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11 - 17 OCTOBER Monday 11 October

I ♥ Mondays Fresh Bar Crawl

Wednesday 13 October

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The Late Lounge

02:00 (06:00) The Scholar + O2 Academy 3

Saturday 16 October Red Leicester With Roll Deep and 3D Headphone Disco. Love Mondays is back! Get to know Leicester’s night life on this infamous bar crawl! 19:00 (03:00) Liquid and Envy

I ♥ Late Lounge

02:00 (05:00) The Scholar + O2 Academy 3

Tuesday 12 October

20:00 (22:30) O2 Academy + 2 + 3 + Scholar

Red Later

Little Night Terrors Kyte Joy-Machine 19:30 O2 Academy 2 £6

02:00 (05:00) The Scholar and O2 Academy 3

Thursday 14 October Shampoo

23:00 (02:00) The Scholar

Friday 15 October

sandwiches + bottle of water + packet of crisps

dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip Misty’s Big Adventure Kid A 18:30 O2 Academy £14

Propaganda Launch Party Feat. The Inbetweeners (DJ set) 22:30 (02:00) O2 Academy £4 (adv)

Sunday 10 October Fozzy

Knock Knock!

A night of comedy with Andi Osho, Pete Johansson, Carl Donnelly and MC Mark Olver 19:30 (22:00) O2 Academy

The Big Shabang Feat. Jameela Jamil 22:30 (03:00) O2 Academy

19:30 O2 Academy 2 £12

GIANT Squids 19:00 (03:00) The Scholar


Ribena or Dr Pepper.

04 - 10 october Monday 4 October Freshers’ Fair 10:00 (16:00) Percy Gee

The Magic Numbers 19:00 O2 Academy 2 £14

Stevie Starr

Red Later

02:00 (05:00) The Scholar and O2 Academy 3

Thursday 7 October Sound of Guns 18:30 O2 Academy 3 £6

Saturday 9 October

The Screening

Charlie Coombs And The New Breed 19:00 O2 Academy 2 £6

Entertainment from ‘Britain’s got Talent’s’ very own regurgitating Stevie Starr.



deep fill sa + bot ndwic tle o hes f wat e + pac ket o r or coke * f cris p s * Also available; Fanta, Sprite,


2010/11 | issue 1 october 4 - 17 2010

21:00 (23:00) O2 Academy

Freshers Welcome Party Feat. Professor Green 23:00 (02:00) O2 Academy + 2 + 3 + Scholar

I ♥ Late Lounge

02:00 (05:00) The Scholar + O2 Academy 3

Tuesday 5 October Freshers’ Fair


22:30 (02:00) NO FANCY DRESS NO ENTRY O2 Academy £5

Friday 8 October

Aynsley Lister 19:15 O2 Academy 3 £6

Propaganda Launch Party Feat. Edith Bowman 22:30 (02:00) O2 Academy £4 (adv)

Sunday 10 October

10:00 (16:00) Percy Gee

Marc Spellman

Amazing mind reading with support from Knock Knock comedians Joe Bor and Stephen Carlin 20:00 (22:30) O2 Academy

Wednesday 6 October Red Leicester

With Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer from X Factor, Beat A Maxx (amazing VJ) and an Oxygen Bar. 20:00 (22:30) O2 Academy + 2 + 3 + Scholar

The Big Shabang Feat. Jo Whiley 22:30 (03:00) O2 Academy

The Late Lounge

02:00 (06:00) The Scholar + O2 Academy 3

General Fiasco 19:00 O2 Academy 3 £7

Squids 19:00 (02:00) The Scholar

We’re for you, not for profit It’s finally here. We’ve been a building site for 18 months but now all of that pain is gone as we open the brand new Percy Gee. There’s so much to show you, we’ve had to make the loop bigger!

Well, it’s here. The summer is over and it’s time to get back to Uni. To all those fresh faces, welcome, you couldn’t have picked a better Uni or a better time. For those of you coming back, you’re not going to recognise the place. Since you’ve been gone we’ve gutted the building and 18 months and just over £16 million later we have what we think is the best Students’ Union in the country. It’s not just the building that’s changed, we now have Student Parliament look out for information on how to stand and make a difference. So ladies and gentlemen, we give you a brand new Percy Gee and the biggest Fresh Festival we’ve ever had, excited?

Kate is the Union’s Welfare and International Officer, to get in touch email

Can we have more live music Say hello to the O2 Academy Leicester the busiest live music venue in the city Can we have more places to eat? We’ve still got Nourish and The Scholar, and you can eat your own food in The Square, but, we’ve got a brand new restaurant Nineteen Twenty Three that you’re going to love!

email us pop in to the sabb office or post on

2010 marks a very important year in terms of the university funding debate. With the Lord Browne Review coming out this year we are facing a situation where students are looking at paying out £6000 per year on tuition fees. Add on the costs of accommodation, books, social life and other living expenses the average student will graduate with £40,000 worth of debt. To put this in perspective - An Arts graduate degree premium, the monetary benefit of having a degree, is only £34,000. Suddenly the economic argument for going to University looks a little weak. It is inevitable that our society will regress to the bad old days where only the elite can afford to attend University.

“£6,000 per year on tuition fees” Over the past year your Students’ Union has been working tirelessly;

appearing on the BBC and local press to stress the importance of maintain the cap and getting

“the average student will graduate with £40,000 worth of debt” the support of our local MP, Sir Peter Soulsby. However, the time has come for you, the student, to stand up and make yourself heard! In November your Students’ Union will be joining the NUS on a national demo in London against increased fees. If you feel as passionately as I do about this get involved in the campaign, either from coming along and supporting the protest or helping us rally support. Feel free to contact me for more information at Owen Jones Campaigns & Involvement Officer

For every £1 you spend in the Union, 18p is recycled back into our services, helping you have the best student experience. We run the commercial services in the The Percy Gee and in addition to giving you that service the money we make helps finance other services and projects in order to provide you with the best student experience. support, campaigns and much more.

everybody likes to be liked, we even like to be followed... Obviously we mean on twitter! Keep up with us on facebook, like our wonderful page, and follow the wonderful, he always seems to know what’s happening first. Remember to sign up to too, it’s great for student groups, events and buying tickets.

everyone likes a little bit extra! Grab your NUS Extra card right now from to make sure you get the most from the fantastic offers that come with the NUS Extra card. For just £11 you get more than 90 offers just for cardholders. Add to that some special Percy Gee based offers and the card soon pays for itself!

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