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EUROPEAN UNION Let’s know a little more about the history of the European Union!

EUROPEAN UNION The European Union is now formed by 27 countries. But, it wasn’t always like that…

EUROPEAN UNION A long time ago there was a great war, in which many countries took part. It was such a great war that many countries were destroyed.

EUROPEAN UNION Then it was necessary to rebuilt the bombed cities, put factories running, built houses…and above all to guarantee PEACE!

EUROPEAN UNION So countries had to understand each other and only with friendship, generosity and good understanding they could reach peace and guarantee the progress.

EUROPEAN UNION There so is born the EUROPEAN UNION. Today, in the European Union, there are 17 countries that use the same money: the EURO. The other 10 countries have their own currency.

PT European Union  

Història de la UE

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