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> product design consumer products consumer electronics, gadgets home appliances furniture tools, instruments street furniture corporate design 3D 3D model / rapid prototyping 3D render packaging, labelling points of sale

> product design

fingercrutches - cooking chopsticks / 2011 <

â&#x20AC;&#x17E; Aesthetic and function are primary objectives and should not at all conflict with each other â&#x20AC;?

> product design

milk it - dose dispenser / 2011 <

> branding logo, brand, rebrand corporate identity, corporate design naming, slogan corporate identity manual business card letter paper, envelopes flyers, folders, posters, tickets web design, blog, social media advertisement, commercial opening titles displays, shop windows promotion material, merchandising corporate vehicles work clothes, t-shirts packaging, labelling interior design, interior architecture

> branding

â&#x20AC;&#x17E; A good corporate image is neither complex nor simple ... it calls to be appropriate and meaningful â&#x20AC;?

austrian biologist association - corporate design / 2011 <

> branding

austrian biologist association - rebrand / 2011 <

tresmonos marketing startup - brand / 2011 <

> visual communication campaigns creative concepts documentaries, corporate videos short movies, commercial videos music videos, opening titles infoscreens information graphics advertisement flyers, folders, posters, postcards layout, books, magazines, print media event branding, shop windows art direction, creative direction

> visual communication

â&#x20AC;&#x17E; We aim to tell exciting stories in a creative way â&#x20AC;?

spring has arrived - video / 2011 <

> illustration illustration for advertisement Magazine, book, print media poster, flyer, postcard cover, CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, book storyboard website shop window t-shirts cloth, bedlinen, curtain, cushion tableware, cups, plates, glass sticker wallpaper

> illustration

austrian biologist association - folder illustration / 2011 <

„ ...add value to a project because they reflect quality, care, uniqueness, time and emotion “

> Illustration

â&#x20AC;&#x17E; We love to tell these tiny stories â&#x20AC;&#x153;

summer arrived - illustration / 2011 <

> creative projects experimental design craftwork installations multimedia projects unique artworks jewellery design

â&#x20AC;&#x17E; We focus on the search of new methods, finding new conceptual rules, their tensions and common points â&#x20AC;&#x153;

armchair - renovation / 2010 <

> about us

perezramerstorfer is a multidisciplinary and multicultural studio, founded by Martina PĂŠrez (born in Linz) and Rodrigo PĂŠrez (born in the Canary Islands). We have a global vision of design, featuring work in the fields of product design, visual communication, corporate identity (CI) and creative projects. We offer a service for the whole design process which provides us a framework for our creativity. We put emphasis on original ideas and concepts, on maintaining quality throughout all stages of the design process paying attention to every detail in order to generate added value. Our passion for our work, our willingness to learn, the combination of our skills and talents and of our different cultural backgrounds are the sources of our creativity. We work s flexible as possible approaching and treating each project as unique. We build up personalized teams adapted to their real needs. In this way we can manage projects of different sizes and nature. We believe that a good cooperation with the client is essential for the sucess of each project. We look for clients who understand the value of Design and Creativity, and who want to start up innovative, meaningful, emotional and unique projects.

> design process

> contact Untere Weissgerberstrasse 49 / 7 1030 Vienna +43 (0)1 945 00 02 +43 (0)681 106 68 22 4

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Canary Islands

> impressum

publisher perezramerstorfer design & creative studio

photography perezramerstorfer design & creative studio

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> references 2011

Volkshochschule Wien movie - visual communication

Austrian Biologist Association branding

Inspirit Design 3D model - product design

CafĂŠ Mascherl branding

Evil Mind Enterteinment edition - visual communication

perezramerstorfer brochure  

brochure english branding, product design, visual communication, illustration, creative projects

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