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SINCE 1963

Bita Pathways Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013

Chair’s Report We have come through a difficult year with renewed op mism and strengthened resilience. Our service has successfully developed to meet the requirements of the new NHS contract and we are confident in our abili es to deliver the expected outcomes.

I would also like to thank the Chief Execu ve and her staff for their achievements.

I wish to record my thanks to my fellow Directors for their con nued commitment and for their valued contribu ons to recent challenges and developments. We are sorry to have to say farewell to Kate Baylis, a long serving Director and thank her for her dedica on and support over many years. We are pleased to recruit 3 new Directors from different backgrounds with experience of business, law and insurance and know they will be an asset to the Board in their delibera ons over the coming months.

Marguerite NuƩall Chair, Board of Directors

In this, our Golden Jubilee year, we want to celebrate our achievements and hope this year’s annual report will offer a snapshot of our work.


Annual Report 2013

Chief ExecuƟve’s Report The year 2012-13 has been a bit of a roller coaster. The first 3 months of the financial year we were in a state of limbo awai ng the decision on the tender we had submi ed for a large NHS contract, and the last 3 months were spent star ng the celebra ons for our Golden Jubilee which started officially on 1st February 2013. This me last year we had only just found out we had won the NHS contract and we were working furiously to re-design our services and re-structure the organisa on ready to start delivering EVES, the Educa on, Volunteering and Employment Service from September 2012. We have introduced a single point of access for all individuals who wish to engage with the new EVE service. The focus is on a


person-centred recovery approach with individual choice being at the heart of the service. All individuals are offered an Informa on, Advice and Guidance interview from which a Personal Development Plan is produced with individual goals that are regularly reviewed by a Learning and Work Adviser.

Ul mately I think that decision has been one of the main factors that enabled BITA Pathways survival to celebrate its 50th year together with our ability to embrace change. Thanks are due once again to the wonderful staff team for their efforts and enthusiasm during this challenging year.

We have re-configured our services to place a greater emphasis on progression to mainstream opportuni es across the city. We are developing our exis ng partnerships to enable us to offer service users a wide range of employment, volunteering and educa onal opportuni es. It says a lot for the foresight of our founding directors that they saw fit to register the charity as a company limited by guarantee at the same me as a charity.

Erica BarneƩ Chief ExecuƟve

Annual Report 2013

Training The main changes this past year focused on suppor ng service users into training with a progression route leading to mainstream college, voluntary work or paid work. For many service users the thought of a ending a mainstream college is an issue, and so we introduced Preparing for College and Introduc on to College. The tutors proved to be very proac ve taking groups out and about all around the city to visit a wide range of colleges. During these visits the clients were able to open their minds, change their a tudes and raise their aspira ons. With the knowledge that there are now Link Workers in place within BITA Pathways, a number of service users feel more confident about enrolling at college to reach their goals and achieve their poten al.

Our annual Awards Ceremony was once again held in the auditorium at South and City College Birmingham and thanks to their con nuing hospitality in welcoming us. Many students a ended along with friends and family to receive their cer ficates. There were many to award as the success rate ranged from 80% to 100% for the courses, with C&G Catering achieving 100% achievement for the 2nd year in a row.

Below: Another student, Owen has completed several courses and said it was a great experience which made him feel beƩer; he is waiƟng to start a further progression qualificaƟon in September 2013.

The Guest Presenter Councillor Barry Henley congratulated all the students for their efforts.

Case Study Cornelius enrolled on a FuncƟonal Skills ICT course. This gave him the confidence to volunteer on the Service User NewsleƩer. He has worked very hard to encourage other service users to submit arƟcles for the newsleƩer.

Owen Clarke receiving his cerƟficate from Councillor Henley


Annual Report 2013

Training Case study John was referred to us via his health professional. AŌer being totally isolated for 10 years it was a huge step for him to enrol on a course with us. He enrolled on a Basic Computer course to start with and then progressed onto the next level. John then aƩended the new PreparaƟon for College course. This gave him the confidence to enrol in a mainstream college and he’s now successfully achieved his Level 2 ICT. John now has plans to complete a Level 3 in ICT alongside a Teacher Training course. In the meanƟme he has proved to be a valuable member of our Volunteer Learner support Assistant Team. We will conƟnue to support and encourage him on his journey. John said “Although I’m in my early 50’s I now feel there is a light at the end of a tunnel.


I have structure in my week and a purpose to get out of bed.”

Guest presenter Councillor Barry Henley with Chief ExecuƟve Erica BarneƩ at the Awards Ceremony in October 2012

Annual Report 2013

Social Enterprises The vegetable plant producƟon has greatly expanded, adding credence to the fact that people really do see the merit in ‘growing your own’. The garden centre is working collaboraƟvely with the Botanical Gardens Urban Food stall, an iniƟaƟve designed to support and sƟmulate food growing in Birmingham communiƟes, along with the associated health and other benefits. This project was seedcorn funded by NHS West Midlands Public Health. Chris Blythe, who is spearheading this project, commented, “the range and quality of plants produced at Park Lane Garden Centre is superb, and a credit to the skill and dedicaƟon of the volunteers who work Ɵrelessly to produce vegetable plants that I have been privileged to promote at one of Birmingham’s most presƟgious horƟcultural venues”.

The propagaƟon pilot, started last year, proved extremely successful and the volunteer who pioneered this has produced plants of superb quality, thus enabling us to claim, with pride, “home grown at Park Lane Garden Centre”. Garden design has featured amongst our achievements this year too, with a commission to design a courtyard garden for one of the new services based at the NorthcroŌ Hospital site. A volunteer, who has studied Garden Design at Pershore HorƟcultural College (having completed all the training at Park Lane), designed a pracƟcal and aƩracƟve garden, incorporaƟng vegetable and plants growing – based around a seaside theme.

Food stall at Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Annual Report 2013

CraŌ AcƟvity Woodwork at Digbeth: This

Case Study

year has seen a significant increase in woodwork producƟon, including not only items for retailing at the garden centre, but also in bespoke commission work. The trainees produced a prototype ‘collapsible market stall’ commissioned by Grow Soho, a community based gardening project supporƟng young disadvantaged people in the Soho and Ladywood area.

Linda, having worked all her life since the age of 15, took early reƟrement and then experienced a serious mental health episode. “it is hard for people to understand how someone can go from being happy, independent, well-organised, efficient and leading a very full life, to someone who cannot even leave their bed and func on with the simplest of tasks. The life I knew had gone. I was referred to the Po ery studio where I soon

Floristry at Park Lane: New commissions for funeral and wedding flowers have seen the floristry enterprise grow steadily throughout the year.

PoƩery at MarƟneau Gardens: another inspiring and creaƟve year for the students and trainees at this tranquil haven based in MarƟneau Garden, who have produced some outstanding and unique work.


felt that I had a sense of purpose, looked forward to a ending the sessions and made friends with people in a similar situa on. The skills and confidence I have acquired have proved invaluable but, much more than this, I had my life back. I try not to take things for granted and realise that there will be occasions when I suffer mentally, but if someone had told me that in 2012 I would be running Children’s Po ery Groups at Mar neau Gardens on a Saturday morning, I would not have believed them”.

Annual Report 2013

Social Enterprises TexƟles by St Anne’s Sales and new customers are increasing; more prototype work has been undertaken suppor ng local start-up companies to get their designs to market. The list of products this Social Enterprise manufactures is impressive: wash bags, pencil cases and purses in Liberty of London, so furnishings for pres gious cruise liners, corporate branded clothing, and produc on support for disposable curtains for an Interna onal company supplying hospital curtains. Other projects include so furnishings for private nursing homes, hotels, student accommoda on and private clients. Tex les has been working on exci ng new projects such as the Por co bag, Chase and Wonders new range, Thorneywork studio’s amazing cushions and runners and also the curtains for Birmingham’s

Aston Hall. To read more please see our website for our blog and news ar cles. At the Social Enterprise West Midlands conference we were given the opportunity to showcase our embroidery services. We supplied local enterprises with personalised tablecloths making their displays look very effec ve. We are now looking to expand our embroidery services as we have clients interested in learning this very contemporary and fashionable skill - so any businesses out there please consider us!! Yes even the annual report is a marke ng tool.

Case study “I am a volunteer in the Tex les workshop at St. Anne's. For the past few years I have suffered with poor mental health. St. Anne's has been a lifeline for me and an integral part of my recovery.

Dandy Lion - Part of Chase & Wonder’s new range

I am part of a team and have an important role to play, I also have a voice. My opinions and ideas are listened to; this makes me feel valued and gives me a sense of purpose once more. The staff are so suppor ve, I can ask the same ques on a hundred mes, they never mind and never lose pa ence. I have come a long way since I first started at St. Anne's and finally feel more posi ve about my future. I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and discover more about myself. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I hope I will maintain a connec on here so that I can put back a li le of what they have given to me. JR


Annual Report 2013

Social Enterprises ProducƟon Workshop In the Produc on Workshop ac vi es range from light assembly and packing work to more technical and advanced work from a variety of customers. A team of service users have had the opportunity to complete work for Remploy, which entails cu ng down rubber pipes to various sizes. One service user has been supported by staff as a team leader and is currently overseeing the Remploy sec on. Not only has this been a great way for the service user to develop his own team working and organisa onal skills, he is now engaged in work experience at Park Lane Garden Centre. Another posi ve example is reflected in the work delivered through the contract with Lion Picture Framing. Service users are


able to work as a team, ensuring that the required amounts of components are bagged ready for dispatch. Similarly, Eurolink have supplied us with vast quan es of work entailing the assembly of coat hangers into a wooden component. Through undertaking this form of work, we support service users in confidence building and skill development while ensuring that a therapeu c environment is maintained. This past year has seen an increase in the number of service users from the Produc on Workshop engaging in posi ve steps towards personal development. Service users are working towards pursuing challenging courses, external placements with Royal Mail and various assistant posi ons within the organisa on.

Case Study “I am glad to be here in a working environment. InteracƟng with everyone and meeƟng deadlines, it’s brilliant. For people with mental ill health, this place is invaluable. My increased confidence and self-esteem have helped me to move forward.”

Annual Report 2013

Garden Pathways The walking ac vity has sought to facilitate the development of personal and social skills and par cipant understanding of the poten al benefits of regular outdoor ac vity. As well as our regular walking groups, January saw the start of a Walk 50 miles challenge as part of our Golden Jubilee celebra ons and by March we were well over half way.

The Healthy EaƟng aspect of the project has incorporated workshops, cook and taste sessions, nutri onal advice and guidance and opportuni es to develop food purchasing and prepara on skills.

to be well a ended with the development of skills and knowledge about gardening and vegetable growing becoming evident. Most volunteers on the project have taken the opportunity to gain qualifica ons in Hor culture through the courses we offer.


SH “Being on the allotment gives me the saƟsfacƟon of doing something useful, something posiƟve. I love seeing how the po plants grow. My involvement with pl the th gardening project has inspired me m to do a Level 1 HorƟculture course.” co

Total parƟcipants



service users engaged in Walking acƟvity

individuals parƟcipated in Healthy EaƟng acƟviƟes

Allotment acƟviƟes con nued

MS “ It’s helped me understand how to cook for myself and how to use the right ingredients to prepare low fat meals.”

SC “ Joining the walking group has made me realize that it beƩer to get outside and do something. I don’t feel as anxious about myself when I have done something physical.”


The chutney produc on has con nued intermi ently throughout the year with successful sales at 2 events at Winterbourne House and Gardens.

people engaged in Community Garden Services

8 people engaged in Allotment work


people engaged in Garden Services


Annual Report 2013

Garden Pathways Garden Services con nues to develop with regular work clearing and maintaining a wide variety of gardens. 9 of the volunteers on both gardening ac vi es have par cipated in voluntary work at Highbury Community Orchard in Kings Heath and Winterbourne House in Edgbaston. This has been a huge step for some and again offers the opportunity to further develop social communica on skills within a community group se ng and was invaluable in raising self-esteem and confidence.

Case Study DC had experienced severe trauma in his adult life and became homeless and described a hazardous life on the streets. This led to heavy drinking and aggressive behaviour as well as a deterioraƟon in his health. He was referred to BITA Pathways and the Garden Pathways project.


His involvement with the project has been beneficial because he says he was not judged because of his past, he felt supported on the basis of his capabiliƟes, being gently encouraged to try acƟviƟes that had physical and mental benefits for him. He talks of how key relaƟonships with people on the project have helped develop his communicaƟon skills and, consequently, helped improve his relaƟonships with his peers. He feels he has his life back.

Annual Report 2013

Governance BITA Pathways Board of Directors Marguerite Nu all Peter Townley Dr Dermot McGovern Kate Baylis Dr Alison Coates Peter Imlah Les Latchman Ruth Boyd Simon Lawrence Dr Bill Calthorpe Susan Downes

Chair, re red Ci zens Advice Development Officer Business Development Consultant Consultant Psychiatrist Service Manager, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Founda on Trust Lead for Teaching and Learning (Nursing), University of Birmingham Asser ve Outreach Team Manager, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Founda on Trust Residen al Care Home Manager Organisa onal Development Consultant Management Training Consultant Assistant Medical Director, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Founda on Trust Re red Economic Development Officer, Birmingham City Council

The Annual General MeeƟng took 27 September 2012.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly. Each Director also serves as a member of one or more of the four sub-commi ees that also meet quarterly: Personnel & Policies Sub-Commi ee Service Delivery Sub-Commi ee Business Development Sub-Commi ee Finance Sub-Commi ee

place on

Three directors reƟred in rotaƟon and being eligible for re-elecƟon were duly re-elected for a further three years.

chaired by Alison Coates chaired by Ruth Boyd chaired by Peter Townley chaired by Simon Lawrence


Annual Report 2013

Key Performance Indicators No. of Clients Engaging in AcƟviƟes

Outcomes 2012-2013

350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0













Annual Report 2013

Service User Key Data In 2012-3 we engaged with 543 Service Users as follows: GE N


17% 15% 3% 43% 2% 2% 6% 12%

Women service users make up nearly

40% of the total

Male Female

Young people aged


make up almost a quarter of the toal

61% 39%



CITY NI Asian/Asian BriƟsh Black/Black BriƟsh Mixed White/Asian White (UK) White (Irish) White (Other) Other Unclassified


18-29 18 29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-64 65 and over Unclassified


of service users are from BME communiƟes compared to 24% in 2012

24% 22% 28% 20% 3% 1% 2%


of service users are referred to us by a Community Psychiatric Nurse


Annual Report 2013

Our Staff Profile Each year we undertake an analysis of our staff profile. During the last year this exercise was undertaken by Mandip Bangh, Finance Assistant in September 2012. Key findings are:



20% of our staff are aged over 60 14

Male Female

29% 71%


4% 7% 22% 36% 15% 16%


18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-60 61+





White Indian African - Caribbean Pakistani

68% 11% 9% 8%

Yes No

18% 82%




of our staff are women

of our staff are from black and minority communi es

of our staff have a disability

Annual Report 2013

Financial Accounts Income - Where we get our money from: Primary Care Trusts & Social Services


(Extract from DraŌ unaudited Accounts 2012/13)

Expenditure - What we spend our money on: Direct Costs

South Birmingham College


Staff Costs (inc. Pensions)


Trading Income


Tutor Fees & Course Costs


Other Direct Costs


BCC- Adult & Communi es Grant


Big Lo ery Fund


Interest & Dona ons & Others Grants


The Best Network


West Midlands Proba on Services


1325174 Staff Costs (inc. Pensions) Tutor Fees & Course Costs Other Direct Costs

54% 9% 37%


AdministraƟon Costs Salaries


Other Administra on Expenses

174761 356063

Primary Care Trusts & Social Services 66% South Birmingham College 15% Trading Income 11% BCC - Adult & Communi es Grant 4% Big Lo ery Fund 3% Interest & Dona ons & Other Grants 1%

Salaries Other Admin Expenses

51% 49%

Net Income/(Outgoings) Parmjit Lal Malhi Finance Manager



Annual Report 2013

OrganisaƟonal Chart Chief ExecuƟve Erica BarneƩ

OperaƟons Manager Fiona Coakley

Finance Manager Parmjit Mahli

Learning & Work Lead Ambreen Khan

EducaƟon Lead Lynn Adcock

Sheltered Employment Lead Steve Thomas

Social Enterprise Lead (TexƟles) Helen Costa

Social Enterprise Lead (PLGC) Julia Parkes

Learning & Work Advisor Anjna Chavda

Learner Link Advisor Sharon Kirby

Senior Support Worker Mohammed Jahangir

Senior Tex les Assistant Ashrat Ali

Sales Co-ordinator Debbie Evans

Admin & IT Officer Simon Osborne

Learning & Work Advisor Naseem Akhtar

Training Administrator Debbie Pearson

Skills Support Worker Hazel Ducille

Tex les Assistant Sylvia Litchfield

Cra Instructor Diane Tarrant

Finance Assistant Mandip Bangh

Learning & Work Advisor Simon Pateman

Adult Learning Tutor Beth Wilkinson

Skills Support Worker Peter Maybury

Tex les Assistant Rajwinder Rehal

Cra Instructor Heather Cro

Learning & Work Advisor Nasar Mahmood

Adult Learning Tutor Ros Codd

Skills Support Worker Neesha Sahota

Tex les Assistant Mansoor Honarinegad

Cra Instructor Bryan Co rell

Learner Link Advisor Michael Summers

Adult Learning Tutor Laurel Donaldson

Van Driver Ian Jobbins

Tex les Assistant Elisha Henry

Garden Assistant Simon Neale

Employment Coach/IPS Officer Carol Johnson

Adult Learning Tutor Susan Jaep

Van Driver David Legore

Garden Assistant x 2 P/T Mar n Green

Learning Disability Transi on Worker Una Townsend

Adult Learning Tutor Anne e Naughton

Catering Officer Yve e Glenn

Garden Pathways Project Officer Jean Sheldon

Adult Learning Tutor Rema Walters Adult Learning Tutor Alison Dean Adult Learning Tutor Kathie Hoskins Adult Learning Tutor Kay Higgins Adult Learning Tutor Jackie Lewis Adult Learning Tutor Tereza Johnson Hor culture Skills Trainer Jeff Po er


Business Development Manager Patricia Bend

Cleaner Rose Kelly

50 50

SINCE 1963

BITA wishes to thank: Mental Health Joint Commissioning Team on behalf of Birmingham Cross City, Birmingham South Central and Sandwell and West Birmingham CCGs (formerly HoB, South and BEN PCTs), Birmingham City Council Adults & Communities, South & City College Birmingham, National Offender Management Service, BIG Lottery Fund and BEST Network

BITA Pathways 201-206 Alcester Street Digbeth Birmingham B12 0NQ t: 0121 773 1455 f: 0121 771 0568 e: oďŹƒ w: BITA Pathways is the opera ng name of Birmingham Industrial Therapy Associa on Ltd. Registered in the UK No:748773 at the above address. Registered Charity No: 244866



Bita Pathways Annual Report 2013  

BITA Pathways is a mental health charity which specialises in rehabilitation services for adults experiencing mental ill health by offering...

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