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Activity 20 Creation of a game with different jobs. Game 1 Entertaining Mosaic – Description: We have to make a panel and put pictures of seven jobs. Than to create a lot of small cardboards, with pictures of different things, that we are using in this seven jobs. The children have to look at the cardboards and put the right one under the picture of the job. Game 2 The Merry Clock - Description: There are images of four jobs on the clock-face. Between the numbers, there are images of the things, that we are using in the jobs. The children are putting the small arrow of the clock on the picture of the job and the big arrow of the clock - to show the things, that we are using in this job. They establish their knowledges about the clock, numbers and jobs, the special orientation ( for example – the scissors are between 3 and 4 Game 3 Domino - Description: Cardboards with pictures of instruments and some subjects related to the jobs. The children have to find 2 cardboards with the same pictures.

BG6 - game with different jobs  
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