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Penis Pain and Healing - One Man's Story of Masturbation Gone Wrong Masturbation is something most men do in private. They don't whip out their peckers and pump away in public, and when they're done, they may never tell anyone about what's happened and how it all felt. However, there are times when men simply must talk about this issue, especially when it leads to serious penis pain. Men who need penis care after a particularly vigorous episode might even need medical intervention. Here's what happened, and how one guy overcame a sensitive problem. Not the First Time For this man, who will be called "Pete" for the purpose of this story, rough techniques were always on the self-pleasure menu. "When I was a kid, I did all sorts of crazy things in order to get off. I used paint rollers, toilet paper rolls and even gloves to get there," he says. "I never, ever used lubricant, either, as I liked the feel of the friction on my skin." When Pete was young, he'd occasional feel a little sore down there when the event was through, but he'd bounce back to good health in a day or so. As Pete got older, however, things started to change. "I'm not sure what happened, but I found that I had to get even more extreme in order to get off. I used tools I can't even talk about, and sometimes, I'd end up even ripping my skin while I was in the middle of things," he says. "When that happened, it would take me weeks to feel better, and then I'd start the whole thing over again." Breaking the Cycle People like Pete are in a loop of pain and healing that's hard to emerge from. Each time they get crazy when they're alone, they may do a significant amount of damage to the penile skin and underlying tissue. When that skin heals, it often develops a thicker outer layer – a natural response to injury that may actually limit the amount of sensation a man can feel.

As a result, this scarred skin needs even more prompting to deliver an orgasm, which means guys like Pete need to get even more creative when they're spending time alone. They escalate the abuse, there is more scar tissue, so they escalate, and so on. In time, guys like Pete might not be able to feel anything at all when they masturbate – or even when they are with a partner. A Change in Technique For Pete, everything changed when one day spent alone landed him in the doctor's office. It was an embarrassing day, but he learned a lot by just talking to a doctor. "I ended up opening a big gash right on the head of my penis, and I couldn't get it to stop bleeding at home, so I went to the doctor," he says. "I was terrified that they'd think I was some sort of pervert or something, but my doctor was really understanding, and once I understood what was going on and how I was making things worse, I decided to get with the program and switch things around." Pete's healing program involved:    

A masturbation ban until the skin healed; Antibiotic cream on the open sore; Daily cleansing with cool water; Over-the-counter pain medication as needed.

After broken skin like this has healed, men like Pete can often benefit from changing their techniques during their solo sessions. Adding a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to the personal care regimen once healing is complete can also help to soften and smooth skin that's been roughened by abuse; these products can even help to support the health of the nerves that line the penis, so a guy won't have to get wild to get off. With regular use of a quality product and a doctor's care, men like Pete can recover, and once again, they can enjoy their private time in private, without having to face the embarrassment of describing their techniques to a doctor.

Penis pain and healing one man s story of masturbation gone wrong