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Currents fall 2010

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by Pastor Dale Shaw

“If any of you wants to serve me, then follow me. Then you’ll be where I am, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. The Father will honor and reward anyone who serves me.” (The Message) We have an inner urge to know God and to serve Him. Our efforts can often be derailed by the demands of a busy schedule and the influence of others. Making God a priority, being involved in His work; this is the way to true fulfillment. When I think about serving, one of the first persons that comes to mind is the fellow that is our doorman at Pequea Church on Sunday mornings. His name is Don Gochnauer. You might wonder how opening a door could lead to true fulfillment. Don does far more than open the door. He helps the man with the broken leg, the woman with the walker, the mother loaded down with toddlers and diaper bags and the nervous first-time guest. He is at that door in all kinds of weather. For many people he is the first person they see when they come to church. He always greets with a servant’s heart and a friendly smile. After talking to Don you realize that it is not about what he is doing, but whom he is doing it for, that leads to true fulfillment. Don is on a mission for God. Bill Hybels states in his book, The Volunteer Revolution, “We were created to join God on a mission. Some people think of God as hanging around the edges of the universe somewhere, listening to really good worship music. The Bible pictures it much differently. The Bible teaches that God is at work 24/7, all over our world, filling his followers with grace, mercy and power to reclaim, redeem and fix this broken planet.”(p.13)

that Jesus told us in Matthew 10:42 “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.” (NIV) It was humbling to be a servant and to hold the straw as she sipped so appreciatively. And I thanked God for the opportunity. We all thirst, don’t we? We thirst for relationship, to be understood and to have our needs met. In today’s society we may seem bankrupt both morally and financially. I see needs being answered in so many wonderful ways. Opportunities abound to serve someone in need. In most cases you simply need to carve out a piece of your week and show up. You might be asking yourself, show up where? Clear your mind of distractions and ask God where you can serve Him. Then look in your neighborhood, your workplace, your church and your own family. Who is in need? What do they need? You may be surprised at His answer.

God goes about fixing this planet in ways that we do not understand. About five years ago I was beside the bed of a dying woman. I happened to be the only one in the room when she whispered her request for a drink of water. As each droplet hit the small cup I was reminded over and over again Senior Pastor, Dale Shaw- Esteli, Nicaragua PEQUEA CHURCH •




Mark Mitchell graduated from high school in 1993. Penn Manor waved goodbye to another one of its boys. Little did Mark know that soon he would be thrown headlong into adulthood. It was not long after graduation that one of Mark’s cousins, Justin, was killed in an automobile accident. Justin was sixteen years old when a drunk driver killed him. Mark and Justin had been very close. Although Mark was not at the accident scene he saw the pictures and talked to some of the firemen that were there.

This single incident shaped much of Mark’s future, though he didn’t recognize it at the time. Looking back now, he can see that Justin’s death was a defining moment.

time following Justin’s accident. But I was spared. I want to tell our youth that there is a more rewarding path. I have dealt with the same things that they are facing and that rebellious lifestyle is not all that it is cracked up to be.” Mark is a Junior High leader on Wednesday nights; Sunday mornings he teaches the Jr. High boys. As Pastor of Family Ministries I see the connection that he has with the kids. Mark uses both his talents and his resources. He has used his fire equipment and fire-call experiences as examples in his lessons. Mark and his wife Joy, who is also a youth leader, have opened up their home for the youth group. Recently, the “Junior High Messy Games” took place at their home. Mark models the statement that Paul made to the Thessalonians when he said, “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” (Thessalonians 2:8) Mark said that he remembers the people that invested in his life when he was in youth group; now he wants to give back.

Mark became a volunteer firefighter himself. (Undoubtedly Mark’s dad planted the seed of “service” as he was a volunteer firefighter for many years in Millersville Borough.) When Mark heard his family discussing how much they needed and appreciated the firefighters at Justin’s accident, he was motivated to join the volunteers as well. “I Mark could have become bitter following his cousguess I never realized the value of their service in’s death; instead he turned things around and became a role model for our community. Tragedy until it hit so close to home.” birthed new beginnings and blessings for the next Then in 2008 Mark signed on to serve with Pequea generation. Church’s youth group. Mark says with regret in his voice, “I went through a somewhat rebellious Mark & Joy Mitchell have three boys, Gabe 9, Riley 8, and Kasey 3. They live in Conestoga.



After their first visit to Pequea they knew that they had found a church home. They were warmly greeted at the door; the music and message spoke to their hearts. Within a few short months they were baptized and joined both a grow group and the church. From the moment I met them I noticed that they had this unquenchable desire to learn more about God and more about the church. They asked really good questions, processed what they had learned, then rolled up their sleeves and got involved. They are not afraid to try something new even if it seems a little overwhelming.

You Know When it’s Right by Pastor Daleen Charles

You know when it’s right. Jim and Margaret Farkas just knew that everything felt right about their decision to come to Pequea Church. It wasn’t that they took a lot of thought and planning before that day had come; they were literally getting in the car one Sunday morning and looked at each other and said, “Let’s try that church that sent us the magazine.” Margaret says with a grin, “Jim had to go back in the house and double-check the time of the service and the address. We were spontaneous that morning; that usually isn’t our style.”


Overwhelmed—that might be a good word to describe the feelings they had when they returned from a missions trip they participated in just 13 months after coming to Pequea. The trip was to Esteli, Nicaragua to put a roof on a church. “It changed our worldview; it changed us. We will never look at pictures of poverty the same way again,” Jim said. When I think of Jim and Margaret a smile always comes to my face because they always bring so much joy to whatever they do. They bring an abundance of enthusiasm to each serving opportunity. They have truly discovered that the local church is the hope of the world and that it is a privilege to serve the cause of Christ as a volunteer! Jim and Margaret Farkas live in Willow Street. They have five adult children and seven grandchildren.


of Jesus to children in a fun, accepting environment. She is able to balance a job, a household, a family and lesson preparation. Molly is valuable because she is dependable and her heart is always focused on the task at hand. She puts 110% into every project, no matter if it is paintby Dee Steele ing a set for Vacation Bible School or writing a drama for the Fall Festival. She is special because I know that when she is working with children It was August 1983 when I went to Millersville they are a priority and they love her! I cannot University’s freshman orientation. I did not say enough about Molly as a team player. She know a soul in the room when I entered, but I readily accepts responsibility, always following left knowing I had made a friend. My maiden through with assignments.” name was Wood and hers was Wiegand. We were both going to major in Communications and we were seated alphabetically. After roll was One busy Sunday morning I heard someone called she introduced herself as “Molly.” She was say they needed to find Molly Miller but they one of the most “cheery” people I had ever met. didn’t know what she looked like. The person responded, “Look around for someone that I told her about my best friend from home and resembles Snow White.” As much as she might she told me about hers. I think she might have not like seeing this in print, that might be quite even had a picture of the two of them taken at true. She is equally beautiful inside and out and one of those beach photo booths. she gives all the credit to God. I often did projects with Molly. She is no stranger to hard work. She is motivated, studious and Molly and her husband Art Miller have two daughters Hannah 16, and Katie 13. They live conscientious. I . . . well, let’s just say, not so much, at least not in the early years. We had our in Conestoga. regular Communications classes together and we had electives together, like photography and self-defense. Molly made each class seem like an adventure.

Hi Ho…Hi Ho… It’s off to work she goes!

Our lives always seemed to be intertwined in some way or another. It was several years after college when she came to visit me and I introduced her to her future husband, Art Miller. Later it was she who invited me to come to worship at Pequea Church. From time to time I get to work with Molly on a church project. We were just in a skit together. It is so much fun working with her. Seeing her serve at church brings back memories. She exhibits that same dedication and energy that she did in our college years. The joy she gets from serving God is evident to all. Dawn Groff, Pastor of Children’s Ministries had this to say about Molly and her acts of service. “She has undeniable passion to bring the love



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