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Bita Pathways Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012

Bita Pathways BITA Pathways, the working tle of Birmingham Industrial Therapy Associa on, is a mental health charity which was formed in 1963 and which specialises in rehabilita on services for adults experiencing mental ill health by offering training and work opportuni es. It is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee governed by a small non-execu ve Board of Directors. Our mission is to provide services for people of working age experiencing mental ill health, offering work, training and support which promotes personal development and opportuni es for progression towards employment.

progressing employment integra on.

towards open and community

The objec ve is to promote personal growth and independence, with the focus on skills development.

“We engage with adults experiencing mental ill health on a pathway towards employment through training, personal development and support.”

Golden Jubilee Plans for the 50th anniversary of the founding of BITA Pathways are well underway with staff and directors working on celebra ons to start in 2013 culmina ng in a grand Tea Party in July at the Uffculme Centre in Moseley where as part of the celebra ons, the Lord Mayor will plant a golden-leaved tree to mark our golden jubilee. As part of the celebra ons to mark this milestone and as an indica on of our hopes for the future, we are planning a major re-brand with a new name for the charity.

BITA Pathways provides a range of support services which are designed to assist adults experiencing mental ill health in


Annual Report 2012

Chair’s Report In the last year we have con nued to consolidate new services, and improve upon them. At Park Lane Garden Centre, for example, we undertook a refurbishment which gave us the chance to open a coffee shop within this excellent Centre, offering refreshments to a ract more customers and improve facili es for service users. We have reorganised some of our internal structures. Ruth Boyd took over the Chair of the new Service Development Commi ee. I am grateful to Kate Baylis for her long tenure as Chair of the earlier Training Sub Commi ee. It is with sadness that I have to report that Dr Alan Ogden has re red from our board. Alan was our longest serving board member


and a staunch and unfailing supporter of BITA Pathways. I shall miss his quiet authority and the benefit of his wisdom and long experience. We are always pleased to welcome visitors. Many have a ended our open days and other events. We welcomed Shabana Mahmood, MP for Ladywood. Councillor Sue Anderson presented cer ficates at our Awards Ceremony. We are grateful to each for their support and we greatly appreciate their interest in our work.

Annual Report 2012

Chair’s Report We have enjoyed individual service contracts with three local Primary Care Trusts. Under the terms of the Health and Social Care Bill, these PCTs have merged into a new single body and as a result, by December, we faced the daun ng prospect of a new compe ve tender process. We faced a very real threat to our future viability and a challenge to our core service provision role. Compe on from the private sector has emerged as a new and par cularly acute challenge. The Board ini ated a series of strategic planning mee ngs, involving staff and directors. We set about a radical redesign of our service provision. We cri cally examined and evaluated our exis ng delivery methods. We have considered and developed more innova ve ideas and best prac ce for be er service delivery.

The year has proved to be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. We have responded to the challenges imposed on us, and have done so construc vely and with commitment and enthusiasm. We have been amply rewarded by having reinforced the confidence and commitment we have in our future and in the work we have done together as a board and as part of the wider BITA “family” closely combining our range of skills and experience, knowledge and exper se.

have con nued to demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of BITA Pathways and its future. Building on these founda ons, we can look to the future with confidence. We look forward to rebranding and re-launching BITA Pathways as part of what will be a year in which we will proudly celebrate fi y years of service.

Throughout this process we have all been ably steered and supported by the Chief Execu ve Officer, and my par cular thanks are to her and her staff. I would also wish to record my thanks to my fellow directors. They have given freely of their me, and

Marguerite NuƩall Chair


Annual Report 2012

Chief ExecuƟve’s Report The last 12 months has been dominated by the need to develop a successful bid to tender for the new NHS service Educa on, Volunteering and Employment (EVE). We had been delivering a Learning and Work service for many years but the tender process forced us to confront a number of issues which has resulted in a radical service redesign. One of the key deliverables the NHS Commissioners expected is a clear focus on the person-centred recovery approach with individual choice being at the heart of the service. To meet these expecta ons we plan to introduce a single point of access for all individuals who wish to engage with the new EVE service. All individuals will be offered an Informa on, Advice and Guidance interview from which a Personal


Development Plan will be produced with individual goals that will be regularly reviewed by a Learning and Work Adviser. Commissioners also want to see an increase in the number of people developing personal targets and gaining employment as well as engaging with volunteering opportuni es and tailored and mainstream educa onal opportuni es across the city. We have therefore re-configured our services to place a greater emphasis on progression to mainstream opportuni es across the city. We will be developing our exis ng partnerships to enable us to offer service users a wide range of employment, volunteering and educa onal opportuni es. We are looking forward with excitement to the new challenges

ahead and to working even more closely with our colleagues in the voluntary sector so that we can provide the service NHS commissioners want and mental health service users deserve. Thanks are once again due to the whole staff team for their hard work, energy and commi ment during this challenging year.

Erica BarneƩ Chief ExecuƟve

Annual Report 2012

Training Centres For the second year running the City & Guilds Catering and Hospitality students at Warwick Training Centre had 100% achievements. A couple of the students went onto voluntary work placements. We con nued to do very well with other courses too. The City & Guilds External Verifier for ICT said “A well-managed centre and an excellent standard of marking.” As an organisa on that invests in staff training and development we are pleased that a number of the training team gained their final teaching qualifica ons and our training administrator in Saltley achieved an NVQ Level 3 qualifica on in Advice & Guidance. Once again a number of the Volunteer Learner Support Assistants moved on, some of them into teacher training or into paid teaching posts. At Park Lane

Garden Centre a Learner Support Assistant gained a new temporary paid post posi on in Garden Maintenance.

Case study A er gaining Centre Approval from the NCFE Awarding Body we introduced new sewing courses at St Anne’s Training Centre, with Helen Costa, the Tex les Workshop Supervisor as the new Internal Verifier. The Workshop Progression Programme was introduced to smooth the transi on of learners from the voca onal sewing courses into the tex les workshop and to improve on the skill gaps and any other barriers that may occur with individuals. Helen is responsible for managing this and it has proved to be successful so far, with a few students now volunteering in the workshop. This gave Helen the opportunity to work with the tutor

to standardise procedures. On top of supervising the busy workshop and managing the work progression programme Helen has now begun to deliver Func onal Skills Literacy. This is for her own self-development as she has recently successfully completed a teaching qualifica on.


Annual Report 2012

Learning & Work Service Key Data • 660 individuals interviewed • 133 individuals completed an accredited training course • 30 individuals progressed into a volunteer placement • 19 individuals achieved paid employment

Learning & Work sessions are now taking place at all inpa ent units, day hospitals and Community teams in the Heart of Birmingham area. Partnership work is con nuing with Jobcentreplus, Remploy, EOS, Adult Educa on Services and local colleges.


Case Study Mary, a 27 year old lady, has been unemployed since 2007 due to mental ill health. She lost all her confidence and had very low self-esteem which became a barrier to her finding suitable employment. She has recently completed a job prepara on course and computer skills course at Warwick Training Centre. A er obtaining Informa on, Advice & Guidance with her adviser, she decided to try volunteering as an ini al step to gain her confidence back in the work place before looking into paid employment. Her Learning & Work advisor supported her to draw up a CV and voluntary work search. She is currently volunteering 3 days a week as an office assistant at BITA Pathways’ admin office. She is enjoying the volunteering placement and this has boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

Annual Report 2012

Learning & Work Service had self-taught basic hair cu ng techniques which he prac sed on himself and girlfriend and was very keen to learn more. “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a barber”.

Case Study Andrew has been coming to BITA Pathways since 2008 working in the produc on workshop. He has learning difficul es as well as depression and lives in supported accommoda on. Andrew’s long term ambi on has been to become a barber. Andrew

When I first met Andrew he wanted to find a placement/ volunteering opportunity at a Salon to learn from others. I advised Andrew it would be be er if he gained qualifica ons in Hairdressing first before he looked at a placement which he would struggle to find. Andrew wasn’t very keen to go to college as he had learning difficul es and was apprehensive about going to college due to past experience. A er several discussions I iden fied an Introduc on to Barbering course at South Birmingham College, which was ideal for Andrew. With lots of persuasion I managed to enrol Andrew on the course and ensured his learning needs were addressed by the college.

“The college gave me a support worker who helped me with my work” said Andrew. In April 2012 Andrew started his course which he successfully completed in July 2012. Now he is due to start the next level in September. “I really enjoyed the course and can’t wait to start next course where I am going to do hair colouring”.


Annual Report 2012

Individual Placement & Support 2011-12 was a successful year consolida ng last year’s achievements and leading to 13 sustained job outcomes, an increase of 40% on last year. The Learning and Work Team have developed strong links with NHS mental health partners, Pertemps, Remploy, Salva on Army Employment Plus across the city receiving a steady stream of referrals. Once the client is job ready, following training, work placements or voluntary work they a end Job Club to perfect their interview technique, strengthen their CV and undertake job search.

medical care and counselling, she was referred to the Learning and Work Service, who encouraged her to volunteer work for a local charity which raised her self-esteem and her confidence rocketed to such a degree that she secured a job as Deputy Admin Manager. Unfortunately, a er three months the company was sold so she looked for work again and was recruited as a care coordinator. Her long-term goal to work in a Women’s Refuge is in the pipeline as she is awai ng a volunteering placement to gain experience in her spare me, but her tenacity shines through.

The client’s story Manjit, a single mother and experienced Administra on Manager, was violently a acked in her home 3 years ago and suffered psychosis as a result. Following


Mark, a Maintenance Engineer had a breakdown due to pressure at work and lack of management support and he walked out completely isola ng himself from

the outside world. He was referred to Learning and work Service by his key worker and li le by li le over a few months was able to look at work again and began a job in a window company, which he found too small and sta c and found different work, travelling to install cabling for state of the art sound systems into banking organisa ons across the country – a job with flexibility that suits him down to the ground.

Annual Report 2012

Individual Placement & Support Employer Engagement As part of our employer engagement plan we work pro-ac vely with Business in the Community and Royal Mail, offering work placements and a tour of the site to prepare clients for work environment. We have forged links with Subway and UK Mail for work experience leading to paid work opportuni es and maximised opportuni es with the Learning Hub at QE Hospital and Step in Work for clinical and non-clinical training and work opportuni es in hospitals.

Future Plans • Extending the Employer Engagement Plan to forge links with local employers for work experience opportuni es across cleaning, admin, catering, assembly and packing, leading to paid work as part of a ‘back to work strategy’. • Suppor ng employers to develop knowledge of mental health issues amongst staff, using ‘Mental Health First Aid training’ and offering ongoing reten on advice and support for the workforce. • Job Clubs being rolled out across the city offering easy access for clients and employers, lead by the local Learning and Work Advisor.


Annual Report 2012

Park Lane Garden Centre Park Lane Garden Centre has enjoyed an amazing year in terms of service user progression and the ongoing development of the centre itself.

embark on a propaga on project we are pilo ng at the centre and we look forward to seeing this new dimension to the service we offer develop in due course.

HorƟcultural AcƟviƟes: A former volunteer was offered employment on a part me basis and took up his posi on as Hor culture Assistant on 1st April 2012. He is con nuing with his City & Guilds Level 2 in Hor culture training which he will complete at the end of this academic year.

The garden maintenance service: offering service users the opportunity of working on external projects has gone from strength to strength with a regular team going out each week. This has enabled people to use the skills they have acquired during training, as well as giving them the opportunity of working in a team and to deadlines, thus equipping them well for their future progression.

A talented volunteer who completed City & Guilds Levels 1 & 2 in Hor culture at the centre progressed to mainstream educa on at Pershore Hor cultural College and achieved a Dis nc on in City & Guilds Level 3 in Hor culture. His wealth of knowledge has enabled him to


CraŌs For Wellbeing: The range of cra ac vi es that were introduced during the year have been met with unbridled enthusiasm and we have unearthed an abundance of crea ve talent; service users have

the opportunity to meet in an informal, relaxing environment which has had a hugely posi ve effect on their wellbeing, whilst learning new skills and producing items for sale in the retail area. Workshops offered to service user groups, including soap making and floral arrangements have also proved very popular and it is planned to develop these further in future. Retail: the shop itself has enjoyed an increased foo all and customers and service users alike have been able to take advantage of the tea shop which is a focal point in the retail area, allowing social integra on and a sense of belonging; factors we value highly.

Annual Report 2012

MarƟneau Gardens Success for students PoƩery Studio


More than 30 individuals use the Po ery Studio at Mar neau Gardens and there have been four significant outcomes: • One student has been accepted on a Founda on Course in Art and Design.

• One student has completed a Founda on Course with a dis nc on and been offered a place on the degree course at Birmingham University.

• One student is in his final year on a degree course and has been offered a paid role as a mentor at Birmingham University.

• One student has completed a founda on course and has been offered I of only 8 places in Art and Design available at Queen Margaret’s’ University London


Annual Report 2012

Work Experience OpportuniƟes TexƟles by St Anne’s As a Social Enterprise that manufactures a wide range of products we are securing more orders from start-up and exis ng companies who want to increase their product ranges. Chase and Wonder are a typical example of this. “We set up Chase and Wonder with the aim of ge ng Bri sh-made design back on the shelves of our high streets. One of the key components of this was finding Bri sh manufacturers and workshops on which we could rely to deliver high quality workmanship and exper se that our products require. This proved to be a much harder task than we had originally thought! I am pleased to say that once we found Tex les by St Anne’s, we knew we had found the partner with which we wanted to work. From the off, the Tex les team has delivered


high quality work and helped us develop our products, as well as helping us to source fabric and trimmings. The social enterprise aspect of Tex les by St Anne’s is of course important, but what stands out is the diligence, quality and care in their work. With the help of Tex les by St Anne’s, Chase and Wonder products can be seen in Liberty of London as well as other shops across the country. There are more exci ng stockists on the horizon, so we are looking forward to con nuing our rela onship as we grow”. David Aspinall Chase and Wonder The skill set of all staff and service users has increased, enabling us to secure orders for cruise ships, large hotels, student accommoda on and domes c work. Our work progression students have made great progress and two are now on work experience helping with produc on on some of

the large orders we are working on.

Case Study Mohammed Shafiq “When I joined BITA Pathways I knew li le about what they did. My first experience was enrolling on a computer training course. Not knowing anything about computers, I was uncertain about whether I would be able to keep up. The support I received from my tutor was encouraging and I learnt a lot about computers. I successfully completed the course and found that BITA Pathways con nued to support me. Having suffered from mental illness I had lost my confidence and mental ability. BITA Pathways had helped me not only get out of the house and meet people and do something, but also provided the support I needed to get my confidence back and my life back on track to normality. My confidence has grown; I have learnt new work skills and brushed

Annual Report 2012

Work Experience OpportuniƟes up on old ones. I have got into the rou ne of coming into work and working with such a friendly team. I am a lot more confident using computers, in par cular Word and Excel packages. I am now looking forward to begin work experience where I will be able to get back into the rou ne of working full me. From there the next planned stage would be to secure full me paid employment”.

Achievements during the last 12 months Enterprising CommuniƟes Award Tex les trainee Michelle Asbury & Tex les Supervisor Helen Costa both won an award which was presented at the annual mee ng of Enterprising Communi es. Michelle’s award was ‘for personal progression as a par cipant of a training course, work placement or pre-employment support ini a ve.’ Helen’s award was ‘for the

organisa on that has achieved the most success using a business model to achieve social goals’.

Birmingham & Black Country Community FoundaƟon Tex les by St Anne’s also won an award from the Birmingham and Black Country Community Founda on. The Chairman's Award 2011 was given for running an ‘Outstanding Larger Community Project’.

ProducƟon Workshop The produc on workshop con nues to provide work experience opportuni es for around 200 service users. They undertake a variety of work, which serves as therapeu c ac vi es and

work experience. These range from light assembly and packing to more technical and advanced work. Skills learnt include me keeping and rou nes, travel to work, work presenta on, communica ons, team work, giving and taking instruc ons and working to deadlines. All these skills are useful ones for day-to-day-living but are also transferable for employment. Gaining these skills gives service users increased confidence and self-esteem and offers opportuni es for progression.

CraŌ Centre The Cra Centre con nues to thrive, offering a total of 24 service users the opportunity to create and produce items for sale in the garden centre and for individual customers. The wooden trugs and bird boxes are par cularly popular and the small wheelbarrow planters usually sell out at the garden centre’s open days.


Annual Report 2012

Garden Pathways Feedback from par cipants has indicated the need for these ac vi es as part of the recovery process in both mental and physical health.

volunteers and provides the opportunity for social inclusion and has a visible effect on self-esteem. The teams develop rela onships both, with each other and with the customers and grow in confidence and ability.

In par cular, the Garden Services has gone from strength to strength with two teams of 4 now working on private bookings and we have secured two contracts to maintain churchyards. This is regular, real work for the

The chutney produc on has con nued with a small but produc ve workforce and has had another successful event at the Botanical Gardens in November

64 service users engaged in total


19 individuals parƟcipated in Healthy EaƟng acƟviƟes


people engaged in Allotment work and Garden Services

21 service users engaged in Walking acƟvity

The Fruit Drop service has become a user-led ac vity whose aim is to provide service users with the opportunity to regularly buy a bowl of mixed fruit – just enough for a single person – and thereby help towards their target of 5 a day. Healthy Ea ng workshops focus on cooking methods, por on control and the inclusion of more vegetables but also include budge ng and shopping skills. Walking ac vity has definite benefits in terms of reducing levels of anxiety and promotes the importance of fi ng low level but regular exercise into our daily lives.


people involved in the Fruit Drop

and a new venue at the Christmas fair at the Priory School, Edgbaston.

4 service users involved in the producƟon of chutney

This is the second year of a three year grant from the Big Lo ery Fund and we will con nue to develop these ac vi es to suit the diverse needs of all our service users. Jean Sheldon Project Worker

Annual Report 2012

Governance BITA Pathways Board of Directors Marguerite Nu all Peter Townley Dr Dermot McGovern Kate Baylis Dr Alison Coates Peter Imlah Les Latchman Ruth Boyd Simon Lawrence Dr Bill Calthorpe Susan Downes

Chair, re red Ci zens Advice Development Officer Business Development Consultant Consultant Psychiatrist Trust Lead Occupa onal Therapist, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Founda on Trust Lead for Teaching and Learning (Nursing), University of Birmingham Asser ve Outreach Team Manager, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust Residen al Care Home Manager Organisa onal Development Consultant Management Training Consultant Consultant Psychiatrist Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust Re red Economic Development Officer, Birmingham City Council

Observers Carlos Bryant

User Forum representa ve

The Board of Directors meets quarterly. Each Director also serves as a member of one or more of the four sub-commi ees that also meet quarterly: Personnel & Policies Sub-Commi ee Service Delivery Sub-Commi ee Business Development Sub-Commi ee Finance Sub-Commi ee

The Annual General MeeƟng took 27 September 2011.

place on

Dr Alan Ogden and Mr Michael Edwards reƟred. Three other directors reƟred in rotaƟon and being Eligible for re-elecƟ on were duly re-elected for a furth er three years.

chaired by Alison Coates chaired by Ruth Boyd chaired by Peter Townley chaired by Simon Lawrence


Annual Report 2012

Annual StaƟsƟcal InformaƟon As at 31 March 2012 the reported number of service users accessing individual services stand at:



Digbeth Workshop



Warwick Training



St Anne’s Training



Cra Workshop



Garden Pathways



Tex les by St Anne’s



Learning & Work



Park Lane Garden






(Service users may be accessing a number of different services at the same me) During much of the year we have been developing a new management informa on system with the help of our suppliers Percep s. The new system went live in July 2012 and we hope this will enable us to produce more informa ve data next year.


Annual Report 2012

Service User Key Data GE N



CITY NI White African/Caribbean Pakistani Indian Other

66% 9% 9% 6% 9%


Male Female

63% 37%

18-29 18 29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-64

11% 23% 32% 25% 9%


Annual Report 2012

Our Staff Profile Each year we undertake an analysis of our staff profile. During the last year this exercise was undertaken by Mandip Bangh, Finance Assistant in September 2011. Key findings are:



20% of our staff are aged over 60 18

Male Female

30% 70%


7% 7% 27% 27% 14% 19%


18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-60 61+





White African/Caribbean Pakistani Indian African Other

68% 11% 9% 8% 2% 2%

Disclosed 17% Not Disclosed 83%




of our staff are women

of our staff are from black and minority communi es

of our staff disclose a disability

Annual Report 2012

Financial Accounts Income - Where we get our money from: Primary Care Trusts & Social Services


(Extract from DraŌ unaudited Accounts)

Expenditure - What we spend our money on: Direct Costs

South Birmingham College


Staff Costs (inc. Pensions)


Trading Income


Tutor Fees & Course Costs


Other Direct Costs


BCC- Adult & Communi es Grant


Be Birmingham -FJF


Big Lo ery Fund


The Best Network


Birmingham Founda on Trust


Interest & Dona ons & Others Grants


West Midlands Proba on Services


Garfield Weston Founda on

10000 1640095

1302936 Staff Costs (inc. Pensions) Tutor Fees & Course Costs Other Direct Costs

52% 10% 38%

AdministraƟon Costs Salaries


Other Administra on Expenses

88409 323947

Primary Care Trusts & Social Services 69% South Birmingham College 8% Trading Income 12% BCC - Adult & Communi es Grant 4% Be Birmingham - FJF 1% Big Lo ery Fund 3% The Best Network 1% Birmingham Founda on Trust 1% Interest & Dona ons & Other Grants 1%

Salaries Other Admin Expenses

73% 27%

Net Income/(Outgoings) Parmjit Lal Malhi Finance Manager



Annual Report 2012

OrganisaƟonal Chart Chief ExecuƟve

OperaƟons Manager

Learning & Work Lead

Social Enterprise Lead (TexƟles)

Sheltered Employment Lead

EducaƟonal Lead

Social Enterprise Lead (Garden Centre)

Learning & Work Advisor

Skills Trainer

Skills Support Worker

Learner Link Advisor

Skills Trainer

Administra ve & IT Officer

Learning & Work Advisor

Tex les Assistant

Skills Support Worker


Cra Instructor

Finance Assistant

Learning & Work Advisor

Tex les Assistant

Skills Support Worker

Adult Learning Tutor

Cra Instructor

Learning & Work Advisor

Tex les Assistant

Skills Support Worker

Adult Learning Tutor

Sales & Garden Assistant

Learning & Work Advisor

Tex les Assistant

Van Driver

Adult Learning Tutor

Garden Assistant

Learner Link Advisor

Tex les Assistant

Catering Assistant

Adult Learning Tutor

Garden Assistant x 2P/T

Cra Instructor

Adult Learning Tutor

Garden Pathways Project Officer

Maintenance Officer

Adult Learning Tutor

Volunteer Placement Officer


Finance Manager

Adult Learning Tutor

BITA wishes to thank: HoB South and BEN PCTs, Birmingham City Council Adults & Communities, South Birmingham College, National Offender Management Service, BIG Lottery Fund, Garfield Weston Foundation

BITA Pathways is the operating name of Birmingham Industrial Therapy Association Ltd. Registered in the UK No:748773 at the above address. Registered Charity No: 244866


BITA Pathways 201-206 Alcester Street Digbeth Birmingham B12 0NQ t: 0121 773 1455 f: 0121 771 0568 e: w:

Bita Pathways Annual Report 2012  

BITA Pathways is a mental health charity which specialises in rehabilitation services for adults experiencing mental ill health by offering...

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