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What to Do When Sex Leaves Penis Skin Dry and Itchy Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable activity, allowing a couple to experience sensations that simply aren't accessible in any other way. There are times, however, when a long sex session can leave the skin of the penis dry and flaky, and the intense itching this condition can cause might make men worry about leaving the house, much less attempting sex in the future. While dry and itchy penis skin can be distressing and uncomfortable, proper penis care can help to soothe the skin, and a few preventive steps could keep future attacks from taking place. Lack of Lubrication During sex, a woman's body is designed to produce lubrication that can ease the way for a man's penis. However, lubrication can dip for all sorts of reasons, including:  Dehydration  Hormone imbalances  Nervousness or fear  Pain  Alcohol or medications When lubrication levels are low, sex can turn into a friction session, abrading the skin of both partners. In the heat of the moment, discomfort might be easy enough to push through, but when the rush of sex is over, the damaged skin is easier to see and the pain is much harder to ignore. Amending the Situation When the tingle of friction begins, it's time to take notice. Sex isn't only about thrusting, after all, and some women find that their natural lubrication returns when their partners spend a bit more time on foreplay. Even simple snuggling and cuddling could allow fears about performance to ease, and the sex after a session like this might be much less dry and painful. Lubrication issues caused by medications, pain or hormones can't be cured with sexual techniques, however, and personal lubricants can help to smooth the way in these situations. These products are designed to help reduce skin-to-skin friction, and they're safe to use on delicate penis and vaginal tissues. Partners who continue to bump up against friction issues even with a personal lubricant might consider adding condoms to their sex sessions. A barrier between partners might help to reduce skin-to-skin abrasions and help the couple enjoy sex without pain.

Healing from Prior Episodes Penis warts, bleeding sores and other rashes might merit a visit to the doctor. These types of issues are sometimes associated with sexually transmitted diseases, and medications might be needed to keep outbreaks at bay. If the skin is simply dry and a little sore, however, a few home care tips might be all that's needed to put men back on the road to wellness. Step one of the healing plan involves abstinence. Dry, peeling, itchy penis skin is much too sensitive for sex. Condoms might provide men with some protection as they heal, but a rough and dry penis might even be abraded by a condom, and the pressure placed on a penis during sex might slow down the healing process. The same could be said of masturbation, as the rough skin of the hands could do serious damage to already roughened penis skin. Abstinence might not be entertaining, but it can allow the skin to rebuild without facing concurrent damage. In addition, close attention to penis hygiene might help abraded skin to heal. A daily wash with mild soap followed by a thorough rinse with warm water can help men to remove dead flakes of skin while allowing new cells to emerge. Using a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Oil) can help to nourish that new skin. The emollients in these creams can keep new skin soft and smooth, and the vitamins included can help the skin of the penis to resist the signs of aging. When the healing is complete, men will have skin that's soft, supple and responsive. penis skin dry and itchy, penis hygiene, penis health crème.

What To Do When Sex Leaves Penis Skin Dry And Itchy