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Penile Pain and Sounding - A Risky Auto-erotic Adventure Many men are perfectly content to stick to "typical" auto-erotic entertainments involving their hands, a little lotion and their penises, but others crave a more adventurous experience, even if it results in penile pain. Those interested in the much more adventurous masturbatory experience of penis sounding should be aware that it carries a significant risk of injury and is discouraged by health professionals; however, if a man does indulge in this extreme form of entertainment, he needs to ensure that his penis health is not compromised in the process. Okay. So what is sounding? Technically, sounding is a medical process in which a urologist insults a probe (called a sound) into the urethra of the penis. This is done to widen the urethra so that any obstructions can be located. (A sound may also be used in the urethra when a man is getting his penis pierced.) Sounding originally was developed as a way of treating gonorrhea. Sounding as sex play At some point, men discovered that the insertion of a sound creates a pleasurable sensation in the penis. This may go back years before the medical sound was created; men have been doing inventive things with their tools for as long as they have had hands, and it's likely that some men were inserting things into the urethra just to see what would happen long before the medical community developed the sound. The routine Those who engage in sounding for sexual interest generally recommend the following:  The man should be lying down flat on his back before inserting the sound.  It is absolutely crucial that the sound is sterile before it is inserted into the penis.  A good amount of lubrication is also essential.  The penis must be soft when the sound is inserted.

 In actuality, one is supposed to let the penis engulf the sound rather than to push the sound down the penis.  Keep supporting the sound once it is inserted so that it doesn't fall over.  A gentle tap on the sound when it is in place will cause the vibrations that are supposed to produce pleasure.  If the penis becomes erect while the sound is inserted, do not remove the sound until it is soft again. The dangers The dangers associated with penis sounding are presumably obvious: it simply is not a good idea to stick anything down your urethra. (And some practitioners of sounding don't stick with sounds but use a wide range of other objects which are even less appropriate and more dangerous.) Among the problems that can result from sounding, aside from simply a sore penis, are tears and damage to the urethra and to the muscles of the penis. Serious damage can result in erectile issues, as well as in urination challenges. Clearly, whether a man wants to risk these issues in order to explore a new autoerotic technique is a personal decision; but if a man does wish to try sounding, he should (1) make sure that he follows all instructions included with the device exactly, and (2) be extremely careful. The penis pain that can result from improperly sounding is not pleasurable; however, for penile pain that is more topical in nature and that results from the everyday wear and tear of a penis, men are advised to take advantage of a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). In addition to helping to soothe achiness, the proper cream is going to enhance the health of the equipment in question. To get the most benefit, a man should investigate the ingredients list of each cream and select one that includes an emollient such as shea butter to moisturize and soothe the penis; a powerful antioxidant such as alpha lipoic acid, which can help slow down the aging process of penile skin cells; and vitamin C, which is an important structural component of blood vessels.

Penile pain and sounding a risky auto erotic adventure