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Small Penis, Great Sex – A How-to Guide Society tends to be far too focused on whether a man has a big or a small penis, but in the vast majority of cases, penis size has little to do with ultimate sexual satisfaction. Mastering the art of foreplay and learning how to use the equipment he has been given can produce spectacular results and is far more effective than engaging in meaningless size comparisons with other men. In the long run, proper penis care, including keeping the equipment healthy and learning how it works best is all that most men need. Keep it in perspective. First, it helps to remember that a small penis is a matter of perspective. Most men have penises that, when erect are 5-6” long, a very respectable length; those who are in possession of significantly long tools are the exception, not the rule. And even those legitimately small penises are rarely so miniscule as to cause genuine concern. Become adept at foreplay. Foreplay is a small penis’ best friend – and also the best friend of a medium-sized penis, a large penis, and so on. Most men who jump into intercourse without first appropriately “warming up” their partner have a difficult time holding off their ejaculation long enough to bring about an orgasm in the partner. Learning to enjoy foreplay – and what feels especially good for the lady in one’s arms – is essential. Start simple. A man who takes his time and doesn’t rush is a man on his way to a successful sexual encounter. Most women don’t want a man to start fondling them as soon as they sit down. Make sure to engage in plenty of “wordplay” as foreplay – whether that means breathy compliments about a partner’s hair or more straightforward “talking dirty” depends upon the tastes of the individual woman, of course. Kissing and hugging are also essential and not to be rushed, nor are small, gentle strokes to the thigh or tender nibbles on the ears. A man needs to let a woman know he appreciates all of her, and that he’s as interested in her neck or her knees as in her vagina or breasts.

Get touchy. After enough time, move on to tenderly fondling her breasts or gently stroking her vulva. A man wants to pay special attention to the clitoris; stroking here with just the right touch can pay off in a big way. Go oral. A man shouldn’t just be handy: breasts and genitals like to be kissed and licked. Oral sex on the clitoris is, for many women, exactly as wonderful as oral sex is on a penis for a man. Get in position. Choosing the right position is also important for a man with a small penis. For most couples, the missionary position does not allow for optimum penetration. Much more agreeable to the man with a smaller penis is doggie style. The angle achieved here provides much more direct clitoral stimulation. Another excellent option: the flying V. In this position, the woman lies on her back. After the man enters her, he gently raises her legs into a fairly vertical “V” formation; the man may hold onto the ankles or place one or both leg over his shoulders. The angle provided by this position helps enormously with thrusting. By using a more effective position and priming a partner with a glorious round of unforgettable foreplay, a man with a small penis can provide intense pleasure for his partner. But sexual mastery doesn’t stop there; a man needs to take steps to ensure that his own penis is kept in excellent overall health. Regular use of a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is essential for maintaining penis health. There are many creams, but the most effective ones contain ingredients like vitamin D and L-arginine. Vitamin D is often called the “miracle vitamin” because it helps fight disease and enables cell functionality. And L-arginine contributes to the production of nitric oxide, which is essential for keeping blood vessels open for the strong blood flow every penis needs.

Small penis, great sex a how to guide