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The Buzzer practised so hard, she practised an hour every day she had so much money that she needed .The Buzzer was getting tired it was 10:00 so she decided to .go to bed, the concert was tomorrow .Finally the big day arrived, the show started tonight ,she had a lot of thing’s to do before she was ready to go to the concert .First of all she had to buy food for the hungry audience, she looked at her clock, the time was 6:00!The show started at 6:30!The Buzzer ran rapidly, she noisily screeched into the shop she took everything that that she thought would be nice and handed it over to the counter .The Buzzer told the shopkeeper that she would pay him back later, he said yes so she then ran rapidly again to get to the show. The Buzzer got changed into her best clothes and got ready for her big moment. When the announcer called her on he said he wanted her to hand out the food first, the money would be paid to her and it would be 5 Euros’ for each item of food purchased . Everyone paid €10:00 to get into the show, some of the insect’s there were wasp, millipede, ladybird, butterfly, bee, spider , woodlouse, centipede and earthworm. Finally the show began, first up was the lady bird she tap dance, next up was centipede he sang it was beautiful. The Buzzer was on next she got everything ready and started to play her instruments. The crowd cheered and through money onto the stage. The Buzzer quickly picked up all the money and ran away. By the time she was outside the crowd were cheering loudly. The Buzzer ran quickly to the ant’s house and said that she would give the ant 6 Euro the ant took the money and the buzzer walked away calmley . The Buzzer walked to the instrument shop and gave 15 euros , she then went to the food shop and gave the 25 euros , she then gave the money to all the other people she needed to give money to such as the rent of her house and water, she still had 47 euros after that she never ever sat down to sing asong in the summer again and lived happily and richily ever aft

NI6 - the ant and the buzzer - endings