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The world of billiards has become a very popular sport and pool tables are found in a number of places all over the world. Along with halls that offer places to play this wonderful game, a professional circuit was established to showcase the talents of players from all over the world. The game can be traced back to the times of kings and knights and has evolved through the centuries into the art form of today. The playing surface of the table is comprised of a piece of slate material that is then covered with cloth otherwise known as felt. The primary color for the felt is green, which is seen as a tribute to the early days when the playing surface was actual grass. The models used during professional tournaments are generally covered in red cloth instead of green. When the frame and playing surface have been constructed, the next part is to install the rail cushions. The cushions and are designed to bounce the billiard balls off of them to reduce the loss of momentum. In earlier times the cushions were made of material stuffed with feathers, modern times use leather and padding materials. A Carom billiards table is quite a bit different from other models as it does not have any pockets built into it. This is because it is designed for specific games such as straight rail, artistic billiards, cushion caroms and three cushion billiards. Another factor that sets these models apart from their cousins is the number of balls used during play, most games use 9 balls and this sport only uses 3. The most common model found in halls around America and all over the world is the pocket billiards table. The object is to knock a ball into the pocket on purpose and not on accident. Some of the more popular games include eight ball, nine ball and straight billiards. In eight ball a person must rid the table of all solids or stripes and then sink the eight ball last. Nine ball games have the players sinking the balls in a numbered order which ends with the number nine ball going in last. Straight billiards has been overshadowed by nine ball and eight ball games. This game focuses on reaching a set number of points agreed on before the match, each ball that is pocketed earns one point and typical matches played to a score of 100. The British billiards table is a bit different than international model due to its size being a bit smaller than other models. The UK version of eight ball is the game of choice when playing these models and the balls are color coded yellow/blue etc as opposed to other balls that are full color and striped. Since the balls are smaller than American styled models the pockets are smaller as well and more rounded like a snooker table. Snooker is another game played on specially designed pool tables and has its own unique style of

play that is different from other games. The game is played with one white cue ball and 15 red balls that are worth a point each. Other balls of different colors are also added that represent additional points, the game is won when one team scores more points than the other.

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==== ==== Snooker Or Pool ? For More Info Please Visit ==== ====

A Look At The Different Pool Tables Available And The Games Played On Them  

Snooker Or Pool ? For More Info Please Visit

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