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JULY 2013

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As we continue to grow as an excellent exposure magazine we hope to keep our main focus on giving those children that “have what it takes� the exposure the deserve. We pride ourselves on being a perfect magazine safe for any member of your family to pick up and read. We hope that through this magazine many children will receive the positive attention they deserve to move forward in this industry! If you think your child deserves to be in an issue, email us at


Meet Ryder! He is 5 years old and lives in Creston, IA . He has the potential of going very fair with his talent but is unfortunately stuck in his small town. When talking to PCMM, his mom informed us, “I am told daily how adorable and cute Ryder is and as a parent, who wouldn’t want to see their child on television or in a magazine. But living in this city is not ideal if you want to get into modeling at any age!� There is a modeling agency approximately 2 hours away that starts accepting kids at age 4 and since Ryder just turned 5, they are turning in his photos and trying to make this Small Town Talent, a big time name! Best of luck RYDER!

Meet Lillian Rae! She is 3 years old and lives in Elizabethtown, IL. Have you heard of it? You most likely haven’t because it is one of the smallest towns around! This beautiful girl could definitely find work if she lived in Los Angeles or maybe even New York, but she is stuck in her small town! Her mom told us, “Lillian won her first trophy when she was just 3 months old, but it was only for our town. I would love to get her into modeling, but in our town, agencies don’t even exist! It is really hard to get your child into something like modeling or acting when there are no options available.” We are wishing little Lilly nothing but the best for her future in life and in modeling and know that she has the potential to do whatever she sets her pretty little mind to!

Meet Kylee! She is 9 years old and lives in Winnsboro, TX. If they could find the right agent, her stunning photos and photogenic personality definitely speak for themselves. However, she is stuck in her small town! Her mom says, “The few clothing boutiques we have locally don’t hire models because they have a hard enough time selling the clothes on a day to day basis. There are no agents in our town so the shortest commute is at least an hour. Kylee is very new to the industry and in Winnsboro we have no resources to direct us in the right direction.” Kylee is hoping to get the amazing break that she deserves and can’t wait to have a follow up to see what she is up to next. Good Luck Kylee in the modeling industry an we know you can go very far!

Meet Lilliann! She is 6 years old and lives in Pleasantville, IA. She loves to model and currently is doing boutique modeling, but she wants to do so much more! Lilliann and mom told us, “We live in a small town in the middle of no where. There are only 2 agencies within 300 miles of Pleasantvile. So trying to find an agency is nearly impossible. When we tell people where we live, they usually have no clue where we are talking about.� Perfect Child Model Magazine wants to wish Lilliann the best in all her future endeavors and look forward to hearing about all her exciting work in the future. You have what it takes girl!

Daisy Grace 6 years old Boutique Model

Addison Summer 2 years old

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EmmaGrace 19 months old Back Roads Photography


Ashlynn Michelle 10 years old

Perfect Child’s July Face: AAsher Liles 3 years old

Perfect Child sat down for an interview with Kalia, 8, Elijah, 11, and their mom to get the latest on their experience in the entertainment field and see what they are up to now! We were very pleased to hear of all their current and past work and excited to give you the scoop on all their behind the scene answers.

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Kalia 8 years old Movies/TV: The Skelton Key, Baby Genius, Beverly Hills Adjacent Divas and many more! Which do you like better print or runway? Runway What is your favorite part about being on set? Making new friends and getting my hair and make up done for me! Do you want to model/act for the rest of your life? Not sure about the rest of my life, but I want to model in Paris and work with animals also. Have you ever hoped for a part that you went to a casting for and not got it? Yes, I really wanted to be in the Goldfish commercial. What do you like to do outside of work? I like to do art, play soccer, and I like playing with my family and friends.

Elijah 11 years old Movies/TV: The New Normal, House, The Dictator, American Horror Stories, The Pretend Wife and many more! Which do you like better print or runway? I like being on set the best! What is your favorite part about being on set? The good food and the movie stars. Do you want to model/act for the rest of your life? Yes and I want to be a professional BMX rider too. Have you ever hoped for a part that you went to a casting for and not got it? Yes, Batman! :( What do you like to do outside of work? I like to do play basketball, skateboard, and play video games with my cousins.

Left: Snapshot of Elijah with his co-star “parents” on the set of the New Normal!

Diana Moore talks about her experience with her children being in such a tough industry! It is very tough watching your kids audition for different parts just to hear “NO” at the end of the day, but I tell my kids that it is okay if they don’t get every job. The hardest part is to see them be disappointed in themselves. However, getting ready can be very fun for a casting call. We pick out outfits and hair styles the night before and try to study lines as much as we can. There is exciting parts as well, getting to travel to different locations and meeting actors, and of course seeing them in different commercials, movies, and magazines makes it all worth it! I hope that they are able to make lifetime careers out of the experience they are gaining now, but would fully support them on any other paths they choose to take in life.

Wyatt 2 years old Interested in agents

Adelyn Brianne 3 years old Boutique Beauties Model

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Emma Kate



Age: 10 years old

Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Show: Charmed Favorite Fashion: Flip Flops Brooke is a 10 year old girl who participates in lots of pageants and enjoys fashion shows. She enjoys modeling because she gets to dress up, which is her favorite activity, and strike lots of poses! She loves to act crazy in front of the camera and show off her personality. However, she is very focused “A� student with lots of school achievements. She comes from a small town with lots of friendly people and loves the LSU Tigers. One random fact about Brooke is; her dad works over seas in Dubai so she does not get to see him as often as she wishes. Brooke will definitely go far!

Brooke on a shoot with her best friend Lainee Booker!

Jaden 7 years old Pretty Petal Models

Chyann Dawn Rose 7 years old Agent: Karen Greer Models

Rebecca Hensiek Photography Warrenton, Missouri (636) 297 –0393 “Natural light photography, capturing life’s natural moments!”

Madison 2 years old

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Perfect Child Pageants presents: Hawaiian Luau Debut When: August 2-3, 2013 Where: Hyatt Regency - Garden Grove, CA How: Visit our website and click on the event flyer for more information on this pageant and paperwork to get started. Tw o





We will be available at this particular pageant for interviews and advice on getting your child started in the modeling industry. Pageantry and modeling go hand and hand and we value the time that parents and participants put into their sport. This is a great time to get booked for upcoming print and runway opportunities with our magazine and many others. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE

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