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Therapy for all patients Designed specifically for home care and outpatient clinics, allowing patients to benefit from airway clearance and lung rehabilitation at home. Proven safe and effective for over 30 years

TRUE-IPV®, using the Phasitron® 5, is the foremost remover of airway mucus and debris. Flow from the Phasitron® delivers pulsatile flow that gently dislodges debris and secretions to be carried out by exiting air flow.


P5-HC Phasitron® Kit Re-order # P5-HC Available for K00012-HC device (only) PATENT PENDING

P5-TA Phasitron® Kit Re-order Part# P5-TA

P5-TH Phasitron® Kit Re-order # P5-TH Available for K00012 device (only)



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Product Brochure - Europe/English  

Product Brochure - Europe/English