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Pavel „Percy“ Klvaňa Exhibitions

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■ PAVEL KLVAŇA MA. ■ Education:

• 2005 – 2006 Czech technology university in Prague, specialization: software technology and multimedia (Web design) • 1999 - 2005 Diploma: thesis on „Personal code“ implemented in three dimensional graphics. Opponent: Paul Farmer of the organization CIANT. Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic 2003 - 2005 Study New Media. Head teacher Veronica Bromova 1999 - 2003 intermedia. Head teacher prof. Milan Knizak • 1999 Course of contemporary art at the castle near Brno Kurim Guaranteed by the gallery Velvet • 1997 - 1999 Masaryk University Brno Faculty of Education: Study in Czech language and literature, art education • 1993 - 1997 High school in Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic, graduation: Czech language, English, Geography, Art

Collections • National Gallery, Prague, 2003,, 2005 • Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006 • OFFI Zentre, Bad Freienwalde, Germany

Grants and awards • Hlavka foundation scholarship, November 2009 • Likovna kolonija, Slovenia, 2006 • Studio award, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 2005 • OFFI centrum, exbarracks of soviet army in Germany Bad Freienwalde, Germa ny, international workshop of photography, assistent: Giz Medejczak (Poland).

Reviews and publications • Nejmladsi / The Youngest, exhibition of young artists in National gallery in Prague, ISBN 80-7035-199-5 • Diplomanti AVU 2005, Academyoffine arts in Prague, Prague, 2005, p. 27 • Sestka/ Six, six schools of photography in Czech Republic, PHP- Prague house of photography, 2006, p. 86 a 87, ISBN: 80-903872-0-9 • AVU 18, the exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Akademie vytvarnych umeni, Praha, 2007, p. 31 • IV. Zlinsky salon mladych, Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlin, 2006, ISBN: 80-8505263-6, p. 74 a 75

Festivals / Exhibitions • 2008 Title: ART BEAT FEST ‚ 08 Date: 10. 5. 2008

Type: exhibition, performance Place: Artsdepot, 5 Nether Street Tally Ho Corner North Finchley London N12 0GA, Great Britain Curator: Lenka Drga • 2006 Title: Festival Ljubljana, 2006 media: 2 pictures : „Ljubljanica“ and „Library“Place: Krizanke, Trg francoske revolucije - Ljubljana Date: 15. 7. 2006 - 20.7. 2006 Title: IX. mednarodna likovna kolonija Krizanke Curator: Tomo Vran Organization: Italijanski institut za kulturo v Sloveniji, Italien culture institute. Cooperation with: Festival Ljubljana, director: Darko Brlek

Group exhibitions

• 2007 Title: Decadencedance Place: Academy of fine arts, Prague,, Czech Republic Date: 16.1.2007 - 23.01.2007 Type: group exhibition Cooperation with: SAIC Chicago and AVU Prague, Introduction by Otto Urban, colleges: Veronika Bromova, Jan Hisek, Igor Korpaczewski, Alan Labb, Martin Mainer, Merry Beth Noble, Richard Willenbrink, Hague Williams. Title: Karluv most ne, ale hrad muze byt vas (Charles bridge not but Castle could be yours) Place: Slovacka gallery, Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic

Date: 28.5.2007 - 19.07.2007 Type: Exhibition Cooperation with: Karolina Bilkova, Pavel Tichon, Vladimir Vela, Katerina Zavodova Title: AVU 18, Pavel Klvana: Budapest (video, prints) Place: Prague House of Photography, o.p.s Date: from 24/10/2007 to 25/11 2007 Type: Exhibition Media: animation, prints

• 2006 Title: Czech statuary 1995 2005 Medium: sculptures of letters F and O Place: National gallery Prague, Veletrzni palace. Date: 28.10.2005 - 19.04.2006 Type: Exhibition Curator: Karolina Dolanska

Title: SIX - Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, section: Photography, 3D video Place: Prague House of Photography, Prague, Czech Republic Date: 23. 11. 17. 12. 2006 Type: Exhibition Title: IV. Zlinsky salon mladych Place:Krajska galerie vytvarneho umeni in Zlin, Czech Republic Date: 23. 5 3. 5 2006 Type: Exhibition Curator: Ludvik Sevecek Media: 3D animation

• 2005 Title: Diplomanti AVU, Veletrzni palac, National gallery in Prague, Media: 3D animation, prints Title: Cinema Svetozor Place: Cinema svetozor, Prague Media: prints, animation Date: May 2005 Year 2004 Title: Memory touch Place: Teatro Commedy dell arte, Prague, Media: prints Title: Recycling Souls ( with Pavel Tichon) Place: Linhart?s foundation, Skolska 28, Prague Media: video, serigraphy, instalation. Title: Viagra and Cialis, Place: Gallery Waldstein, Vaduz, Liechtenstein Media: books

• 2003 Title: Studio of Veronika Bromova, Place: Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Rep. Media: speaking word, projection Title: Student?s exhibitions, Place: Gallery 21,Pilsen, Czech Rep. Media: 2 pictures

Title: Studio of Milan Knizak, Place: Mikolas Ales southbohemian gallery, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic Media: paitings Title: The youngest Place: National gallery, Prague, Veletrzni palace, Media: paintings and sculptures of letters F and OW. • 2001 Title: Mach chess club or else Knizak exhibits too... Place: Gallery of Vincenc Kramar, Prague Date: July and August 2001 Media: paintings Title: Landscape Date: May 2001 Place:Trade fair of books, Prumyslovy palace, Prague Media: landscape, ilustrations

• 2000 Title: Ticoprorazili Authors: Pavel Klvana, Patrik Novy, Jiri Salajka, Pavel Tichon. Place: Foyer Cinema Hvezda, Ungarian Site (Uherske Hradiste) Media: text on black boards Title: Eurohead, sculpture concept: Eurohead was collective sculpture by students from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, polish Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Kuvataiakademie Helsinki in Finnland. Places: National gallery, Veletrzni palac, Prague, Czech Republic Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland, Helsinki, Finnland

Date: 28.10.1999 - 19.04.2000 Cooperative with: Prague european town of culture, Akademii Sztuk Pieknych Krakow (Academy of Fine arts Cracow) Poland, Kuvataideakatemia Helsinki (Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki), Finnland Year 1999 Academy of Fine arts presents Place: Manes gallery Date: November 1999 Medium: pseudohearst magazine „Uvtukitsoq“ • 1998 Title: International youth workshop in OFFI, Bad Freienwalde and Berlin, Germany Place: ex baracks of Russian army in Germany, now OFFI zentrum in Bad Freienwalde, Germany Type of action: workshop of photography, leader: Heinz Gunter Mebusch, assistant: Giz Medejczak www.

• About Animation Although Pavel Klvana s portfolio for a while included paintings executed in the classical style,his interest in digital technology and in particular the three-dimensional graphic environment of games has brought him back to the new media.The present domain of the Pavel Klvana s works is the study of virtual reality.. The digital depiction interests him primarily in terms of the authorship of man, the human desire for materialization of a fantasy,ideas and remembrances. The technical possibilities that the media offer are not an issue.Pavel Klvana s approach is surrealistic; as for the digital pictures and animations,he is more concerned in the freedom of idea.The exhibited Legend of the Crater is a transcript of his personal mythology and cultural history of the Czech nation. This virtual world of apes imaginatively absorbs many insights from various branches of human knowledge, thereby creating a labyrinth of meanings, from which it is impossible to ďŹ nd the way back without the guide the artist. However gloomy Klvana s works may appear, they do not lack the ability to entertain. V.M.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

ART BEAT FEST Karlův most ne, ale Hrad může být váš SAIC DEKADANCE 2007 FESTIVAL LJUBLJANA 2006 Silent, I am painting RECYCLING SOULS 2004 RUDÉ PRÁVO 2003

■ VAMPIRE, ROXY ■ The Youngest ■ OFFI


Title: ART BEAT FEST ‚ 08 Place: London, Great Britain Year: May 10th, 2008 3D print: Dalimil´s Chronicle, fragment latin translation, Manuscriptorium XII.E.17 - 10r (21 / 28)

â– Karluv most ne, ale Hrad muze byt vas

Title: Karluv most ne, ale hrad muze byt vas (The Charles bridge not but Castle could be yours) Place: Slovacka gallery, Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic Date: 28.5.2007 - 19.07.2007 Type: Exhibition

â– SAIC Decadencedance 2007

Title: SAIC and Academy of Fine Arts, Decadencedance Place: Praha Year: 2007

â– SAIC Decadencedance 2007

3D print: Dalimil´s Chronicle- fragment latin translation, Manuscriptorium XII.E.17 - 10r (21 / 28)


Title: Ljubljana Festival 2006 Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia Year: 2006


Note: Picture „Ljubljanica“ with the portraits (from left): Dr. Ivan Prijatelj, Adam Bohorovic , med Marko Gebrec (1658- 1718), Rajko Nahtigal, Dr. France Kidri , France Preseren a Dr. Abramovic


Title: Tise maluji „Silent, I am painting“, Place: Gallery U prstenu, Praha, Jilská 449/14, Year: 2004


Metal (recycling system)

Název: Recycling souls Místo: Linhartova nadace, Školská 28 Rok: 2004


Title: School of Art Institute Chicago inPrague Place: former publishing house Rude pravo Year: 2003


Title: Vampire Coventrate Place: Roxy club, Dlouha street, Prague Year: 2003


Title: The Youngest Place: National Gallery in Prague Year: 2003


Title: Jugendhaus OFFI (description of the left: Me, GIZ and his adidas T-shirt, but he wore mostly Ilford, Eva) Place: ex-barracks of the soviet army in the former GDR, Bad Freienwalde, Germany. Year: 1998 Link: official project manager: Heinz Günter Mebusch (photographer, Germany), assistant: Giz Medejczak (photographic technologist, Poland)


Photo of my production (photography and text) mounted on the concrete wall in the area canceled soviet barracks in Bad Freienwalde. Pattern I was at that time no longer exists „Wall“ in Berlin, which was dismantled at a souvenirs for crazy tourists. What little was left, moreover painted by West European artists, one Eastern European artist, two South Americans and one Australian Aboriginal.