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Why rescue when you can prevent? Percussionaire® High Frequency Percussive ventilators are not just for critical care rescue. VDR®-4 brings you the safety of the Phasitron® breathing circuit to reduce barotrauma. Restoration of FRC “airway clearance”, and lung recruitment through the gentle persuasion of high frequency pulsatile flow. HFPV may be a viable less invasive alternative to ECMO if introduced early enough. CLINICAL STUDIES 2019 Wong et al, Rescue Therapy with HFPV in non-cardiac surgery patients failing Conventional Mechanical Ventilation 2018 Dutta et al, Comparison of flow and gas washout characteristics between pressure control and HFPV using a test lung 2018 Dutta et al, Comparison of pressure, volume and gas washout characteristics between PCV and HFPV in healthy and formalin fixed ex viv porcine lungs 2018 Korzhuk et al, HFPV in morbidly obese patients failing CMV 2018 Kinthala et al, Use of HFPV for Whole Lung Lavage, a case study 2018 Gulkarov et al, HFPV Facilitates weaning from ECMO in Adults 2018 Godet et al, HFPV increases alveolar recruitement in early ARDS 2017 Wong et al, HFPV in cardiac patients failing conventional mechanical ventilation 2017 Ogna et al, Prolonged Apnea Supported by High Frequency Noninvasive Ventilation 2017 Benn et al, Use of HFPV to expand organ donor pool 2015 Prior et al, Reduction of motion during PET/CT by Pulsatile Flow Ventilation 2015 Blondonnet et al, HFPV as a rescue therapy for ARDS patients under ECMO 2015 Boscolo, Peralta, Baratto, Rossi, Ori. High-frequency percussive ventilation: a new strategy for separation from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. A&A Case Reports. 2015 Michaels et al, Protocolized use of HFPV for adults with ARDS being treated with ECMO 2014 Miller et al, Utilization of independent lung ventilation via HFPV during ECMO 2014 Reper et al, HFPV and initial biomarker levels in lung injury patients with minor burns after smoke inhalation 2014 Yehya et al, HFPV and bronchoscopy during extracorporeal life support in children 2014 Paviotti et al, HFPV as rescue treatment in severe hypoxemic respiratory failure in term neonates 2014 Spapen et al, HFPV in severe ARDS; a single center experience 2014 Ajčević et al, In vitro estimation of pressure drop across ET tube during HFPV 2014 Rizkalla N., High-frequency percussive ventilation improves oxygenation and ventilation in pediatric patients with acute respiratory failure. Journal of Critical Care. 2013 Michaels, A.J. et al., Less ECMO time for adults with H1N1 with VDR. American Journal of Surgery. 2013 Michaels et al, Reducing time on ECMO for adults with H1N1 with the use of the VDR 2012 Kunugiyama et al, HFPV using the VDR; an effective strategy for patient with Refractory Hypoxemia 2012 Feltracco et al, Non invasive HFPV in the prone position after lung transplantation 2012 Starnes-Roubaud et al, HFPV and low FiO2 2011 Barillo et al, HFPV for intercontinental aeromedical evacuation 2011 Lucangelo et al, Early short term application of HFPV Improves gas exchange in Hypoxemic patients 2011 Fitzgerald et al, Bi-caval dual lumen venovenous ECMO and HFPV support for postintubation tracheal injury and ARDS 2010 Forti et al, Haemodynamics and oxygenation improvement induced by HFPV in a patient with Hypoxia following cardiac surgery 2010 Dumas De La Roque et al, Nasal HFPV versus Nasal CPAP in transient tachypnea of the newborn: A pilot randomized control trial 2010 Lucangelo et al, Gas distribution in a two-compartment model ventilated in HFPV and Pressure controlled modes 2010 Chung et al, HFPV and low tidal volume ventilation in burns; a randomized controlled trial 2010 Dmello et al, HFPV for airway clearance in Cystic Fibrosis; a brief report 2010 Riscica et al, Portable instrument for volume measurement of high frequency percussive ventilators

Improves outcomes for patients on ECMO Ventilates patients failing other modes of ventilation Restores FRC and may reduce need for ECMO Assists with weaning from ECMO Improves Oxygenation and reduces PaCO2



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Percussionaire 2019 Brochure- United States