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Award-Winning Architecture for New York’s Secret Wilderness

Late-summer view from down into Upper Jay towards Keene Valley/ Mount Marcy

‘The Blue House”, Turner Brooks Architects

A unique collection of environmentally friendly houses in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Created in collaboration with the Adirondack Wilderness Association. The Peregrine Project is an innovative building and landscape The Peregrine Project is located near the town of Upper Jay, less than ten minutes from Whiteface Mountain and under twenty minutes from Lake Placid Phase I of the development will offer a very limited number of lots (all around 1 acre) with access to hiking trails and a large number of unique amenities.

development scheme with a future-oriented mission: “To develop a collection of contemporary homes to the highest environmental and aesthetic standards while preserving the character and pristine wilderness of the land surrounding the site.” The Peregrine Project offers a once-in-alifetime opportunity to: - purchase land in one of the largest estates in this area of the Adirondack State Park remaining in private hand. - build uniquely designed homes with a view towards environmental sustainability, minimization of carbonfootprints and usage of ‘future-proof’ technologies. - gain access to miles of private hiking/ snowshoeing trails and other exclusive amenities.

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