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Penis Sensitivity - 5 Masturbation Techniques to Bring Back the Pleasure No matter what the Kama Sutra might say about the restorative powers of self-love, those who abuse their equipment might have a harder time reaching the peak of pleasure. Penile skin is sensitive, and men who are constantly handling the goods with dry, rough hands can do considerable damage, and experience an intense dip in penis sensitivity. Caring for the penis and trying the following masturbation techniques could help to bring back the sensory information that triggers feelings of pleasure during solo and mutual encounters. Adding a Barrier Adding a buffer between a man's hands and his penis could reduce harmful friction, and it might add a little spice in the process. These barriers spread one touch across a larger skin surface, awakening many sensory cells in the process. Good options to try include:    

Lubricated condoms Banana peels Olive oil Butter

Going With the Flow Water can be very erotic, and when it's allowed to flow freely, it can also be quite strong. A hand-held showerhead can provide intense pleasure, and the skin of the penis won't be subjected to any hand-based friction at all. Water techniques like this can also allow a man to feel a full-body sensory experience, rather than a targeted form of pleasure. Training like this could allow a man to expand his definition of an erogenous zone, and he might feel a sensitivity boost as a result. Trying a Tool Women aren't the only ones who can benefit from a few battery-powered tools. The buzzing action of a vibrator can cause an intense bolt of pleasure for men, too, and men can experiment with the placement and intensity of the vibration in order to find a position that works for them. Adding a lubricant is vital, as these tools can abrade bare skin if they're applied without a buffer, and they should be used only sparingly. But men who employ this method as a rare treat might find pleasurable spots on the penis they might never have found when left to their own devices. Using a Feather Training the penis to be more responsive and sensitive means finding those hidden touch receptors and waking them up once more. The delicate fibers of a feather can provide those cells with the mild stimulation they need, and if the feather is used properly, men may find that they're able to reach pleasurable heights with just the softest of touches.

Pairing a feather touch with visualization might be needed when men start this technique, however, as it's a subtle and quiet method that takes time and patience to refine. Adding a Friend There's no reason that masturbation must be a solo act. In fact, adding a partner into the mix might intensify the experience, and a female partner might use touches and techniques that might not have ever occurred to a man. This technique works best when men don't give their partners direction or commands. Allowing the other partner freedom heightens the suspense, and the sensory system might be on red alert, wondering when the next touch will come and what it might feel like. This can, again, be great training to get a man's sensory cells back on track. Cleaning Up Any masturbation session should end with a quick cleaning, as lubricants and other substances can dry on penis skin and cause yet more skin damage and subsequent sensory loss. After a quick cleanse, a penis vitamin creme (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can reward the penis for its hard work with natural emollients and essential nutrients to help to soothe abraded skin and allow sensory cells to do their job effectively.

Penis Sensitivity - 5 Masturbation Techniques to Bring Back the Pleasure