Perfect Parts provides multiple Excess Inventory Management services in order to tailor to your specific needs. Our main goal however is to reduce costs, increase your value, and recover your losses. Perfect parts has 15 years of industry experience in managing excess inventory. Our specialty is to increase your profit margins for all your projects and make your projects more successful.

Perfect Parts Corporation 7545 Irvine Center Dr. Ste. 200, Irvine, CA,

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Perfect Parts offers the most competitive solutions for your needs. We tailor your excess program to fit all of your needs. Check with us today to see how we can help you recover your investment today!

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