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Action Plan - Financial Capability 2011/12 Objective



To devise a whole school scheme of work for the theme of; Financial Capability

Co-ordinator will become familiar with the content and the opportunities within the area of Financial Capability, and disseminate this to staff.

Visit to Ballytrea school where scheme has already run to discuss and share good practice.

To link This topic into a Comenius project 2011 – 2013 on Financial Capability

Examine available resources from DENI, SELB and online.

All teachers to provide co-ordinator Contact local with examples of bank for support. work/photos at least once a term. ‘Money week’ Each teacher will plan work and devise ways to inform learning and ensure progression. Co-ordinator will consult with teachers to collate the results.


Sept 11 Staff Meetings/ Directed time.

Sept / Oct 11

Feb 12

Teachers will be shown resources which they could possibly use for their class. within Literacy, Maths and PDMU and within their classroom in general.



Collation of half term evaluations.

CEA resources microsite/financial_capability/ First Trust Bank

Establish a notice board for Financial Capability to display information and samples of pupils’ work. Link school work with Comenius visits

March / April 2012

Collation of Financial Capability evaluations within half term plans. Plan for 2012/13


August 2012

Coordinator to liaise with staff.

Staff pupil feedback.

Once a term an audit meeting, teachers to bring together a sample of children’s work to discuss.

Sharing Good Practice with another local Primary School. Online;

NI Financial Capability Plan  
NI Financial Capability Plan  

Pla per a treballar l'Educació Financera