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OUR COMMUNITY Summit House is a 14story luxury building with 182 residences located on prestigious Boulevard East. It is a pet-friendly building with 24/7 doorman/concierge. Summit House prides itself with units having panoramic views of the New York City skyline, a well-kept and wellmanaged building and a friendly community. Its community always strives to make Summit House the ultimate place to live!


WHAT IT IS TO BE SH COMMUNITY MANAGER: MICHAEL MCCORMICK By: Nora M. Perez Michael McCormick, known as Mike to residents, hit the ground running when he took office in May 2013 as FirstService Residential’s (formerly Wentworth Property Management Company) Community Manager for Summit House. He juggles various equally demanding tasks in managing the daily operations of the building. He is responsible for the upkeep of the building and its surrounding property, and wants to make sure that the building “looks as good as if it was my own residence -- some place that we can truly be proud to come home to everyday,” he says. Mike keeps the monthly budget in line and strives to cut costs wherever possible to maximize savings for Summit House. In addition, he supervises the Summit House staff; solicits and analyzes bids, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors; and attends the monthly closed Board meetings. He runs background checks on prospective tenants and/or shareholders, and maintains communications and invoicing between tenants and the Association. He handles complaints from tenants, and works with realtors and mortgage brokers for people trying to obtain a new mortgage or re-finance.

Recently, we received the records from the prior management company. According to Mike, getting these records entered into the FSR system has been a huge undertaking in itself. Also, there were a lot of billing adjustments that needed to be made. The day goes by very quickly for Mike. On a busy day, the average number of phone inquiries is 50 along with 10 email requests, and 15-20 visits and complaints. Inquiries and requests run the full gamut --noise complaints, billing Michael McCormick inquiries, questions about the pool, pest control complaints, water leaks, work order scheduling, parking requests, re-finance assistance, just to name a few. In addition to handling phone inquiries and requests, he does a regular inspection of the floors and the surrounding property to make sure that everything is within compliance. Mike also works very closely with the front desk and Gordon Mathews, the building superintendent. They utilize a radio communication to keep track of who is coming into the building and what is going on. The front desk is very busy. In some cases, they handle the initial requests from tenants that are then forwarded to the management office. They also accept packages and oversized mail for tenants, and manage the carts to keep them orderly and out of harm’s way. They keep the schedule for move-in’s and move out’s, including reserving the elevator and inspecting the premises for any possible damage once the move is complete. They also keep track of guest parking, and

open the door for everyone entering or leaving the building. As community manager, Mike records all the information collected by the concierge team and manages them -- all to the satisfaction of the shareholders and tenants. He encourages tenants to manage their accounts and initiate work order requests online at All that is required is your account number, which can be obtained from the invoice, and a few minutes to set up a password. If you do require assistance or have any questions, the fastest way to get an answer on it would be to call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-870-0010. Mike is also coordinating the set-up of the Media Center. Summit House now has two new monitors –one at the front desk and the other in the mail room. The monitor in the mailroom will display updates and messages that are pertinent to all residents. The front desk monitor is for package tracking. As residents enter the front door, the monitor will display if they have packages that have been delivered and need to be picked up. Despite the demanding responsibilities and challenges that Mike faces, he finds great satisfaction in the experience. He says, “The best part of my job is that you get new and different challenges every day. Also, I am a people person, and there is no better position to be in to meet all types of personalities. I have greatly enjoyed being at the Summit House so far. The people here are genuinely very nice.”

ARE YOU THINKING OF RE-FINANCING? By Todd Kleiman Re-financing at Summit House used to be an impossible feat for many residents who tried over the last few years. Banks scoffed at the building’s finances as recently as a year ago, but some residents have recently been successful in getting re-financed. The HARP (Home Affordable Re-finance Payment), a federal loan program, has helped to make it possible again to qualify for re-financing. HARP allows an applicant to be approved for as much as120% of their appraised home value. (To learn more about HARP, please see Some banks may say that the HARP program doesn't apply to cooperatives because the frontline representatives may not be as educated as they should be. Be assertive in making your bank look into it and manage it to the end, and do not let them tell you HARP loans are not for coops. Banks often make a mess of the process, but stay strong and it might pay off in saving tens of thousands over the term of your mortgage from low interest rates. Also, the fact that our town won't show up on some address validation software may hold up closing date as it was the case in one applicant! Hang in there! Citibank and Bank of America approved loans for myself and David Burnhauser (4L). While some residents may have succeeded, others may not have. You may wish to see if re-financing can help you too!

“WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT FALL?” By Laura Lehman Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, starting with the autumnal equinox (day and night equal in length) and ending with the winter solstice (the year’s shortest day). The season ushers in changes to the weather and landscape and is associated with many things, including colorful fruits & vegetables, harvests, family holidays, sporting events, back to school, foliage, and more. In the U.S., it’s most commonly referred to as Fall -- when leaves begin falling from the trees.

The predominant mood of Fall is symbolic of change, but since everyone has their own personal view of the t season, we thought it would be interesting to hear our neighbors’ responses when asked, “What’s your favorite thing about Fall?”

Fall at Summit House

GET SPOOKTACULAR FOR THE HALLOWEEN PARTY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2013 By Nora M. Perez Another summer has gone by quickly, and it’s that time of the year to see foliage burst with the colors of autumn. Autumn can’t go by without thinking of the most fun event at Summit House – the Halloween party The Social Committee –Susan Nibur, Gary Wapnitsky, Cynthia Ordinario Tran, Kelly Deshaum, Gladys Munhall and David Chew as Chairperson-- is organizing the 2nd Halloween party. It will take place on October 31, 2013 at the Summit House lobby. Trick-or-Treat for the little “gremlins and ghouls” will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the lobby. If you would like to have kids visit your apartment for treats, please sign up with the front desk by October 25. Pet owners are invited to join the “Pet-inCostume” photo contest. Please submit your photo to by October 21st. Photos will be put on a board in the lobby and voting ballots will be available at the front desk. The winner will be announced at the party. Music and games for everyone will begin at 7:00 p.m. Food and drinks will also be served.

Summit View is edited and published by the Communications Committee: Laura Lehman, Sandra Lima Villegas, Todd Kleiman and Nora M. Perez as Chairperson. Please contact us by email at for submissions.

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