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High Frequency Percussive Ventilation The Difference You Can Feel!!

Airway Clearance and Lung Rehabilitation 1 1. Compromised alveoli are swollen and filled with mucus and other debris.

2 2. TRUE-IPV™ using the Phasitron delivers fresh oxygen to the constricted alveoli which are recruited by gentle persuasion.

3 3. Flow from the Phasitron promotes the healing process by reducing mucus and swelling.

Lung recruitment with TRUE-IPV™ gently “persuades” distal airways and collapsed alveoli to open over time. This keeps the recruited lung open and functioning while atelectasis, infection, inflammation and injury are healed. 2



4. Healing continues with repeated applications using the Phasitron for Flow Ventilation.

TRUE-IPV™ uses the unique Phasitron® as a “clutch” mechanism to protect the lung from overpressure. Flow Ventilation at high frequencies is the pulmonary flow created by the Phasitron, a unique open-circuit air acceleration/delivery system, which bathes the alveoli in fresh, oxygenated air while gently washing out CO2 and secretions.

5 5. An improving alveolus is a direct result of Flow Ventilation using the Phasitron, a proven, evidence based therapy making it the safest therapy for the most fragile lungs.

TRUE-IPV™, using the Phasitron, is the foremost remover of airway mucus and debris. Unlike external percussion, flow from the Phasitron delivers pulsatile waves that gently dislodge debris and secretions to be carried out by exiting air flow. PHASITRON®


HFPV ventilator. Many choices.

The Percussionaire VDR-4 Suitable for most populations, including NICU, the VDR-4’s versatility provides clinicians with the full range of control of the Phasitron. This allows for improved ABG, by recruiting alveoli and mobilizing secretions. The VDR ventilator is more effective than conventional ventilation for maintaining optimal gas exchange at lower airway pressures in most patients. This unit is paired with the Monitron II, which provides real-time visual waveform, pressures, and alarms.

VDR®-4 Phasitron® Kit A50094-D-5PK

VDR®-4 with Monitron® II K00008-1

Air-powered critical care ventilator using Volumetric Diffusive Respiration with pulsed flow, demand CPAP and air/O2 blender.



Why rescue when you can prevent? Percussionaire ventilators are not just for critical care rescue therapy. Flow Ventilation brings you the safety of the Phasitron to reduce barotrauma. Restoration of FRC with airway clearance and lung recruitment through the gentle persuasion of high frequency pulsatile flow.

David J Barillo MD, FACS, FCCM Colonel (Ret.) US Army Reserve

“The VDR is an excellent first-choice for patients with pneumonia or smoke inhalation injury. I have never found anything that facilitates clearance of airway secretions or mucus plugging more effectively.”

Improves outcomes for patients on ECMO Ventilates patients failing other modes of ventilation Restores FRC and may reduce need for ECMO Assists with weaning from ECMO Improves Oxygenation and reduces PaCO2

Robert Tero, RRT-NPS, CPFT Assistant Director, Respiratory Therapy Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ

Improves airway clearance (removal of meconium)

“In my opinion, it is by far one of the best gifts Dr. Forrest Bird ever shared with the medical world, and I am honored and forever grateful!”

May be used noninvasively, particularly in the NICU

CLINICAL STUDIES 2013 Michaels, A.J. et al., Less ECMO time for adults with H1N1 with VDR. American Journal of Surgery. 2014 Rizkalla, N. High-frequency percussive ventilation improves oxygenation and ventilation in pediatric patients with acute respiratory failure. Journal of Critical Care. 2014 Yehya, N. Flow Ventilation during ECLS. ASAIO Journal. 2015 Boscolo, Peralta, Baratto, Rossi, Ori. High-frequency percussive ventilation: a new strategy for separation from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. A&A Case Reports. PHASITRON® CRITICAL CARE


Bronchotron Transport Ventilator 速

The Bronchotron速 Transport gives clinicians a practical and extremely portable option for high frequency Ventilation in most patient populations. This pneumatic device can operate with a single oxygen cylinder, or from a standard high flow blender. It does not depend on electrical power and has built-in alarms and monitoring display.

Bronchotron速 Transport K00038-2

Walking an ECMO patient on Bronchotron Transport



Superior Transport Technology The unique characteristics of the Bronchotron Transport Ventilator with the Phasitron delivers Flow Ventilation via entirely pneumatic controls, which makes it suited for air or ground transport. This technology has the proven track record of safely transporting thousands of critical patients worldwide.

Transportable High Frequency Ventilation

Don Null, MD Medical Director for NICU & Transport UC Davis Medical Center

Restores FRC, may reduce need for ECMO

“I have transported over 800 pre-ECMO babies with this technology; of these only about 80 ended up requiring ECMO because of the benefits of the Phasitron.”

Improves Oxygenation and reduces PaCO2 Improves airway clearance Lung recruitment Transport NICU through Bariatric patients Portable, compact size for easy storage

Bronchotron® Transport Phasitron® Kit A50605-D-5PK



Hospital Therapy


The IPV®-1C provides airway clearance therapy with the Phasitron® and can also be used in-line with other ventilators. This workhorse of TRUE-IPV™ fulfills all clinical needs for treating your patient’s compromised lung.

IPV®-1C K00001-C

The IPV-2C provides the benefits of TRUE-IPV™, with the added advantage of on-demand CPAP for lung recruitment and post ventilator weaning.

IPV®-2C K00002-C



Airway Clearance & Lung Expansion Therapy Optimized for hospital and outpatient therapeutic care bringing the benefits of TRUE-IPV™ into the ICU and NICU.


Restore FRC Improved management of exacerbations PATENT PENDING

Reduced length of stay and improved ABG

TRUE-IPV™ In-Line Valve

Used In-Line with Conventional Ventilator

Connected with PATENT PENDING

P5-10 Phasitron® Kit Re-order Part# P5-10

P5 In-Line Valve Re-order Part# P5-TEE-20 PHASITRON® THERAPY


Hospital to Home

TRUE-IPV™ SYSTEM The (Impulsator) Travel Air® allows patients to benefit from airway clearance therapy at home. Proven safe and effective, the new Travel Air delivers the same TRUE-IPV™, using the Phasitron, as the Percussionaire hospital devices. This selfcontained device is easy to use, and is suitable for adult and pediatric patients. Approved 510(k) Pending


P5-TA Phasitron® Kit Re-order Part# P5-TA



Therapy for all patients Designed specifically for home care and outpatient clinics, allowing patients to benefit from airway clearance and lung rehabilitation at home. Proven safe and effective for over 30 years

TRUE-IPV™, using the Phasitron, is the foremost remover of airway mucus and debris. Flow from the Phasitron delivers pulsatile flow that gently dislodges debris and secretions to be carried out by exiting air flow.

The original home care device for Airway Clearance & Lung Expansion Therapy

P5-HC Phasitron® Re-order # P5-HC


Impulsator K00012 Not available in the EU

P5-TH Phasitron® Re-order # P5-TH


K00012-HC Not available in the EU

Lightweight portability for Airway Clearance & Lung Expansion Therapy PHASITRON® THERAPY


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TRUE-IPV™ The Difference You Can Feel!! Day 3

Dr. Forrest Bird & Percussionaire

Improving quality of life for patients all over the world.

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Successive images show the healing process in an intubated patient’s lungs.

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