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Blu Electronic Cigarette Review Brought To You By: Perfect Electronic Cigarette

blu Electronic Cigarettes When I first seen the blu electronic cigarette website my initial reaction was "SIMPLY AMAZING". blu is completely unique when it comes to the electronic cigarette market. Like a couple of the other companies that are based in the USA they give a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as free shipping! A sign that they are real confident about their product. Not to mention their support was prompt and curious the one time I had to contact them. To start with blu electronic cigarettes are totally affordable. For about the price of a carton of cigarettes you can get the whole blu electronic cigarette starter kit along with a carton of e-cig refill cartridges. That's right everything you need to smoke for more than a week for under $60. Unlike most of the other electronic cigarette companies the blu refill cartridges are only $1. So you can get a full carton of refills (25 cartridges) for only $25! Not to mention the more you buy the less they cost, buy in bulk and only pay $20 per carton. The next thing that completely blew me away about blu is the package. Blu electronic cigarettes come with the Blu pack. But this is not just some cigarette pack sized carrying case. The blu pack holds everything you need. You can keep your blu electronic cigarette, an extra batter, 5 refill cartridges, and even your charger inside this pack. But the blu pack does not stop there. Because the blu pack is even a charger in itself. The blu pack holds enough juice to recharge your spare batter up to six times. So all you really need to do is keep your blu pack charged and it will keep your spare battery fully charged no matter where you go. Now this would be killer for camping and other fun outdoor stuff.

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Blu E-Cigarette / E-cig Review  

Welcome to my Blu electronic cigarette review. In this document I review blu electronic cigarettes. I describe my experience and first react...

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