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Q2 Results

Sales Tools

We have created an EM to be sent by the Sales team and the telemarketer to their contacts. Every time they contact a new client, they use this EM to send them information about Thinkstock with a 10% discount in a year subscription.

Agreement with ARCE (cultural magazines) oering a discount on annual subscriptions.

Sales Tools

Thinkstock presentation PDF: Created to promote the Thinkstock content by online and oine way. We can share it by EM (sales team send it to their contacts) and we printed it, so we can give it in sales visits, meetings and others. We created links for the online version and we can track them. At the moment, we don’t have big numbers because we launched it only few weeks ago.


HTML EM created to promote Thinkstock trough the IPMark Database (one of the most important advertising magazines in Spain) and reach new contacts.

We sent 6802 EM with a 22,75% of OR and 2,2 CTR Good result for prospecting emails.

Cross Sell Emails

Cross sell activities to push TS content when we launch EMs for Getty Images to promote creative content. We include information about TS as well as galleries.

Banners and Signatures Sales Signatures

External Banners


We use Thinkstock Facebook to generate engagement with the users and drive some traďŹƒc to our website. Main content: creative, alternative design campaings, design tips, competitions.


Thinkstock Spain Presentation