Travel Air Manual (English, French, Italian, Dutch)

Page 35

Drain Water Trap

Drain water trap by depressing the valve tip at the bottom of the bowl when device is in operation.

Valve tip

Filter Replacement CAUTION: The filter elements cannot be washed. Replace filters every six months or sooner if noticeably clogged. Replace filters more frequently when operating in environments with heavy dust or debris. Water Trap Filter To replace the Water Trap filter, unscrew the plastic bowl (A) with gasket in a counterclockwise direction by hand and remove the manifold. Unscrew the filter (B) by holding the black portion of the cylinder and turning in a counterclockwise direction to remove from manifold (C). The filter (B) may be cleaned under running water and allowed to air dry.



Water Trap Reassembly To reassemble water trap, remove handle and place Travel Air® upside down. Replace the filter (B) by gently hand tightening in a clockwise direction into the manifold (C). Hand tighten plastic bowl (A) in a clockwise direction back into manifold. CAUTION: Do NOT overtighten; this will damage the gasket. Correct gasket seating will ensure the correct seal is maintained.

NOTE: The Travel Air® water trap filter color may vary. This will not impact the performance of the filter in any way.