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The most important thing that happened in 2013 ď‚— The most important thing that happened in 2013 back

to see important people who touched my life in that year, whether friends, family and my girlfriend, fundamental pillars for the bridge of life, these pillars sincerely helped me to throughout this hard and difficult year‌

My Girlfriend

With My Friends

With My Best Friend

ď‚— True friends are always with you through thick and thin, but never lead you astray always supporting, appreciating and

providing unconditional support, friends are another family are brothers although they have the same blood, and always will be to get a smile when you need and when don't you nee...

My With Friends And Second Family

the most important thing you I learned 2013. ď‚— The most important thing I learned

in the 2013 Is that for the love ď‚— not there of age, nationality, economic , culture, politic, no boundaries, and they will do anything to be together even though the various people try to separate, we must fight for what you love and if you love something let it go? ?, not when you love something only an idiot would leave him, fight for that person because for love there are no boundaries ...

Projections for 2014 ď‚— Projections for 2014 is to increase

my grades in school, to graduate with my access friends, put more effort into everything, always be with God, fight for what you want, spend more time with my family and Romina bride, train hard to achieve my best result in the tournament taekwondo ...

Good luck and blessings ‌ Percy Rodriguez.


2013 Life is Beautiful not , easy... 2014 Some goals a better future...

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