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Stage 1‌ I started off as magma in the mantle of a volcano, the heat was radiating off me. I rose to the top of the volcano bursting out and becoming lava. Cooling rapidly I hardened to become an igneous rock.

Red Rock Volcano

Stage 2…

A few thousand years went by, I have now become a sedimentary rock. I have been warn down by wind and rain. Mixing with other broken rocks, dead animals and other plants. It is changing me drastically. I’m made up of a variety of colours. Orange, maroon, brown, grey even a little bit of cream. My texture is now slightly rough, I’ve got dents and miniature holes everywhere.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean

Stage 3‌ Even more time passed, a few million years to be exact. I survived this long period but now I've transformed into a metamorphic rock. After being 12 – 16 kilometres under ground, heat and pressure did this to me, it was a painful process but I handled it. I was under tones and tones of pressure, the heat was fierce, around 800 degrees. The heat came from the magma and all the pressure on me came from the many layers stacked on top of me.

Metamorphic Rock- Schist

Stage 4‌ After millions of years being a metamorphic rock I finally returned to where I started and became magma again. Due to intense heat I started the process of melting into magma again. The heat was making me bend and stretch, heating up so intensely that I become magma, bubbling inside the volcano once again.

Red Rock Volcano

By Shay And Lauren

The Rock Story  


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