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RANDOM THOUGHT: To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams. GIORGIO DE CHIRICO

WHO IS PERCEPTIVO MAGAZINE FOR? It’s for those who appreciate life.

What is the purpose of Perceptivo Magazine? Our goal is to showcase the work of talented artist, photographers, illustrators, writers, designers, and models who are up and coming. We want to be clear and specific but do not want to entrap ourselves into a formulated template and become paralyzed in a state of arrested development. It is our hope to continually evolve with the trends and set new standards and become trendsetters. Also, Perceptivo Magazine will be changing faces every season, sometimes being conservative while other times being out of the box. We will regularly be accepting submissions of artist from all around the world. So what you are viewing is a sneak preview of Perceptivo Magazine which we decided to call “The Leak Issue”. For this issue you will notice the minimal display of wording, simply because of the intent to exhibit the work of various

photographers, but fear not; in future issues of this magazine we will be featuring some exceptional writers who will be joining the team of this online publication. Perceptivo Magazine will be released three times a year, becoming a trimestrial publication, and it is our hope that this magazine will spread its wings and fly with the support of our readers. We want to get noticed and become a voice in the artistic community, so please start tweeting, facebooking and bbm’ing everyone and help us spread the word about Perceptivo Magazine. Your input and feedback is more then welcomed. Thank you for reading and viewing Perceptivo Magazine. Edgar M. Mattey Lead Editor/Lead Photographer

a trip across the country

photography by: dean joseph pryor

NYCouture Sheila Marie Johnson for Basic Models Management Photography by Edgar M. Mattey Makeup by Patricia Ambroise Hair by Felicia Nelson Clothing by Cassie Kogler for New York Couture


Photographer | Courtney Roxanne Model | Luccia Cafiero @ Wilhelmina Wardrobe Stylist | Jessica Feria (Jewelry supplied from personal collection) Clothing Designer | Patrick Choi (All clothing was designed by House of History) Make Up Artist | Natosha Cooke (Uses all Mac products, but used smashbox "studio lights" on models skin) Hair Stylist | Brandice Rodriguez (Used all Aveda Products) Special Thanks to Hiwan Golf Club


photographer | edgar m. mattey makeup artist and hair stylist | adaliz tabar wardrobe stylist | epiphany kendell

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ASIA NITOLLANO photographer - edgar m. mattey makeup artist - emily gee wardrobe stylist - epiphany kendell

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The Blind Date models: carmen marie and ricardo solano creative director: sami rivera photography by edgar m. mattey special thanks to Revel Restaurant |

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model: evelise cotto | photography by edgar m. mattey | makeup by adaliz tabar

6 Makeup Tricks To Transform Your Look NOW! We’ve all seen and heard of head-totoe makeover s that are so astonishing, all you can do is stare, mouth wide open, from the shock. But those usually involve new clothes, new makeup, a hairstylist, a personal trainer—and losing lots of weight. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple change to make a significant difference on your looks. These are my “radical change” makeup tricks to get you from now… to WOW! 1-Get your eyebrows in shape. A quick visit to a pro to get your brows waxed or tweezed can totally change your look. Our eyebrows are the frame of our face and if they are bushy, unruly, or just shapeless it can make our face look drab and older. Yikes!! If you are tweezer savvy, get in front of the mirror and pluck out

those stray hairs to give your eyes a 4-Wear mascara. This give droopyclean, polished and lifted look. tired looking eyes a lift and you instantly look like you slept 15 hours! 2-Line your eyes. This is an easy way to give your eyes definition and 5-Put on some lipgloss. In my perfect enhance the coloring. I like to line makeup filled world, this is a MUST. the inner rim of the eye with black Even if I’m just taking my adorable liner for a sexy gaze and then smoke pooches for a stroll, I put on a out the upper and lower lash lines favorite lipgloss and I immediately with a softer shade like a gray, purple feel glamorous and sexy. or copper. 6-Put on a smile!. Let’s face it, nothing 3-Get your roots done. Many makes us look older and frumpier women, for lack of time, let their than a sad visage. So, my final tip is to grays make an appearance. This is put on a happy face and let those always a NO-NO. Nothing makes us pearly whites gleam from ear to ear! look more disheveled and needless Not only will your mood improve, to say older that gray hair, so for an but you will walk taller and more instant pick me up and for the sake confident all day. xoxo C.S. of my eyes, please get your roots Chantal Savinon-Soto is the editor and touched up! founder of The Beauty Scoop. To learn more about Chantal visit

jules nyc photography by francisco mattey jr.

Jasmin Hernand! - Reyes

Photography by Edgar M. Mattey

epiphanies closet

models: eve rodriguez, evelise cotto, lucely martinez makeup by adaliz tabar and eve rodriguez wardrobe by epiphany kendell photography by edgar m. mattey


Modeling 101: Pt I - Not all Glitz n Glam, so know a few things. It's a dog eat dog world out there especially in a industry that has to examine your beauty and your every flaw. The life of a real model is not all glitz and glam. It's the job of a model to portray the life of glitz and glam. The average age of a model is 16 years to 28 years of age. After that it is time to retire. Most models you see in magazines are part time. Some are students while others are musicians and others are just living with mom. And the life of a successful model is one of continual stress, deadlines, worries about weight, and fear of old age.

2. Do your homework! Learn about other models and learn who photographers, designers, publications, and agency's are. Lack of knowledge is guaranteed suicide.

1. First learn about the history of modeling. Get a clear understanding why the standard in the industry is the way it is. Did you know that over 200 years ago in England designers would show royalty and nobility new clothing on skinny models simply because they wanted to show how the clothing would look on a hanger. The shape of a model would be a distraction and take concentration off the clothing.

5. Have confidence. Lack of it will mean that you do not believe in your self. If you do not believe in yourself... No one will.

3. Take a course in marketing. Learn how to market yourself. You are the product and everyone needs to know "why we should choose you".

4. Don't sell yourself short. Many models strive to get hired by GAP, Armani, Dolce & Gabana, etc. But before you do, there is the world of In order to be a successful model you must have modeling without pay. Do tear sheets with more then just great looks and the height of a publications that are known, not with some tower. I have listed some keys so you can acquire internet site that needs girls in bikini on bikes. some knowledge of the trade. Not everything Agency's will not be visiting those sites anytime you will need to know, but just a few pointers. soon.

First learn about the history of modeling.

Do your homework.

Take a course in marketing.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Have Confidence.

Written by Edgar M. Mattey

Perceptivo Magazine | The Leak Issue  
Perceptivo Magazine | The Leak Issue  

Perceptivo Magazine is a venue by which artist can express and showcase themselves through Photography/Fashion/Art/Graphics and Literature....