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Red Penis Alert – Tips for Overcoming Masturbation Boredom Playing with his tool is one of a man's greatest pleasures, but after a few years of the same old techniques, masturbation boredom can set in, leaving the penis unresponsive to his go-to maneuvers. In an effort to compensate, many men resort to rougher handling; unfortunately, this can seriously irritate the skin, leaving them with a sore, red penis that may throb for days. In order to protect his penis health, it behooves a man to take steps to overcome this boredom and make his masturbatory experiences fun again. Why boredom? Not every man experiences masturbation boredom, and even when it does occur, it's usually for relatively short periods of time. It's natural that a man could get "tired" of masturbating, especially if he is someone who masturbates regularly and frequently. Just as a man whose favorite food is a perfectly cooked steak could long for chicken or pasta if he ate steak at every dinner, a man whose frequency of masturbation is high may simply want a change. Often a man realizes that he needs a change and simply stops masturbating for a while; then, when he resumes, he's more "in the mood" for it and finds the experience has regained the old pleasurable sensation it used to have. This is the most "common sense" approach to overcoming self-stimulatory weariness and the one that many men employ naturally. Why keep on? Not all men adopt this "leave it alone for a while" approach, however. Sometimes, that's because masturbation is a genuine habit for them, and habits are hard to break. Other times, a man may not actually be a habitual masturbator, but he may simply enjoy the act of playing with himself and of the intensely pleasurable orgasms that can result.

In either of these cases, the man continues to engage in onanistic behavior, often pulling and tugging and rubbing until a very red penis develops; in most cases, this eventually results in an orgasm, but often it is not as intense as desired. In other cases, the man eventually grows tired and ceases the activity before ejaculating, which creates frustration. What to do The man who continues to masturbate even in the midst of boredom needs to find ways to bring some excitement back into the process. Among the options he can try are: 1. Changing the stroke. Many men masturbate in a very set way: for example, lying in bed, with the right hand wrapped around the penis and stroking up and down. The bored masturbator is well advised to experiment with some new variations. He may try standing up or sitting down, rather than lying on his back. He may want to let his left hand do the work rather than the right. Perhaps lying on his stomach and rubbing his erection against the bedsheets or a towel might be an option, or wearing a condom to provide a different form of stimulation. 2. Enlarging the mental/visual stimulus. Many men masturbate to fantasies which they create in their minds or to visual stimuli, such as pornography. Boredom may result from being too familiar with these triggers. A man should come up with new fantasies or erotic images. He may want to broaden his range by going outside his "comfort zone" of imagery to see if this produces any excitement. 3. Using toys. Adding an adult toy or two to the routine may add a little spice and some unexpected sensations. Overcoming masturbation boredom may or may not save a man from a sore, red penis, but it certainly can make him feel emotionally better. Whether bored with masturbation or not, every man needs to regularly treat his equipment with a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that

is filled with the ingredients every red-blooded male needs. This includes acetyl Lcarnitine, an invaluable ingredient that helps repair the peripheral nerve damage that often accompanies a well-masturbated penis. Also in the cream should be vitamin A, as that vitamin's anti-bacterial qualities are crucial for avoiding embarrassing and off-putting penis odors.

Red penis alert tips for overcoming masturbation boredom