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irst of all do not panic! You have done the exams, you have filled in the student loan forms, applied for accommodation and you have made it to the rather nifty University of Leicester. Take a step back, one deep breath and pat yourself on the back. But stepping into the unknown is scary for everyone. This is where we help and make the unknown a bit more known.

So lets start with the basics, first of all where is Leicester? Leicester is literally in the heart of England, slap bang in the middle of the UK. A fun fact for you is that you are actually closer to space than you are to the coast. London and Birmingham are about an hour away on the train and Nottingham is only 30 minutes. But Leicester is such a fantastic and vibrant city to live in, that you will spend a lot of time exploring your new home. We could gush about all there is to see and do right now but that is what the rest of Fresh Magazine is for.



Next, what you should bring? By now we are guessing that there is a big empty suitcase sitting in your bedroom and you’re fretting about what to fill it with. Remember, do not panic. There is nothing to worry about, if it turns out you have forgotten So here are our top ten things you something Leicester is kitted out with should bring: all modern shopping institutions, Highcross is awesome and Asda will • Toothbrush and Toothpaste (and become your new best friend. all other bathroom goods you use to keep you looking beautiful) • I.D. • Towel • Socks and underwear to keep you clean and smelling lovely for at least two weeks. • Your mobile phone, so you can keep in touch with old friends and keep in touch with all the new ones your going to make. • A laptop does make life easier, something to play music on, watch video, surf the net and of course do uni work on. • Toys! You can make them look like cool ornaments and gives that extra kick of personality to your room. • If you can try and get your student bank account arranged before you get here, it will stop a lot of worry during the first couple of weeks and means you can really enjoy yourself. • Teabags (or beverage of your choice) there is no easier way to get to know your new housemates than sharing a drink with them. • An extension lead. With all the electricals you are going to bring with you, managing plugs becomes a juggling act so solve the problem by bringing more plug room. Most importantly bring your amazing self, you have worked hard to get here and you are going to have a marvellous time.

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Don’t let your parents unpack for you when you get into your new room. Get rid of them ASAP and do it yourself. Your independent now, enjoy it! Whenever you’re in, and your current activity does not necessitate privacy, leave your door open (take a door wedge to uni!) That way, you’re more likely to get people talking to you, and you’ll make friends quicker. Spend as much time as you can in the communal areas (especially the Scholar) at least in the beginning. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people, remember, they’re in the same boat as you.

Be happy with your appearance - make sure you have clothes you feel good in and a haircut you’re happy with before you leave home to go to university - it will make your first few weeks so much easier. Be prepared that the only topics of conversation for the first few days will be “what A’ levels did you get?”“what halls are you in?” or “what course are you on?” Have a few amusing stories to hand from your gap year or summer job.

Be open minded - there will be a lot of different people from a lot a different Don’t do anything in your first week Don’t get too stressed over work -. backgrounds. You don’t want to There are at least two more years to get that you will spend the next three seem rude when you come across a years regretting - this could include stressed and to learn to deal with it! someone who is totally different from getting in with a dodgy crowd, falling in you, learning about different cultures, love with the first person you meet or Don’t worry if you’re friends with no sexualities and political persuasions is blowing all your money on something all part of the university experience. one on your course - it’s best that ludicrous. There is always someone who your mates are nothing to do with it, because then you won’t be obliged to does these things - just make sure it’s Know some basic dishes - I’m not joking not you or you won’t be able to enjoy talk about work when you’re out! when I say that a lot of students don’t university life to the full. even have the ability to boil a kettle. Learn how to drink responsibly. Know your limit, don’t find it! There’s nothing Accept that you will probably be Phew... Oh, one more worse than waking up with a pounding homesick - don’t go home in the first week. It does get better and you will hangover, and remembering the last Have fun and... don’t panic! embarrassing thing you did before the not be the only one feeling it. By all means call your mum and have a cry, There will be more tips, hints and info on alcohol-fueled memory loss kicked in. but don’t do it everyday or it will get Or being told about it all afterwards. harder and harder to stay. and on our facebook page Drinking can be fun, but it can be dangerous (or embarrassing) too, and twitter @percygee Believe me, I know.... If you don’t believe Be safe - Always wear a condom. me, check out my facebook pictures (he’s not lying, Editor) FRESH MAGAZINE




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Let people know you’re a Leicester Student with our great hoodies. Available in loads of colours and styles. You can even preorder them (recommended as we sell out every year!) From £21.99 Willingale’s in Percy Gee Don’t miss a thing Fresh Festival is your first two weeks (see the listings at the back of this magazine) with live acts, awesome parties and fairs. The Fresh Festival Pass makes sure that you’ll get into the biggest events and gives you queue jump all festival too. These are only available to freshers and numbers are limited.



Just because you might be in catered halls doesn’t mean you don’t need pots and pans. Think of the midnight beans on toast!

You may sleep naked at home but please, think of your roommates! BACKUP!

Bring a spare mug too, in case you have a friend over! a ticket to ride


digital notes Don’t forget any of your lectures. Use a dictaphone to record them, this one even comes with transcribing software so it’ll type up notes for you (in 5 languages!), amazing. From £79

The halls in Oadby are great but they’re two and a half miles from campus and three from the city centre so unless you fancy nearly an hour walk to uni then an Arriva bus pass is a must have as the 80 is the only bus that can get you all the way to halls and back! From £130 The Point in the Percy Gee

AN UMBRELLA It rains in Leicester too. 10 FRESH MAGAZINE

We’ve all heard those horror stories about essays getting lost the night before deadline day because the computer ‘just died’. Or losing an entire music and photo collection because your laptop is stolen. That’s why we recommend backing up your stuff. Carbonite backs up all your data over your Internet connection to Carbonite’s secure servers perfect piece of mind.

A GOOD BAG Even you boys! Lugging books and laptops from halls to Uni is hard if you don’t have a decent bag. We don’t want you putting your back out!

get home safe

fix up look sharp TOOTHBRUSH If we didn’t put that this wouldn’t be a conclusive list!

To make sure to get home safe the Union run a Safety Bus service. After our nights out end or an all night study session in the library we’ll get you back to halls. So grab a Safety Bus card so you’ll never have a long walk home! £99 for the year

extra room

Don’t run out of space! An external hard drive is great for making sure you always have your files with you. This one by Freecom is extra tough and is ‘clumsy student’ proof . It’s not good if you’re planning to use the ‘broken harddrive’ excuse for late work. however From £99.98 The lovely Freecom are offering 25% off just for you if you use the code FRESH when you order.

love live music

Make sure you bring clothing for all occasions with you, from lying on the grass having a picnic to an ‘80s Fame’ night out. Now’s a great time to pick up some new Uni clothes so you can impress with your style as well as your smarts! image from Sharpen up your wardrobe by winning a £50 Merc clothing voucher. Established in 1967, Merc clothing was at the centre of Carnaby Street and the swinging sixties taking over London. The clothing today still reflects the sharp, great attention to detail and immaculate finish that came with its heritage

We might have mentioned it a few times but we’ve got the O2 Academy Leicester right here in our building so you can have a drink in the Scholar pop in to the Academy and then get the safety bus home, fantastic. Become everyone’s best friend. In the winning pack is a golden ticket that gets you 12 months of gig tickets (one gig a month) for you and a friend. things to do

PHOTO FRAMES / ALBUM Filled or empty, bring them full of memories from home or fill them full of new memories while you’re here!

you still need a pen!

feeling sporty

A sports card allows you to join any sports club and makes sure you can use the facilities like the gym in the Percy Gee or at Manor Road.

Even though you’ll be doing all of your essays on a lovely computer you’re still going to need some ace stationary. Also If you’re planning on writing on t-shirts there’s no better than a Sharpie marker (they even do awesome highlighters)

£60 for the year

Grab some stationary in Rymans in the Percy Gee

An odd one, but bring fun things to do board games, computer games even a boomerang! You’ll be amazed how much fun you’ll have just in halls with your new roommates. To start you off we’ve got a collection of boomerangs and a yoyo from Wicked Vision in the lucky freshers’ pack!

FANCY DRESS You might not think so but you will need a decent fancy dress outfit (if not just for Fancy in Fresh Festival) FRESH MAGAZINE



safety bus card

online backup

ÂŁ50 at

a year’s gig tickets

sharpie markers

a university hoodie

fresh festival pass

olympus dictaphone

320gb hard drive

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Featuring Check out the website for details



Tel: 26 28 222 * D i s c o u n t w i t h a n y v a l i d S t u d e n t I . D. o n l y !

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! r e t s e c i e l o l l he

C curve Leicester’s state of the art Theatre at the heart of the Cultural Quarter Curve presents a wide and varied programme of theatre, musicals, dance and performance art.

A NEW WALK & NEW WALK MUSEUM Connecting the campus to the city centre is New Walk. A a pedestrian way since 1785 this is not only a quick route to the centre but a very pretty one! Along New Walk is the Museum with a permanent collection and rotating exhibitions, a lovely spot to clear your head and get inspired.


D highcross

Highcross is Leicester’s main shopping destination, with all your high street favourites and some designer stores for when your loan comes in! Highcross is also home to some great restaurants and a 12 screen cinema, perfect for dates or just a night out with mates.

clock tower & city centre At the crossroads in the centre of Leicester is the Clock Tower, a great place to meet as everyone knows where it is!




Festivals and events


G National space centre

phoenix square Phoenix Square is Leicester’s digital media centre. A great place to visit if you’re into film or digital art. The annual Zombie Movie Marathon is a highlight.


The National Space Centre is one of many brilliant hidden gems of Leicester. Inside you will find hundreds of interactive exhibits and an awesome new exhibition ‘Space Race’ which only opened this summer. Only a hop, skip and a jump away is Abbey Park with its stunning gardens, petting zoo and the best Guy Fawkes night in Leicester.

24 October The Diwali Lights switch on. Stunning doesn’t even begin to cover this evening. This is the largest Diwali celebration outside of India. 6 November Abbey park Bonfire and Firework Display The official Leicester celebrations of bonfire night, over 10,000 people attend , amazing. Do not miss this 21 November - Christmas Light Switch On Merry Christmas one and all!

the lanes leicester Just next to the High Street are The Lanes. A collection of independent shops and boutiques. A great alternative from the usual stores in Highcross. Leicester Cathedral and the Guildhall are also in the Lanes.

27 – 31 October Continental Market Leicester City Centre. The city centre is over run with lots of yummy treats, worth a visit for the beautiful smell alone.

February the Leicester Comedy Festival For 17 days Leicester is filled with the UK’s greatest comedians.




percy gee building The newly rebuilt home of your Students’ Union. With the brand new ‘Square’ shops, bars and the O2 Academy we think you’ll be spending a lot of time here! You can find out more about the Percy Gee in The Loop

grace road

embrace arts Just across the road from the Percy Gee is Embrace Arts. A purpose built arts centre with an eclectic and exciting programme. A brilliant place to check out. The hidden gem of campus. Embrace Arts are also hosting the first Fresh Fringe this year.

Grace Road is the home of Leicestershire County Cricket Club and is just a stone’s throw from campus.

Welford Road Walkers’ Stadium and many more The Walkers’ stadium is Leicester City’s ground and has hosted our Varsity football matches for the past few years. Look out for special ticket offers from us in the Union.


This is just a teeny tiny selection of Leicester. Make sure you take time to explore the city, there are loads of things to do and places to see. If you need tips speak to a second or third year or pop into the Union and have a chat.

If you like your rugby you won’t need telling about Leicester Tigers. The newly extended Welford Road is their home ground. Look out for special ticket offers from us in the Union.

rs, ffice o l a c to bati r sab n elected ects u o y Meet ey’ve bee in all asp ter... s th t you e in leice n e s e r repr r time he u of yo FRESH MAGAZINE 19

Kate is from just south of Norwich, she studied Media, Communications & Society Welcome Kate, what do you do? I’m the Students’ Union Welfare and International Officer. Primarily my role is to look after the general welfare of all students which includes issues ranging from accommodation, money, health etc. I am also responsible for international students. Why did you choose Leicester? I didn’t choose Leicester!! I ended up here because I didn’t get the grades to get into my first choice, but with hind sight I’m super pleased I ended up in such a friendly institution rather than one that’s spread all over a city. Leicester has a really homely feel to it! What did you miss most from home? My family and friends, as well as my mum’s Dutch cooking and sunbathing in our beautiful garden - student gardens just don’t compare!

ensure all students have D-Locks and we will be doing lots of fun promotions around this (look out for the cops and robbers on campus! ) Student safety including getting home safely on the Safety Bus after nights out, student health including our free sexual health clinic, and student run self help groups as well as the Safe as Houses Campaign addressing minimising student theft will be strong themes running throughout the year.

d up in e d n e I d e s a e l I’m super priendly institution! such a f

I will also be doing a lot of work with the International Students Welcome Why did you get involved with the Union? Programme as well as aiming to assist It seemed that getting involved in the any visa issues students have whilst Union opened more doors that in turn here next year! unravelled endless opportunities, once you’re involved in one thing you hear You were a sabb last year, what made you about all the other exciting events/ stand for re-election? opportunities as well as a fantastic I absolutely love my job and stood chance to meet like minded people for re-election so that I could fully see doing something you love - a perfect through some of the projects I started combination! last year. This year I’m really looking forward to getting out of the office and What are you going to do this year? speaking to more students, especially Goodness, what a question, where during the International Welcome to start, this year I will be addressing Programme and Freshers Festival! a number if issues , for example on campus last year Bike Safety came up What advice would you give to all of the as a problem, so a priority this year is to freshers? Get involved in everything, you wont regret it and will defiantely find something you totally love!


Tom is from Lichfield in Staffordshire and he studied Ancient History and Archaeology Hello Tom, so what is your role? I’m the Activities Officer. I look after all of the societies, associations, media groups and sports teams as well as ensuring that the committees all have the relevant training. I also over see the Come and Try events, making sure they run smoothly. Why did you choose Leicester? I came to the open day and fell in love with the place. I loved the location right next to the park and the fact that the sports facilities were so close to the Oadby student village.

in things a t r e c h it w y I wasn’t hagphpt I could change it. ...I thou What did you miss most from home? Definitely Sunday Lunch! Why did you get involved with the Union? The football social sec ran for Sabb in my first year and narrowly missed out. I wasn’t happy with certain things that arose during that period and thought I could change it. What is your favourite sport? I was Sports President last year so don’t want to annoy anyone with my answer! Football is my main passion but I also played hockey competitively before uni. I also like to play cricket in the summer. To be honest I love all sports and think that the variety that the Sports association offers is fantastic. Is there anything you wish you’d have been more involved with during your degree? Lectures... What are you going to do this year? This year I want to make sure that everyone knows just what a fantastic array of activities are available through societies, Sports clubs, associations and media groups. How important are societies. Societies, sports clubs, associations and media groups give students the chance to meet people, try new things, express themselves and become well rounded people all of which makes for higher employability.


Alex is from Guildford in Surrey and studied American Studies and then went on to study for a Masters in International Relations and World Order Hello there Alex, what’s your role? I am the Academic Affairs Officer at the Students’ Union and am the principle point of contact between the Students’ Union and the University. Why did you choose Leicester? When I came to a University open day I knew it was for me. Along with the high quality teaching, the wide range of sports clubs and societies were a big attraction for me. I also chose Leicester because it is one of the best institutions in the country and is going to break into the top 10 universities soon.

make y l l a e r n a c l a every indivreidnuce to the student a diffe perience. ex What did you miss most from home? I enjoyed my first few weeks at Leicester so much that I didn’t miss too much from home. If I had to choose, I would say that I mostly miss getting my ironing done and my room cleaned for me. Why did you get involved with the Union? I became a member of the branding team in my 2nd year and started to promote Union events and assisted with Freshers fortnight before running for election in the Union Parliament in which every individual can really make a difference to the student experience. Isn’t the Union just sport and drinking? Not at all. Along with all the services that are provided, the Students’ Union is also the home to the Education Unit which provides advice and support about your course. There are also various media groups to get involved in as well. Watch out for my radio show on LUSH in the upcoming year!


What are you hoping to achieve this year? I am hoping to improve employability skills amongst students so that when you leave University you don’t just leave with a degree but are also well prepared for entering employment. I also plan to meet as many students as possible throughout the year so if you see me come and say hello!

Steph was born in Singapore, holds a Malaysian passport but lived in Australia right before coming to Leicester! Steph studied Law Hello Steph, what do you do? I’m the Services Officer. What that means is that I oversee all the commercial stuff in the Union - things like the shop, nightclubs, safety bus! If you use it and it’s in the Union, I’m involved in some way, shape or form! Why did you choose Leicester? I’d never been to Europe nor lived in a small city before, and Leicester has a brilliant reputation for Law and multiculturalism

bit to y m o d d l u o c I I thought tehaetveryone else enjoys make sur heir time here t What are you most looking forward to this year? It’d be boring to say the new building, so I’m going to say the new building! I’m really hoping to maximise the space we’ll have and try to put on a greater variety of events to cater for everyone.

Why did you run for Services? I thought it would be fantastic challenge and a great opportunity to What did you miss most from home? use all the skills and experiences I’ve The Aussie sun and beaches for sure! gained from my university life here to Why did you get involved with the Union? give something back to the Union. I met some people who were involved What would be on your ‘Must Do’ list for with the Union and realised how much of my university experience was all freshers? actually provided for by them. I’ve had Get out there and try everything! Dive straight in and get chatting to everyone so much fun here and thought that I could do my bit to make sure everyone you can. It’s always a bit scary to chat to strangers, but remember that everyone else enjoys their time here too. else is just as scared and alone in the first few weeks here, and Leicester Uni is a really friendly campus. What is the biggest thing you want to change? That every student knows there is something for everyone in the Union. It’s not all about drinking and parties (although we do have brilliant events!). Being a student is all about the experience, and I want to offer the very best experiences for everyone this year!


Owen is from Colchester in Essex and studied Economics and he’s half way through a Masters So Owen, what’s your role? it is my job to run all of the priority campaigns set by the Student Council and oversee the democratic aspects of the Union.

nd a a n u f f o s d a demos areelaot day out! gr

Why did you get involved with the Union? It was a pretty gradual process. I Just started being involved in societies and sports teams and then ended up I am also responsible for making sure running for Union Parliament. It then that what the Union does is relevant to escalated from there, and have loved the needs of our students, and ensuring every minute. that every student has an equal opportunity to get involved, regardless What is the biggest issue facing new if they are an undergraduate, mature students? student or distance learner. Funding. With the Lord Browne Why did you choose Leicester? The atmosphere. It was one of only two Universities that I visited that I thought I would be really happy spending 3 years of my life at, and I was not proved wrong.

Review coming out this year we are facing a situation where students are looking at paying out £6000 per year on tuition fees. Add on the costs of accommodation, books, social life and other living expenses the average student will be graduate with £40,000 worth of debt. Suddenly the economic argument for going to University looks a little weak. It is inevitable that our society will regress to the bad old days where only the elite can afford to attend University. What can they do to tackle it? This year there will be a national demo against an increase in fees in London. It’s really important to get a massive Leicester crowd down there - demos are also loads of fun and a great day out! It’s your second year as a Sabbatical officer what’s your proudest achievement? Last year’s fees protest, “Debt Sentence”, managed to get national press coverage. It was amazing and sometimes hard to believe what we achieved looking back. What do you like to do in your spare time? On my geeky side I spend my weekends campaigning against the BNP. Otherwise I’m really into clubbing and an up and coming House DJ.


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he University of Leicester Students’ Union has undergone a fantastic £16.5m redevelopment project, with a brand new nightclub, restaurant and activities resource centre (ARC). Your Union can comfortably boast that they have the best Students’ Union in the country. In addition, the Union will also be one of the greenest with the heating powered by a biomass boiler, toilets which are now flushed with collected rainwater, a natural heat ventilation system and many other energy saving and environmentally friendly initiatives. This year the Students’ Union will be pushing for the Sound* Impact Gold accreditation which will place the Union in the top five most sustainable Unions in the country - quite a claim! However, how did this process begin?

e where c a l p e h t is t Parliamen tion can happen. the ac It began with a group of student officers on the Union’s governing body; Union Parliament. These students formed a lobby group through a student society and Facebook to pass many environmental policies through Parliament and set in motion real change within the Students’ Union. As a consequence we now have a mandate for one of the Students’ Union Executive, the Campaigns & Involvement Officer, to ensure the Union remains progressive in its

environmental activities. This currently includes an annual environmental campaign and one of the most forward thinking environmental strategies of any of the other 150+ Students’ Unions in the country. We are very proud of these initiatives and they constitute a real achievement for our Union Parliament. Union Parliament is the sovereign body of the Students’ Union and sets the policy and strategy of the entire Union. If you want the Union to take action on any issues, whether it is to do with tuition fees or food at halls – Parliament is the place where the action can happen. Parliament is an entirely elected body, made up of 100 representatives (Members of Union Parliament) drawn proportionally from the University’s four academic colleges. It is a great opportunity for any student that wants to have an active role in the running of the Union and the direction it takes, while also looking great on

your CV. Over the past few years the Union has been blessed with a fantastic array of student officers who have made massive changes to enhance the Union including sweeping democratic reforms and better provision for the University’s sports teams. One of our student officers has even gone onto become this year’s NUS President, so there is a great opportunity for you to achieve your true potential during your time as a student. Get Involved Elections take place in October and the nominations period begins the start of the academic year. keep an eye on for more details. For any more information contact Owen Jones, Campaigns & Involvement Officer or FRESH MAGAZINE 25

e s r u o c clear

that sure ourse. g n i ak rc y of mfrom you rilliant a w r ect ur b e ou ps ar t you exp uple of o e r e a s cour etting wh ks to a co ps l g a t e se re you’r Gardner cour s Jame

Jaiman Patel Second Year Computing What does your role as a Course Rep involve? As a course rep, it’s my duty to make sure my peers views and concerns are being identified and that these concerns are raised with the appropriate bodies. Furthermore, it’s also vital that my peers are kept up to date with the latest goings on in the department. Aside from that, taking part in various sessions like course rep top-up allows you to, not only meet new people, but to learn different ways of informing peers, tackling certain issues and going the extra step. Essentially a course rep is the vital link between the students and the University.

What has been the most challenging thing you have faced as a Course Rep? As a Course Rep, the most challenging thing was getting my peers to tell me something that they may not be happy with. I suppose this was because they felt that complaining may cause unwanted repercussions with the department. I did have to emphasise the fact that no names would be mentioned at the SSC meetings and all information they gave me would be strictly confidential.

What made you decide to become a Course Rep? The fact that I would be representing my peers made me want to become a course rep. I wanted to be the voice of us all. I knew from the beginning that I would learn tons of different things which would indefinitely help me in the What has been your most rewarding or future. enjoyable experience this year? What is your biggest achievement as a Rep this year? Changing the teaching style of some of the lecturers has been the biggest achievement. Of course we had to suggest ways of improving teaching methods, however now that the method has changed, everyone loves the lecturer and they actually understand the module. 26 FRESH MAGAZINE

I think the most rewarding experience would be when what you’ve said has actually made a difference. It makes you feels good inside, and makes you want to strive to do more. Once my peers notice a change, they feel more comfortable to approach me about any matters that could be resolved. Honestly, I can’t pick a single enjoyable experience about this; I’ve loved every bit of it, especially the free pizza!

What has been your favourite campaigning activity as a rep this year? I think the “I love my academic campaign” was my favourite. Not only would lecturers be recognised for their work, but it would indirectly show lecturers who hadn’t been nominated to maybe think why they hadn’t been nominated. Encouraging students to take part was a little challenging, but I created a Facebook group to help make them aware about what this campaign was about and surely enough, the majority of students had taken part. Why would you advise freshers and other students to become course reps? Being a course rep is actually fun. Something that I wasn’t expecting. You can meet loads of new people, make lot’s of friends and be there for your peers. Just for the record, being a course rep also looks amazing on your CV.

Jennifer Clark Third Year Economics What does your role as a Course Rep involve? My role involves speaking to everyone on my course, asking them to raise any concerns or praise they may have towards the course, department, lecturers, anything really. I can then suggest ideas to help any issues or put them into contact with someone who would know how to deal with the situation. I am there for the students to contact at any point, even though the exam period in the summer I was dealing with complaints and suggestions to make the exam layout better for the students in the next year.

What made you decide to become a Course Rep? I decided to become a Course Rep because I wanted to learn more about the department and have a positive impact on my course and the way in which it is taught. The free pizza also helped to clinch the deal! What is your biggest achievement as a Rep this year? Well you could say that my biggest achievement was being named Course Rep of the Year! However, I would say that making sure that we can have at least one tutorial per module a week was a bit of a battle to put into place correctly but greatly benefitted the students. What has been the most challenging thing you have faced as a Course Rep? The most challenging aspect of being a Course Rep is making sure that everyone is satisfied with the solution to any issue. I always checked back on the students who came to me with problems to make sure there was nothing else I could do to help them. Then with the staff, they may not always see your point of view, or give a totally different opinion on a situation, so it was a challenge for me to create the compromise between student lecturer conflicts. However, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, it will happen eventually! What has been your most rewarding or enjoyable experience this year? The most rewarding experience was seeing the students on my course being proud of the work that I was doing and feeling that I had improved their experience this year. What has been your favourite campaigning activity as a rep this year? EAK out was definitely the best campaign; it was astonishing to see the number of people who didn’t know that the Education Unit existed, we all really helped to spread the word. Would you advise freshers and other students to become course reps? Yes definitely! It was one of the best decisions I made this year, I’ve made new friends and had such a laugh. FRESH MAGAZINE 27





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nd 008 a 2 n i in ter eices ar abroad l o t t a ye quie came vens s off for from the own to e t s sd jack ear head nisable e put nion. h g y o e s c g i e n ’u th a unr as, a cha students s u e w th in the oy he shy b olvement v his in


niversity for me was all about the word “yes”. Everything, anything and anyone has heard me utter the affirmative to whatever request or opportunity I have been presented with, and what a fantastic two years I’ve had as a result. I came to Leicester because it seemed like a cracking compromise between supermassiveuniversity and teenytinycollege-versity, a new mid sized canvas on which I could develop my worldly wisdom. There have been few disappointments, and within the second week of then “Freshers’ Fortnight” I had requested to take photographs around the union on nights out. What I didn’t realise at this stage was that it was the start of a year in which I would snap over 6000 shots of people and performers enjoying themselves at my university. Looking back I realise how privileged I was! I’ve shot Zane Lowe, Matt Willis, the Sugarbabes, Chipmunk, the Gladiators, Wiley and Dave Benson-Phillips over the last 6 semesters, and these photos have featured as part of the University advertising for many different things including the wall of the Union bar; The Scholar. I also had the magnificent opportunity to be the photographer for the RAG Naked Calendar, both men and women posing in front of me completely starkers. I was probably more nervous than them, but had you asked me before uni whether I’d be doing that, I would have laughed at you... Freshers’ Fair saw the introduction of sport to the table, and I was spoilt for

choice: I played football for fun at sixth form, cricket all my life but thought, let’s try something new - rowing! I had never experienced the pleasure of athletic activity before, cricket teas had somewhat spoilt me, but rowing not only prevented me gaining the infamous fresher stone, but in fact has helped me to reach the best level of fitness I have ever been in, and given me a group of friends with the same focus, drive and collective sense of humour as me. s n steve jack

as all w e m r o f y it s Univer he word “yes”. about t

I am a very lucky bloke. This year, the Boat Club called me to coach the Freshers two mornings a week from 6-8 am, and three afternoons a week from 1-6pm. I have never been as tired as after morning and afternoon coaching, but never as proud to see my boys and girls smash DMU in 3 out of their 4 races. An achievement I hope will be repeated in this, my year abroad. I do actually study, too; English and American studies, which has allowed me to have a year abroad at Colorado State University, from which I return in May of 2011. I am assured that it will be the best year of my life, but it’s got a tough two to beat. Enjoy Leicester, it’s chuffing brilliant, especially with the O2 drawing in some big names. I’m actually pretty jealous, roll on May! FRESH MAGAZINE 31

eh y dj!

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y involvement in the University DJ society was one of the highlights of my second academic year at Leicester. Not only did I find it easy to meet new people into the same music as me at our fortnightly societyrun nights and on our trips to club nights, but also, due to the welcoming nature of the society and the diverse tastes of the society members, I was able to discover music I’d never heard of through friends with differing tastes. Having the opportunity to play alongside my friends regularly at the Student Union was a great experience. Seeing the excitement of new DJ’s faces when playing in front of an audience for the first time was really encouraging and it was great to see people’s abilities and confidence grow over the course of the year. It was really encouraging for us all to receive the ‘Best New Society’ award at the end of the academic year as a result of our efforts. My involvement in the society also led me to help organise a Varsity DJ Battle against DMU (which we won!) as part of last year’s Oxjam charity fundraising festival, which we are hoping to be able host again this academic year.

dj out the Check ’ Fair at freshers




Most importantly the close friends I have made through the society made the past year thoroughly enjoyable and I felt that our efforts to improve the society became a real group activity that regular members were actively involved in. Now that we have access to a nightclub with top of the line CD and vinyl setups where we can host free practice sessions for those who don’t have their own decks as well as share tips and teach those who may have not even touched vinyl before, I feel that our group ethic is going to play an even greater part and I am extremely excited to see what the next year has in store for us!

p u g n i t ac


eed is A“ ll that yotuhunsiasm, a boundless teon get stuck in, willingnesasll the capacity to and abovehave fun.”

‘a change of climate’ ‘i love you, you’re perfect, now change’

and socials held throughout the year, this means that most of your time in the society will be spent dressed in as flamboyant manner as possible, but perhaps that’s just me! Highlights over the past year include an award winning run at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, a sell out show at the Leicester Comedy Festival, a production of children’s theatre at the University’s Botanic Gardens in conjunction with other midlands universities as part of the country’s largest children’s arts festival, and a string of critically acclaimed performances and shows throughout Leicestershire. Recently LUTheatre has begun helping out in the local community, volunteering at local h t primary and secondary schools. For me, r o w lling this has been a particular highlight, as Sam I the sheer joy that drama can bring to children of all ages, makes it incredibly It soon became apparent worthwhile. that this was a rather special society, People often associate a as whilst all societies no doubt do luvvie culture with student theatre, their upmost to make everyone feel included, LUTheatre made me feel like but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to meet get part of a close-knit community right from the get go. There were no internal involved in writing, directing, acting, politics or axes to grind, and from what or just want to meet new people, then I could make out everyone was there to LUTheatre is the place to go. You don’t have to have any experience, and have fun, be supportive, and above all with fortnightly performances of in to contribute towards something that house writing, everyone who wants they took a genuine pride in. to get involved can do so, in whatever As well as putting on capacity they so wish, there are even approximately eight to ten shows in an academic year, LUTheatre organises a multitude of acting opportunities that don’t require auditions! All that many events to ensure that a sense you need is boundless enthusiasm, a of comradeship is built up amongst willingness to get stuck in, and above its membership, and so as well as all the capacity to have fun. giving everyone the opportunity to at Theatre get involved in any number of theatre join Lu and out Check ’ Fair based activities, from directing a play, freshers to planning the lights and sound for a show, there are numerous bar crawls first joined the Leicester University theatre society (LUTheatre) in September 2007, after having just enrolled at the University as a postgraduate. Doing a PhD in Atmospheric Physics I wanted to join a society where I would be able to pursue my love of writing and performance, and so the theatre society was a pretty obvious choice!

sam in the green room

’t oesn d t i t an, ysicis roph ing thespi lls us t s a an te dd ht be also a bu ngworth g i m not t you m Illi rds... whils an you’re heatre Sa g the boa in UT me t of L out tread n e d i b pres all a


s l r i g d ob ats an


owing is all about fitness, enthusiasm and commitment. As a fresher I jumped right in & signed up for rowing as it was that little bit different to the normal sports you have back at school. Only to realise after, that I had never been in a boat and no clue how to row! The first social came, I met my rowing Mum & Dad, had a truly awesome night with a bunch of new rowers and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back since! I’ve met the most amazing group of friends which have made my first 2 years of uni unforgettable. It’s created friendships for life. Fact. The girls & boys typically train separately out on the water, normally in boats of 4 or 8. We have circuits in the Charles Wilson twice a week, every week. Circuits are hard, fact, but it also gives you a chance to see all those friendly faces that you begin to make great friendships with. Sure, Rowing is all about early morning outings, and Yes, the 6am starts are a struggle occasionally (especially after those Boat Club socials). But racing in your boat at Varsity will make it worth it. Overall, the guys & girls which you row with, creates a bond like no other friendship you have! I never thought when I came to uni I would join such a typically male dominated sport & love it as much as I have done! I went on to coach in my second year to all the new novice rowers whilst also being on the ULBC committee. Anything is possible at uni & you really can achieve so much when you jump straight in. Fresher’s gives you the perfect opportunity & I would highly recommend it. join out and Check ’ Fair freshers



for s ip h s d n ie r f d It’s creatife e. Fact. l er ia Elm r


! r e t s e c i e l m a Te


t Leicester University, joining a sports club is a must. High quality coaches and excellent facilities are available to everyone. Ability is irrelevant; a sports club has a place for every single one of its members. Sports will open your university life up to a whole new social network. Added to the enjoyment of training, competitive matches and massive social nights out is the added knowledge that your teammates will become friends for life. So don’t wait, buy your sports card and sign up to your chosen club. The sooner you do this the sooner you can start getting involved and experiencing everything your club has to offer.



varsity football 2010

our out all Check ’ Fair freshers at


n a m y t e a soci

nt Stude for r u o r ce is y Pete ment Offi d him for p e lo bb Deve s. We gra Societies e n i t o Socie lo-down e h t

What are societies? We all know that University isn’t just about your degree. Societies can give you the opportunity to try new things, go to new places, and meet up with a whole heap of people who share your interests Societies are able to hire all the Union’s venues at cost price, get rooms in the Union and the University for free, can use the Union’s minibuses and many more privileges. Cool, how many are there? There are over 120 different societies, the choice is endless, but whatever society you join you are guaranteed an introduction to a whole new circle of people, interests and places to socialise in Leicester

What if there isn’t one for me? Can’t find a society that caters for your interests and want to start your own? Any member of the University of Leicester Students Union can start their own Society. How are you involved? I’m am the Student Development Officer here at the union. My job is to deal with the day to day running of societies and work hard to answer any enquiries or queries that you may have.

What else do you do? I support the Media Groups (TV, Radio and Monthly Magazine) as well as voluntary groups such as Contact and RAG I also run the Leicester Award for employability. Why should I join one? This is an award that students The advantages of joining a society are can obtain when they graduate. endless! The idea of the award is to turn that skills that students use In fact, students that don’t join a club or to run there societies into CV society before leaving tell us it’s one of enhancing skills. their biggest regrets. What are you looking forward to at freshers’ fair? The Union holds a societies fayre in Freshers’ Fortnight, where you • Adds value to your university life will have the opportunity to join • Gives you the opportunity to meet whatever society takes your fancy. The lots of like-minded people Sabbaticals (students who are elected • Opportunity to gain skills and try to run their society) will be trying their new things best to sell themselves to you and • Looks good on your CV you will have the chance to ask them • It’s really fun! questions about their activities. And there are also lots of opportunities for How many should I join? freebies! As many as you like. Try not to take on more than you can handle. The key early on is to find the balance between all the aspects of student life. Some good reasons to join a sports club or society include:


! y c n e g r eme


he Trauma and Acute Care Society (TACS) runs events for medical students inspired by prehospital and emergency medicine. We aim to provide a range of fun and interesting opportunities in these acute specialties that supplement the taught curriculum at Leicester Medical School. Past events have included lectures on topics ranging from motor sports medicine to battlefield trauma, clinical skills and revision sessions, and study days and simulations. In one such simulation, the Fire Service demonstrated techniques for extrication of a casualty from a crashed vehicle, by dismantling a Ford Fiesta around a TACS committee member. Another event – a study day on the subject of “Managing Major Incidents” saw the university campus transformed into the scene of a mock chemical disaster, as paramedics and firefighters donned protective suits to herd student “victims” through decontamination tents (on a voluntary basis of course!)

CS out TA Check ’ Fair freshers at

Managing Major Incidents Day

A number of events are planned for this year, including “An Introduction to First Response” – a short first aid course aimed at first and second years – and a study day in November, examining the Patient Journey from trauma to rehabilitation, which will feature a number of high-profile speakers.





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oining the cheerleading society has made my university experience amazing! I never got to live in halls so I missed out on socialising with everyone straight away but joining a club like cheerleading really helped me get to know people and I felt more included as the older members really took us under their wings. On top of all the epic socials, what we do as a society nga kare is ridiculously fun! For me, stunting oumi is hands down my favorite part of cheering; its so exciting learning stunts that we’ve only ever seen in America or Also one of the biggest parts of being on Bring It On, especially when we pull a cheerleader... I’VE CHEERED, mainly for the American Football team who them off! were amazing last year and once you After my first year I knew I wanted to be understand the game you really start to love it. The coach journeys from a cheerleader for as long as I was here away games can be stupidly funny.... so ran for a committee position and especially if you’re getting tipsy on the its been wicked. Organising our Tour way back! to Amsterdam and choreographing a dance routine that won us 2nd place at competition, have been highlights of one of the best years of my life and being involved in events like Football and Rugby Varsity really make you feel so much more part of the uni as well, because you forget about different societies, courses, halls etc and its just Leicester Uni v DMU, the way it should be.

learning g in it c x e o s “its we’ve only ever stunts thaetrica or on Bring It seen in Am On”

So far I’ve been to 2 National Cheer competitions, performed at Varsities the last two years, been in a RAG Battle of the Dances squad and gone to Amsterdam.

join out and Check ’ Fair freshers

the panthersat


e v i l t e let’s g y adem c A O ing , mber 2of upcom e t p e list of S e end mpressive h t t an i hts. ing a and ding b nig Open l u i l u ruff c b c d s S i n r r a igs, M ste gigs out g an B, d Leice Pl l f o ay s es o ages he st he lik cted to pl t t e e c r gra nly a expe t is to ademy3. Not o ailey Rae n e l a Ac ape. ne B esh t nd O2 ear C a Corin ost of fr W 2 . y e s m h t Cap rging act cade e A G , but a s O of 2 , eme rtist ir hed a oobius Pip build the s i l b a r t o c s t Vs S nity gst e e sac ortu l Amon p p n o a ue. my nd d e the e ven v h a t h cade Fly. a t A a o s e O l l , i a s 2 y’s prof will taste Universit ll a to er . ater icest l map c e a L c o i t t s u e mu to p much on th bout With a y l s i m fir ster Union Leice ’ s t n Stude


FRANK TURNER Friday, 10 December – O2 Academy Leicester Rejoice! Frank Turner’s endless touring schedule brings him to the Midlands. Having earned an army of new fans following two appearances at this year’s Glastonbury and live sets at most of the summer’s festivals, the folk-rock hero is set to round of an outstanding year with a show that features his biggest hits to date, including the stunning new single ‘Try This At Home’.

Corinne Bailey Rae tuesday, 19 october – O2 Academy Leicester In her first headline tour in over three years, Leeds’ finest songstress will be wowing fans all over again with tracks from her latest album ‘The Sea’. After a summer that saw her support the legendary Stevie Wonder at London’s Hard Rock Calling and perform on Glastonbury’s prestigious Pyramid Stage, she looks forward to bringing her new sounds and old favourites to the O2 Academy Leicester stage.

mr scruff thursday, 21 october O2 Academy Leicester Manchester DJing legend and prime tea drinker Mr Scruff comes to Leicester to hammer out a whopping five hour set. He’ll be ‘keeping it unreal’ with a musical journey of eclectic beats that infuses hip-hop, funk, soul, disco, house, afrobeat, reggae… pretty much anything and everything is thrown into the mix for an unforgettable show.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly tuesday, 21 september O2 Academy2 Leicester

Philadelphia Grand Jury tuesday, 21 september O2 Academy3 Leicester

Hot on the heels of the success of dance-floor masterpiece ‘Collapsing Cities’ with Shy FX, Sam Duckworth and his band embark on an almighty UK tour, taking them from many of the summer’s biggest festivals to intimate indoor venues. FRESH MAGAZINE 41

dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip friday, 15 october – O2 Academy Leicester This duo introduced us to the winning formula of spoken word with electronic beats with the 2007 single ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’. Since then, they’ve been seducing the UK with their witty, danceable tracks. Following the release of their second album ‘Logic Of Chance’, they embark on their biggest tour to date, stopping at O2 Academy Leicester this October.

plan b thursday, 28 october O2 Academy Leicester Possibly one of the most incredible reinventions these shores have seen for sometime, Plan B’s album ‘The Defamation Of Strickland Banks’ stormed the charts earlier this year. Turning his style from rap to a sharp suited retro soul vibe, Ben Drew has proved himself to be a versatile, talented performer and promises a stunning live show.

The Magic Number’s freshest offering ‘The Runaway’ is a twelve track progression from their previous two outstanding albums. Having established themselves a firm festival favourite, this ‘must-see’ live act will give fans a taster of brand new material as well as classics from their back catalogue, including ‘Forever Lost’, ‘Love Me Like You’ and ‘Love’s A Game’.

The Magic Numbers monday, 4 october – O2 Academy2 Leicester

Jim Jones Revue tuesday, 21 september O2 Academy2 Leicester

That’s not all, be sure to check out for all the latest announcements, find the academy on facebook and follow @ O2AcadLeicester on twitter. Don’t forget that you can get tickets from the box office in the Percy Gee Building and there’s no booking fee on all cash transactions, bonus!


O2 Academy Leicester – opening night thursday, 23 september – O2 Academy Leicester Professor Green’s ascent from underground hero to mainstream star has reached a new pinnacle with the release of his brand new album, ‘ALIVE TILL I’M DEAD’. Following hot on the heels of his #3 hit single ‘I Need You Tonight’, a zeitgeist addressing reconstruction of the INXS hit ‘Need You Tonight’, ‘ALIVE TILL I’M DEAD’ After a jam packed summer circuit with appearances at Glastonbury and Wireless, Professor Green has gone at breakneck speed for a full-on assault on the charts with the release of ‘Just Be Good To Green’, featuring the inimitable vocals of Lily Allen. Professor Green steps out with his full live band and some very special guests to launch our brand new O2 Academy Leicester on Thursday, 23 September and FRESH MAGAZINE has a pair of tickets up for grabs to the opening night! To win tickets answer the following question. What is Professor Green’s full real name?

email your answer to with ‘Fresh’ in the subject heading by 17:00 Friday, 17 September




t’s the first thing that we put on for you and a great way to discover what you can get involved with. All of our fantastic societies, sports clubs and associations set up stalls, put on demonstrations and hand out sweets to entice you into becoming a member. Last year we welcomed 8,000 people each day into our temporary marquee and this year we’re expecting even more! As well as all of that we also welcome some great companies and organisations into the Percy Gee so this is a great time to stock up on freebies! We can’t stress enough that Freshers’ Fair is a must do, don’t be too late or you’ll miss all the best stuff. Check out your youtube channel for videos from last year.



t h g i n y a d i r f r u yo The Big Shabang is your Friday night out at the O2 Academy Leicester; the biggest student night in the country with more than 3000 clubbers! It will be the most credible night in the city for those serious about clubbing, with a variety of huge PAs and top guest DJs from the likes of Radio 1 and the Ministry of Sound. Mesmerising lighting shows and cutting edge entertainment will blow your mind each and every Friday night! …It’s going off with a Bang… Main Room: More than Music!! An audio-visual extravaganza. A massive party room playing the most current club bangers, body movers and floor fillers around. Room 2: An eclectic room providing an intimate atmosphere and playing all of the biggest indie, dubstep, drum and bass and underground anthems. From here, we will host regular entertainment from some of the country’s biggest music brands. Room 3: Good Mood Food for the Ears!! The ultimate chillout lounge, bringing you the biggest chillout classics of all time.



It’s here, the first two weeks of your university life, you’re going to be very very busy. It’s honestly the biggest we’ve ever had, fresh festival is going to be amazing! FRESH MAGAZINE 49

the line up fresh festival is a two week welcome extravaganza. here is everything that we’re putting on for you, but, on top of all this will be society meet and greets, faculty drinks and non organised bouts of awesome... prepare yourselves for an amazing time. monday, 4 october

tuesday, 5 october

10:00 (16:00) • percy gee

10:00 (16:00) • percy gee

freshers’ fair

freshers’ fair

Number one on your list is freshers’ fair a mixing pot of all of our societies, clubs and associations with selected companies it’s a jam packed freebie grabbing, friend making fest.

20:00 (22:30) • o2 academy

marc spellman + support Join mind reader Marc Spellman and comedy support from our Knock Knock acts Joe Bor and Stephen Carlin

21:00 (23:00) • o2 academy

Stevie Starr Live on stage Stevie ‘The Regurgitator’ Starr. Fresh from Britain’s Got Talent marvel at Stevie’s unique talent!

wednesday, 6 october

red leicester 22:30 (02:00) o2 academy

Red Leicester is our fantastic cheesy night out and with two fantastic acts this is sure to be an amazing night.

23:00 (02:00) • o2 academy + 2 + 3

Freshers welcome party After you’ve witnessed Stevie’s skills stay for the fresher’s welcome party with a personal performance from the fantastic Professor Green.

In the Academy is Jamie Archer the afro haired X Factor sensation ready to rock Leicester! In Academy 2 is Beat A Maxx, an incredible DJ mixing not just sounds but visuals too! All of this and an Oxygen bar, amazing!

02:00 (05:00) • the scholar + o2 academy 3

02:00 (05:00) • the scholar + o2 academy 3

I ♥ Late lounge

red later


thursday, 7 october

saturday, 9 october

22:30 (02:00) • o2 academy

22:30 (02:00) • o2 academy



Let your fantasies run wild with Leicester’s biggest fancy dress party. Fancy Dress isn’t optional, it’s the only way to get in! We mean it, really.

friday, 8 october

Propaganda is the UK’s biggest indie night playing to over 10,000 people across the UK every week. Expect an audio-visual extravaganza of the best new and classic indie music courtesy of the biggest names in indie

the big shabang

sunday, 10 october

22:30 (03:00)

19:00 (02:00) • the scholar

o2 academy


The Big Shabang, featuring Radio 1 superstar DJ Jo Whiley and her Radio 1 tour of fresh up-and-coming bands. All 3 O2 Academies will be open til late for a massive party to end the first week at Uni for the class of 2012/13! In the past, this tour has included the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Mika before they became international superstars, so be the first to see the next big thing, only at The Big Shabang!

03:00 (06:00) • the scholar + o2 academy 3

the late lounge Get in for free at all of the events with the Fresh Festival Pass symbol grab a fresh pass for £55 at restrictions apply, see website for details

Monday, 11 october

I ♥ mondays • freshers’ bar crawl 19:00 (03:00) The Fresher’s Bar Crawl is the ultimate introduction to the nightlife in Leicester. Selling out to over 2000 students every year, it’s the only way to see the coolest venues in the city. The night climaxes at Liquid and Envy, with state of the art sound and lighting systems, plush environments and fresh entertainment. The Fresher’s Bar Crawl t-shirt becomes the ultimate souvenir, guaranteeing you a night to remember and getting you free entry to all the bars, drinks discounts and entry into Liquid and Envy. Your exclusive “I Love Mondays” Fresher’s bar crawl T-Shirt is included in the price of the Fresh Pass, or available separately for just £7. This event sells out every year, so get yours today!

01:30 (05:00) • the scholar + o2 academy 3

I ♥ Late lounge FRESH MAGAZINE 51

Tuesday, 12 october

thursday, 14 october

SHAMPoo 23:00 (02:00) • the scholar

shampoo 19:30 (22:00) • o2 academy

Come to our disco dancin’ and booty shakin’ underground retro party in the Scholar. A cult favorite Shampoo is where great nights are made!

knock knock! Knock Knock is our comedy night and for one week only takes over our main venue. Expect hilarious comedy from our awesome acts Andi Osho (C4 Stand Up For The Week), Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominees Pete Johansson and Carl Donnelly with MC Mark Olver

wednesday, 13 october

red leicester 22:30 (02:00) o2 academy

friday, 15 october

the big shabang 22:30 (03:00) o2 academy

The Big Shabang at the O2 Academy Leicester is being hosted by T4 honey Jameela Jamil. So celebrate the end of Fresher’s Festival in style and start the year with a night to remember at the biggest Friday night in the country, as the Big Shabang brings you another night of incredible entertainment.

In the Academy are Roll Deep the East London crew who brought you Dizzee Rascal and Wiley with a live appearance In Academy 2 is 3D Headphone Disco grab your disco muffs and have a silent boogie!

02:00 (05:00) • the scholar + o2 academy 3

03:00 (06:00) • the scholar + o2 academy 3

red later

the late lounge


Saturday, 16 october

22:30 (02:00) • o2 academy

propaganda Sunday, 17 october

19:00 (03:00) • the scholar

giant squids Join us for Giant Squids. A fantastic (not to mention economically prudent) night in the best student bar in Leicester.


Looks amazing doesn’t it. don’t forget there will also be live gigs at the o2 academy (the magic numbers for one) but at the time of press we were still booking so keep your eyes peeled on for all the announcements. For totally up to date listing make sure to go to restrictions apply, see website for details FRESH MAGAZINE 53


or the first time during Fresh Festival we’ve teamed up with the wonderful people over at Embrace Arts to bring you the Fresh Fringe. Something completely different. So come and broaden you horizons! Sat 2 – Sun 24 Oct 2010 Indian beats, African rhythms, Caribbean tales, and the totally unexpected – an eclectic mix of the latest and best in the contemporary arts scene. Includes dance from the critically-acclaimed Hetain Patel; a chance to meet top author Caryl Phillips; music from Angola, Morocco and Nigeria; and a neverto-be-repeated night of live art and performance antics brought to you by the unique Hatch. Register to find out more at and you could win a Fresh Fringe pass, giving you FREE access to all the events. Brought to you by Embrace Arts, the University of Leicester’s arts centre.

Another side to life at Leicester University 54 FRESH MAGAZINE


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