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Purkkis – ”The Can” hide-and-seek with a ball • • •

Purkkis is an outdoor game and there can be an unlimited number of players You need a ball to play it The game is played in the school yard where there are places where one can hide

First, the players have to choose the guardian of the �can� (ball). The guardian can be drawn or the last one who touches the ball becomes the guardian.

The game begins when one of the players kicks the ball and all the players run and hide while the guardian of the �can� goes and brings the ball back.

The guardian of the ”can” brings the ball back to where it was in the beginning and yells ”Purkkis paikalla”, or ”the can is home”! After that the guardian starts seeking other players and when the guardian spots someone, s/he runs to the ball, puts his/her foot on it and calls out the name of the person s/he has noticed.

The player who has been noticed can try to run to the ball and kick it before the guardian yells his/her name. If the player kicks the ball before the guardian calls out his/her name, s/he can go hiding again and at the same time s/he releases the other players who have been caught and the guardian has to go and get the ball back.

The other players remain hiding and they try to release the players who have been caught.

If a player manages to run and kick the ball before the guardian notices/gets there, all the players who have been caught earlier are rescued and go hiding again. When the player kicks the ball, s/he has to yell ”Everyone’s rescued!”

The game ends when all the players are found and their names called out by the guardian. After this the game can continue with a new guardian. The next guardian is the one who was found first in the first round.

Layered Sandwich

Martikkala school- Finland

First all participants form a circle of chairs and everyone sits on their own chair. It is agreed that eveyone will move clockwise.

The game leader (teacher) asks all those students who are wearing, for example, a grey shirt to move forward to the next chair. Then the students wearing the grey shirt move to the next chair. Other students remain on their own chairs.

Next the game leader asks all those students who have got long, blond hair to move forward by two chairs. Thus, for example, three students may have to sit on each other’s laps and this is how the layered sandwich is formed. Remember to hold on tight so the sandwich will stay together. ď Š

Only the student who has the asked quality moves. Thus somebody who is in the middle or on the bottom of the sandwich may have to move forward but the rest of the students in that sandwich stay where they are.

Students can take turns and make up qualities that move students. For example, - Those students who have a cat move forward by five chairs. - Those students who come to school by bus move forward by two chairs.