Travel Air Manual (English, French, Italian, Dutch)

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Dear Customer, Congratulations on the purchase of your Travel Air®! Your new TRUE-IPV® therapy device is portable, self-contained, and easy to use. It allows you the freedom to go where you want to go while complying with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor! To make sure you receive maximum benefit from TRUE-IPV® therapy and to ensure your safety, please read the enclosed Travel Air® User Manual. It contains important SAFETY and TECHNICAL DATA that should be kept handy for easy reference. Your safety and satisfaction are important to us! For assistance setting up or using the Travel Air®, or to report unexpected operation or events, please contact Percussionaire® or your local distributor. With proper care, the Travel Air® will reward you with long, trouble-free service life. Thank you for placing your trust with us! Sincerely, Percussionaire® Corporation

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