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Penis Pain- Soothing a Sore Penis after Sex As unfortunate a problem as it may be for those afflicted with it, penis soreness is a common problem for many men. There are various causes and conditions associated with penis pain, the knowledge of which may lead the owner to jump to conclusions regarding the seriousness of the problem. Luckily, a sore lovestick does not necessarily indicate the presence of a serious medical condition or sexually transmitted disease. In fact, it many cases, it is merely an unpleasant side effect with a benign cause, and proper penis care, and perhaps a few days of rest, can help rejuvenate and restore the penis back to its normal, pain-free state. While old wives’ tales and teenage folklore may have spread the rumor that too frequent masturbation leads to blindness or hairy palms, thankfully, such side effects are no more than imaginative falsehoods. However, when facing the question of whether too frequent sex or masturbation can cause penis soreness, the answer is, in a word: yes. Although an active sex life -- with or without a sexual partner -- is perfectly healthy, too vigorous or too frequent of contact can cause pain or discomfort of the penis. Penis Soreness Caused by Sex Believe it or not, too much sex really can cause pain and soreness to the penis. The most likely culprit may be due to prolonged or unfamiliar sex. While this particular cause may more commonly afflict younger, less experienced men or those experiencing sex for the first time, it can happened to a seasoned pro as well. Reasons for soreness after a sexual encounter may be attributed to:     

Friction: either being unaccustomed to the new experience of the friction, or a different type of friction than usual Vigorous sex or masturbation Prolonged sex or masturbation Lack of lubrication or dryness Extended manual stimulation by a partner (otherwise known as a “hand job”)

Such soreness may be especially common on the foreskin, but will also occur on the shaft of the circumcised and uncircumcised penis alike. Irritation of the penis is likely to result in redness and irritation of the skin as well, a finding which can be quite alarming, but will subside with time. Extreme cases have been known to cause swelling of the penis as a result of lymph fluid in the tissue. When this occurs, it may take up to a week of solid rest for the penis to return to its normal size. Treatment of a Sore Penis Perhaps the best way to treat a sore penis caused by overuse is to underuse it for a few days. Giving it a much need rest by refraining from all forms of penis play will allow the skin to repair itself naturally. In most cases, no medical attention is needed. However, if

the penis pain persists, worsens or is accompanied by excessive bleeding, discharge or unusual bumps, men should seek medical attention to rule out a more serious medical condition. Once sexual activity resumes, adequate lubrication can be used to reduce friction and offer protection for the sensitive penile skin. Engaging in less vigorous activities and shortening the length of time may also prevent excessive chafing of the skin.

Penis Pain- Soothing a Sore Penis after Sex