Travel Air Manual (English, French, Italian, Dutch)

Page 14

Phasitron® P5-TA Diagram

Corrugated Tubing Safety Valve

Exhalation Port

Entrainment Port Spring O-ring

Venturi Cap

Patient Port Phasitron® P5-TA Housing

Conical Connector

Nebulizer Cap

Mouthpiece Diaphragm

Nebulizer Bowl


WARNING: Only use Percussionaire® parts and accessories Type BF D Single patient use

Configurations Phasitron® P5-TA kit can be used with or without a mouthpiece or standard mask (as shown below). Connection sizes: 15 mm ID or 22 mm OD.

Hydrophobic Filter

without mouthpiece or mask EN-10

with mouthpiece (included)

with face mask (sold separately)