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Looking for new hip hop music? Whether it's underground rap, R&B, Southern hip-hop or gangster rap, here's some of the hottest places to find new hip hop music. Radio Stations While they may have lost some of their influence in the past few years due to Internet, radio stations still provide a great place to hear it music. I've included a standard radio stations as wills a few of their Internet counterparts... Power106. Arguably the largest name in rap music today Power 106 plays at established artists such as Eminem, and Lil Wayne, as well as up and coming rap superstars like Drake, and Flo Rida. Hot97.One of the most popular hip hop stations in history, Hot97 delivers fresh tracks from artists such as T.I., Outkast and Kanye West. Power 105. They made the move from soft rock and never looked back In addition to fresh new music, they play old school hip and R&B IMEEM.    This website lets you create your own playlist from their gigantic database of music. You can save your playlists and share with others via the social network on their site. The new hip hop music section is on point, and offers a selection of new artists daily. Pandora. Personally I love this site. To all you have to do is entering the name of your favorite artist, song or musical style and Pandora automatically creates a playlist for you based upon associated artists they think you would like. I can't even begin to explain how any great to rap artists I've discovered using the site. Pandora also offers you the chance to vote on each song as the play, and will shift its playlist accordingly. If you're looking to find a hottest new music as well as underground tracks you may have missed the first time around, Pandora is certainly a place to start. MixTapes Mixed tapes have always been an important part of hip-hop culture, and the following two websites let you hear your favorite songs put together a new and exciting ways... DatPiff.  When the tremendous number of mixed tapes on their website, DatPiff is an authority when it comes to offering new music.

ThatCrack. The up-and-coming mix tape provider online. They offer streaming video, free styles, and audio media you don't have to wait to download the tracks. If you're looking for the hottest new hip hop music these sites have you covered!

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