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Airway Clearance and Lung Rehabilitation 1 1. Compromised alveoli are swollen and filled with mucus and other debris.

2 2. Controlled, high frequency percussive pulses between 60-400 cycles per minute.

3 3. High frequency, percussive pulses and a dense aerosol mist are delivered into the lungs during therapeutic percussion, which serves to reduce the adhesive and cohesive forces of retained airway secretions.

Lung recruitment with TRUE-IPV® gently “persuades” distal airways and collapsed alveoli to open over time. This keeps the recruited lung open and functioning while atelectasis, infection, inflammation and injury are healed. 2



4. Healing continues with repeated TRUE-IPV® therapy sessions using the Phasitron® 5.

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Percussionaire 2019 Brochure- United States  

Percussionaire 2019 Brochure- United States