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The big day eventually arrived. Buzzer had practised very hard the night before and had sent leaflets to all her friends in the tiny village to let them know about the show. The Bee, the Wasp, the Butterfly, the Earthworm, the Ladybird, the Woodlouse, the Spider, the Centipede, the Millipede and the Moth. She had also stuck notices around the village in case other insects would care to come. At half past six, the Buzzer put away her new guitar, gathered up her tickets and waited for the opening of the concert. She was extremely nervous. Would anybody come? Would it be a success? The Buzzer had just given more notices out. She had been terribly busy all day. The Ladybird was first to arrive. She bought one drink and a small tub of popcorn. The Wasp, the Bee and the Butterfly were the next to turn up. They bought two drinks, a big tub of popcorn, a small tub of popcorn and a packet of crisps. Loads more insects came, even insects that the Buzzer had never even seen before. In total, thirty-five insects came, twenty-seven drinks were bought twenty big tubs of popcorn, fifteen packets of crisps and ten small tubs of popcorn were purchased. “This is more than enough money,” the Buzzer thought. “I’ve made over seventy Euro.” The concert began. The Buzzer started to play some songs that she had practised. She was so nervous that she didn’t play very loud to begin with. Half way through her first song , however, she gradually became more confident and by the end of the show, the insects were standing up and clapping to the beat of the music. When the concert finally ended, the Buzzer felt so happy and relieved that she’d had the confidence and talent to play the guitar. She was also now quite tired, so it didn’t take her long to fall asleep that night. The next day she gave the shopkeeper fifteen Euro for the guitar and set off to Ant’s house to return her money. “Here is seven Euro Ant I hope it’s enough,” said the Buzzer to the Ant. “Thanks Buzzer. So are going to work during the summer this year?” questioned the Ant. “Oh I have already made plans,” replied the Buzzer. “Since my concert was such great success I think I’ll hold a concert every summer.” “Good for you,” exclaimed the Ant. So the two good friends talked together about how much money was left in their pockets.

NI6 - the ant and the buzzer - endings