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Under the Arches March • April • May | 2021

LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR Dear Friends, It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to reintroduce the Under the Arches brochure, especially considering this is the first printed issue in nearly a year. I am particularly humbled by the tremendous outpouring of support from the community over the last several months. As you well know, we greatly rely on private support to remain “free as air to all,” as stated by our forwardthinking founder, Virginia Marquand Monroe. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to seeing that we remain as vital as ever to the well-being of our Town residents. Our original 1892 charter stated that Pequot Library Association was organized for the “promotion of useful knowledge in the town of Fairfield and its vicinity, and for that purpose to there maintain a public library, reading-room, and lecture-room.” It is with great pride that we carry on our founder’s ideals and serve in this manner. To this day, we remain committed to delivering a wide variety of free library services and programs that meet the needs of a broad community. As a public library, we serve as a gathering place for all to learn together. In this issue you will find virtual talks about a variety of topics, from cooking and philanthropy to a talk about John James Audubon and our rare Bien Edition of his famous Birds of America project, along with presentations about chair yoga, anxiety, and depression, and a talk about seed libraries and how to grow native pollinators. There is more! Explore the world with virtual traveling, take a break from the screen for a walking tour of Southport, or enjoy a socially distant perusal of thousands of donated books at our Spring Fling Book Sale. This season, too, we partner with our colleagues at Fairfield Public Library for One Book One Town and learn more about unjust imprisonment with the book Punching the Air. Pequot Library continues to provide all this and more, and we are so proud to be able to do so, thanks to patrons like you. Thank you. With appreciation,

Stephanie J. Coakley Executive Director front cover image detail

THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS Pequot Library operates with support from the Town of Fairfield, individual donors, state government and foundation grants, and major business, corporate, and media partners. Thank you!

The Dillon Fund The Perkin Fund THE SONTHEIMER FOUNDATION 2

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Community Corner One Book One Town | Fairfield Reads

Pequot Library, the Fairfield Public Library, and their community partners are happy to announce the One Book One Town (OBOT) selection for March 2021: Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam.

Meet the Authors: Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam Tuesday, March 2

7:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Celebrate Fairfield’s 2021 One Book One Town selection with a virtual talk by the authors of Punching the Air. This story of a tragic event leading to an unjust imprisonment shows the impact it has on family and community, as well as how strength can be found in the power of art and poetry.

One Book One Town 2021 Writing & Mixed Media Contest Submissions due March 12

For middle school and high school students and adults

In Punching the Air, Amal finds the freedom to express himself in his art and poetry, which brings him solace in unspeakably dark circumstances. What act of self-expression brings you solace in tough times? Is it writing or painting? Dancing or cooking? Or something else? Tell us about it in no more than 750 words or in the artistic medium of your choosing. See submission details on our website. Contest winners (from each age category within each medium) will be notified before the reception (Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m.) and will be invited to read and display their works.

Fairfield and Beyond National Library Workers Day

Tuesday, April 6 Celebrate and honor your favorite library worker! Write a thank you note to your Pequot Library friends by email at or by mail at Pequot Library Association, 720 Pequot Avenue, Southport, CT 06890. pequotlibrary . org


For Adults Meet the Author Learn more about the virtual One Book One Town author event on March 2 with Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam on page 3.

Jennifer Risher

Wednesday, March 10

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Jennifer Risher is the author of We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth, which explores the impact of wealth on identity, relationships, and sense of place in the world. Risher will help to demystify wealth and discuss her honest and personal story with Kelly Laferriere, Chief Business Officer at A-Rod Corp.

Lauren Willig

Tuesday, March 16

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Bestselling author Lauren Willig discusses her newest book, Band of Sisters, with bestselling novelist Andrea Penrose. This sweeping novel — based on a true story — follows a group of young women from Smith College who risk their lives in France at the height of World War I and must cope with the war as well as old rivalries and new betrayals amongst themselves.

Christine Coulson Thursday, April 8

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

From a writer who worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for more than 25 years, Metropolitan Stories is an enchanting novel that shows us the Met that the public doesn’t see. It is a novel bursting with magic, humor, and energetic detail but also a beautiful book about introspection — an ode to lives lived for art.

Marlen Suyapa Bodden Thursday, April 22

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Marlen Suyapa Bodden, the bestselling author of The Wedding Gift, discusses her latest book, Arrows of Fire, an entertaining historical fiction that examines the clash between the Spanish Conquistadors and the Mexican empire of Moctezoma. Told in behind-the-scenes portraits, the novel takes the reader deep inside the bloody European conquest of Mexico. 4

For Adults Meet the Author Melissa Bernstein Tuesday, May 4

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Melissa Bernstein is the mother of six and the co-founder and chief creative officer of the toy company Melissa & Doug. Behind this outward success is a truth Melissa has rarely divulged — she has suffered her entire life with existential anxiety and depression. This book, LifeLines, is her journey about how she has found purpose, peace, and meaning.

Rob & Elisa Bildner Thursday, May 13

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Enjoy the best of the Berkshires’ homegrown food from noted farms to esteemed kitchens. Telling the story of family-run agriculture through the language of food, The Berkshires Farm Table Cookbook offers 125 recipes to recall the magic of the Berkshire region for all readers.

Annie B. Copps Thursday, May 20

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

The Little Local Maine Cookbook brings the essential flavors of Maine to your table and celebrates traditional recipes from lobster boils to blueberry-sauced crepes to wholeroasted fish. Lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers will interview the book’s author, Annie B. Copps, regional food expert and senior food editor of Yankee Magazine.

Educational Programs & Workshops Chair Yoga

Tuesdays: March 2, 9, 16 1:30 p.m. | Digital series online registration required

These 30-minute classes, led by Edel of Jarosa Studio, will incorporate gentle movements while seated, along with breathing techniques that will help calm the central nervous system. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

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For Adults Educational Programs & Workshops How to Use Your Seed Library Thursday, March 4

6:30 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Start planning your garden! Sefra Alexandra — The Seed Huntress — will teach you how to check out and return seeds from Pequot’s seed library. Discover the Southport Globe Onion and native perennial pollinator ecotypes.

Virtual Travels with Kelly Millington Wednesdays: March 17, 24, 31 12:00 p.m. | Digital Series online registration required

March 17 – Turn Your Wanderlust into Wanderlist Plan a future trip and learn how a travel adviser can help navigate COVID-19 regulations. March 24 – Italy: The Gift That Keeps on Giving Discuss different Italion regions and discover creative ideas for experienced travelers. March 31 – I Want to Go on an African Safari: How Do I Do THAT? Explore the details of a typical safari day, how to pack, and why safaris are so expensive.

Southport Walking Tour

Saturdays: April 10; May 8; May 22

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. | Meet on Pequot Library’s Great Lawn online registration required

Enjoy a docent-led walking tour. Learn about Southport’s harbor, onion fields, taverns, and families who once lived here. Social distancing and masks required. Limited to eight attendees per tour. Visit our website for requirements for on-site program attendance.

Of Human Bondage: A History of Slavery in Connecticut Thursday, April 29

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Slavery in Connecticut dated back to the mid-1600s, and Connecticut had more enslaved Africans than any other state in New England. Richard Webb, author, educator, and documentary filmmaker, has researched slavery through primary sources and interviews conducted in the South to uncover the uncomfortable story of “The Peculiar Institution.”

For Parents Motivate Your Son Thursday, March 25

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Inspire your son to be engaged in school, excited for college, and energized for success. Daryl Capuano and his company, The Learning Consultants, will provide specific advice to help boys find the motivation for academic success.

Demystifying College Admissions Tuesday, April 27

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Mary Beth Raycraft of The Learning Consultants will offer insider tips for exploring college websites and sharing your story in the college admissions process. Understand what colleges are offering and get tools for a successful college essay. 6

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Historic Roof Update An Interview with Coke Anne Wilcox and Charlotte Rogan BOARD OF TRUSTEES BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITEE CO-CHAIRPERSONS

WHY THE ROOF AND WHY NOW? The two most important elements of any building are the roof and the foundation. Without a solid foundation, a building won’t stand up. And without a reliable roof, it can’t withstand the elements. Given even a small opening, water will seep into the structure, the walls, and the finishes, and, eventually, find the treasures stored inside. Unfortunately, years of water infiltration in the Auditorium and other locations made replacing the roof critical. Water damage is progressive, and further delay would only lead to bigger repairs. In addition to patches of rot, the attic rafters are suffering from age-related checking and broken connections. Fixing these before the conditions worsen and while the contractors are on-site will avoid much more costly beam replacement down the road. Thanks to a vigilant staff and determined architects, contractors, and engineers, we are ensuring that no further harm comes to our beautiful, historic building. The original roof gave us 125 years of service — how many roofs last that long? HOW ARE WE HONORING THE STRUCTURAL HISTORY OF THE BUILDING? Completed in 1894, Pequot Library was designed by noted architect Robert H. Robertson, a master of the Romanesque Revival style. In 1971, the Library was included as part of historic Southport by the National Register of Historic Places, and we hope to gain individual recognition soon. Renovating a historic building presents a host of challenges. For instance, all exterior elements must be preserved or replaced in kind: When the roof project is finished, the building will look exactly as it always has, even if it might shine a little more brightly. We are fortunate to have Pirie Associates as our architectural team and Kronenberger and Sons Restoration as our contractors. Both firms are experts at solving the kind of problems we encounter as the old roof is removed. A case in point is the iconic copper chimney cap at the central chimney. The wrought iron supports are rusty and, in places, brittle. Our project team has gone to great lengths to determine what can be saved, what must be replaced, and how we can make sure the refurbished chimney cap lasts another 100 years. CAN YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT WHAT MAKES THE TILES SPECIAL? Since our restoration must be pre-approved by the Historic District Commission of Fairfield, our old roof tiles must be replaced with a product that matches them. Ludowici, a custom tile company started by a descendant of Italian tile makers and the leading manufacturer of terra cotta roof tiles, is supplying the new tiles. Based in Ohio, Ludowici has been chosen for thousands of historic restorations worldwide. Installed properly, the life expectancy of the tiles is 75-100 years. WHY PIRIE ASSOCIATES? Of the three architectural firms interviewed, the Library’s Building and Grounds Committee unanimously chose Pirie Associates, which is based in New Haven and led by Laura Pirie. The firm was appealing for many reasons: its relatively small size; the attention to detail, beginning with its interview presentation book; its view of the client as an active team member; and its awardwinning restoration of the Nathan Hale Homestead, a historic home in Coventry, Conn. In addition, Pirie is tapped into a wide network of preservation engineers and contractors, which is really useful when it comes to getting competitive bids and saving the Library money. pequotlibrary . org


Special Collections & Exhibitions Exhibitions John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” | A Return to Pequot Library On display in the Perkin Gallery through May 2, 2021

In collaboration with the Fairfield University Art Museum and its exhibition Birds of the Northeast: Gulls to Great Auks, Pequot Library is excited to announce a return visit to Southport of John James Audubon’s Birds of America, the Bien Edition. In 1858, Audubon’s youngest son, John Woodhouse Audubon, decided to reissue his father’s masterwork. Julius Bien of New York, working with the latest techniques in chromolithography, was contracted as the lithographer, and thus the resulting volume is referred to as the “Bien Edition.” Audubon carried his portfolio, weighing about 100 pounds, with him as he tried to find subscribers for his work. Like his father, John Woodhouse Audubon attempted to underwrite the production with subscriber contributions. However, the onset of the Civil War ended the Bien Edition, and the high costs of the production left the Audubon family with considerable debt. An estimated 75-100 copies were made, though in 1976 only 49 bound volumes of the Bien Edition were catalogued worldwide. Among the related selections on display will be Mabel Osgood Wright’s A Year with the Birds: A guide to the naming of 100 birds commonly seen in Connecticut (1905). Audubon’s ornithological studies from the past shine a light on recurring ecological concerns. On display will be Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), a rallying cry that still resonates today. A collection of bird books from Pequot’s Children’s Historical Collection are on view along with The Little White Bird or Adventures in Kensington Gardens by J.M. Barrie, in which Barrie introduces his beloved scamp, Peter Pan. Page turnings will highlight several specimens including, among others, the Wild Turkey — a fan favorite — the American Flamingo, the Great Auk, and many more.


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Special Collections & Exhibitions Birds of America Related Programs for Adults Professor Gregory Nobles: Virtual Q&A Tuesday, April 6

6:00 p.m. | Digital Event online registration required

Join us for a virtual conversation led by Director Stephanie J. Coakley, followed by a Q&A with writer and historian Gregory Nobles, Ph.D, author of John James Audubon: The Nature of the American Woodsman (2017). Nobles is Professor Emeritus of history at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Among his previous books are American Frontiers: Cultural Encounters and Continental Conquest and, with Alfred F. Young, Whose American Revolution Was It? Historians Interpret the Founding.

Rara avis: John James Audubon: Artist, Naturalist, and Early Conservationist Wednesday, April 14

5:00 p.m. | Digital Event from Fairfield University Art Museum online registration required

Roberta Olson, curator of drawings at the New-York Historical Society, will give a virtual lecture in conjunction with Fairfield University Art Museum’s exhibition Birds of the Northeast: Gulls to Great Auks and Pequot Library’s exhibition John James Audubon’s “Birds of America.”

Birds of America Related Programs for Children & Families Birds of Prey at Pequot Library Saturday, April 24

1:00 p.m. | On the Great Lawn at Pequot Library online registration required

Educators from the Connecticut Audubon Society in Fairfield will present a live encounter with one or more raptors on a bird handler’s glove. Learn about the natural history of these magnificent birds and their unique physical and behavioral adaptations. Discover different raptor species and their behavioral and predatory adaptations, as well as their conservation status and critical role in the environment. Space is limited, so register early. Social distancing and mask-wearing required. Visit our website for requirements for on-site program attendance.

Birds at Pequot Library – A Children’s Outdoor Art Exhibit Call to Action: February 4 – March 15 Art Exhibit: April 1–30 On the Great Lawn at Pequot Library online registration required

Calling all bird artists! Children of all ages are invited to take part in our outdoor art show. Birds at Pequot Library is designed to raise awareness through avian art of the tremendous toll taken on bird habitats. Registrants will receive artwork and instructions. All artwork must be returned to Pequot Library by March 15. Birds at Pequot Library – A Children’s Outdoor Art Exhibit will be displayed on the Great Lawn starting April 1 and be up in the air and trees throughout the month. pequotlibrary . org 9

Special Events Spring Fling Book Sale April 20–26

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day shopping by appointment

Pequot Library is excited to host the Spring Fling Book Sale under the tent at the Library. Kick off the new season with some outdoor shopping by appointment and find great deals on gently used books and media. Categories will include new fiction, fiction, mystery, biography, history, children’s books, cookbooks, DVDs, and CDs. Books on the tables will be replenished throughout the sale, and pricing will be standardized to simplify shopping. Social distancing and mask-wearing required.

Online Pequot Library Store Available online 24/7

Find your next great book in our Online Pequot Library Store! Shop collectible, new, and used books at great prices. You’ll find a wide selection of books for all ages in a variety of categories. Purchase your books online and pick them up at the Library during Open Browsing Hours. Just like our on-site book sales, all proceeds directly support Pequot Library’s collections, programs, and services. Shop online now by visiting or scanning the QR code on the right.

Save the Date: Southport Garden Stroll Friday, June 4

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. purchase tickets online

Featuring several of Southport’s finest private gardens, this self-guided walking tour starts in the heart of Southport Village at Pequot Library. Pick up your garden card and map, then walk your way through a floral adventure in an idyllic seaside New England neighborhood. Local garden enthusiasts will guide you through the most notable features of these bountiful landscapes. For more information or sponsorship opportunities, email

The Pequot Library Free as Air Program

Pequot Library has been able to share hundreds of books with its community partners who d of the pandemic, book donations to Pequot Library have grown significantly, and without bein stopping donations, we have been reaching out to local organizations that can also use book given to us by our loyal and generous patrons with organizations that do not have access to m We are so grateful to you and are happy to continue to accept all books and to get them in th ourselves. Donating to Pequot Library is supporting the greater community at large, including Carolton, Fairfield First Responders, Fairfield Public Schools, LifeBridge, Maplewood of South 10

pequotlibrary . org

Children & Family Programs Community Events Learn more about the One Book One Town 2021 Writing & Mixed Media Contest on page 3.

Story Mash-Up Writing Contest: The Wonderland Edition March 1–31

online registration required

Love stories? Write one of your own! The Story Mash-Up: The Wonderland Edition is a writing contest for children ages 9-12. Submit stories where modern-day fictional characters meet a beloved character from Alice in Wonderland, such as the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, or Alice herself. What would happen if Harry Potter met Alice or the Mad Hatter met Nancy Drew? It’s up to you! Registration opens on March 1. Submissions due by March 31. Winners announced on April 10.

Fairfield Public Schools AP Art Show May 17 – June 4

on view by appointment

| in the perkin gallery

The Fairfield Public Schools AP Art Show will feature artwork created by the talented students of both Fairfield Ludlowe High School and Fairfield Warde High School. Viewing will be by appointment. Please contact schoolprograms@ to schedule.

For Young Adults YA Book Bundles Starting March 15

online registration required

For grades 7-12 Sign up for YA Book Bundles with Pequot Library to receive a special box with snacks, goodies, and two library books curated especially for you! Simply fill out our online form so we can match you with personalized selections. The library books will need to be returned, but the treats and goodies are yours to keep.

do not have the resources for books for their residents and clientele. Since the beginning ng able to hold our traditional book sales, our donation bins are overflowing. Rather than ks and have been helping build their libraries. Pequot Library is happy to share the resources materials like these. Thank you to all of our supporters who have provided these donations. he hands of local community partners who really need them when we cannot utilize them g these organizations: Adam J. Lewis Academy, Books for Teachers, Bridgeport Correctional, hport, Sturges Ridge of Fairfield, Sunrise of Fairfield, and Sunrise of Wilton. pequotlibrary . org


Children & Family Programs Workshops Adventures in Art: Children’s Book Illustrators Mondays: May 3, 10

10:00 a.m. | Digital Event online registration required



Children ages 4 and 5 learn about the world’s great children’s book illustrators by looking at their art and discussing how it brings their stories to life. They then create an illustration inspired by the artist. Choose one or both of these illustrators: Eric Carle on May 3 or Beatrix Potter on May 10. Limit six children. Register by April 19. Zoom link will be emailed to parents. $5 materials fee.

Book Clubs I Survived Book Club

Thursdays: March 18; April 15; May 13 4:30 p.m. | Digital Series For ages 7-10

online registration required

Fans of Lauren Tarshis’ I Survived series come together (on Zoom) to talk about some of the most horrific and harrowing experiences in history. Registrants will receive a Zoom password the day before each meeting.

March 18: The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 April 15: The Battle of D-Day, 1944 May 13: The Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967

Little Creatures Book Club Thursday, March 11

4:30 p.m. | Digital Event For ages 8-12 online registration required

This book club has explored the adventures of a mouse and now focuses on a hamster. Think mice and hamsters are too small to make a difference in the lives of the people around them? Think again. In February we talked about E.B. White’s classic Stuart Little, and we’ll get into some classroom hijinks in March with The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney. Little Creatures Book Club is part of our Doodle and Chat Book Club series. All participants will receive coloring pages and colored pencils along with a Zoom password the day before the meeting. 12

pequotlibrary . org

Children & Family Programs Storytimes Story Hotline Ongoing

For ages 3+

Call Pequot Library 24/7 and listen to one of your favorite stories. Stories change twice a month, so be sure to call back! (203) 259-0346 ext. 110.

Music and Movement for Wigglers

Session 1 – Wednesdays: March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; April 7 Session 2 – Wednesdays: May 5, 12, 19, 26 10:30 a.m. | Digital Series For ages 0-5 online registration required

Can’t sit still? This is the program for you! Jump, hop, dance, and wiggle to the music. Registrants will receive a Zoom password the day before each class.

ABC Storytime and Crafts

Session 4 – Tuesdays: March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; April 6 Session 5 – Tuesdays: April 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25 10:30 a.m. | Digital Series For ages 3+ and caregivers online registration required +


Start to build early literacy skills now. This reading readiness program will explore a new letter each week by reading, talking, writing, singing, and playing. Grab and Go bags must be picked up the day before the session starts. Registrants will receive a Zoom password the day before each class. Fee: $6 for six classes.

Crafty Kids

Session 5 – Thursdays: March 4, 11, 18, 25; April 1, 8 Session 6 – Thursdays: April 22, 29; May 6, 13, 20, 27 10:30 a.m. | Digital Series For ages 3-5 online registration required



Enjoy theme-based stories with a related craft. Registered participants need to pick up their art supplies on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the first class. Registrants will receive a Zoom password the day before each class. Fee: $9 for six classes.

Bedtime Stories

Thursdays: March 25; April 29; May 27 6:30 p.m. | Digital Series For ages 3-5

online registration required

Not quite ready to go to bed? Children can unwind and settle in for bedtime stories with Miss Jane. All participants will receive a Zoom password. Make sure to bring your favorite stuffed animal friend!

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Check Out These Books New Titles

John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” Related Titles

One Book One Town 2021 & Related Titles


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calendar at a glance MARCH 2 OBOT Author Event (p. 3) 4 How to Use Your Seed Library (p. 6) 10 Meet the Author: Jennifer Risher (p. 4) 11 Little Creatures Book Club (p. 12) 12 OBOT Contest submissions due (p. 3) 15 Children’s Art Exhibit submissions due (p. 9) 15 YA Book Bundles (p. 11) 16 Meet the Author: Lauren Willig (p. 4) 18 I Survived Book Club (p. 12) 25 Motivate Your Son (p. 6) 25 Bedtime Stories (p. 13) 31 Story Mash-Up Writing Contest submissions due (p. 11)

APRIL 6 National Library Workers Day (p. 3) 6 Professor Gregory Nobles: Virtual Q&A (p. 9) 8 Meet the Author: Christine Coulson (p. 4) 10 Southport Walking Tour (p. 6) 14 Rara avis: John James Audubon (p. 9) 15 I Survived Book Club (p. 12) 20-26 Spring Fling Book Sale (p. 10) 22 Meet the Author: Marlen Suyapa Bodden (p. 4) 24 Birds of Prey at Pequot Library (p. 9) 27 Demystifying College Admissions (p. 6) 29 Of Human Bondage (p. 6) 29 Bedtime Stories (p. 13)

MAY 3 Adventures in Art (p. 12) 4 Meet the Author: Melissa Bernstein (p. 5) 8 Southport Walking Tour (p. 6) 10 Adventures in Art (p. 12) 13 I Survived Book Club (p. 12) 13 Meet the Author: Rob & Elisa Bildner (p. 5) 20 Meet the Author: Annie B. Copps (p. 5)

MAY (cont.) 22 Southport Walking Tour (p. 6) 27 Bedtime Stories (p. 13) SAVE THE DATE JUNE 4 Southport Garden Stroll (p. 10) SERIES, WEEKLY, AND ONGOING PROGRAMS ABC Storytime and Crafts (p. 13) Tuesdays: March 2 – April 6 Tuesdays: April 20 – May 25 Chair Yoga (p. 5) Tuesdays: March 2–16 Children’s Art Exhibit (p. 9) On view outdoors April 1-30 Crafty Kids (p. 13) Thursdays: March 4 – April 8 Thursdays: April 22 – May 27 Fairfield Public Schools AP Art Show (p. 11) On view May 17 – June 4 John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” | A Return to Pequot Library Exhibition (p. 8) On view through May 2 Music and Movement for Wigglers (p. 13) Wednesdays: March 3 – April 7 Wednesdays: May 5–26 One Book One Town - Fairfield Reads (p. 3) March 2021 Online Pequot Library Store (p. 10) Ongoing 24/7 Story Hotline (p. 13) Ongoing Virtual Travels with Kelly Millington (p. 6) Wednesdays: March 17–31

Visit for more information and the full calendar of programs and events. All programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise specified. Pequot Library’s services and programs are supported in part by the Town of Fairfield and the Friends of Pequot Library.

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Program brochure design: Victoria Konopka Content: Dr. Elizabeth Beaudin, Christine Catallo, Caroline Owens Crawford, Jean Kaul, Owen Lockwood, Jane Manners, Jennifer Prat

Front cover: Carolina Parrot from The Birds of America, from drawings by John James Audubon Re-Issued by J. W. Audubon, Vol. 1 John James Audubon New York: Roe, Lockwood & Son, 1860 Pequot Library Association Special Collections

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