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Male Organ Odor: Some Simple Basic Tips Hopefully, every man’s New Year’s resolutions included a new commitment to proper male organ care, a resolution that can indeed have a big impact on a guy’s life. And as part of his care routine, a dude needs to keep an eye – or a nose – on his male organ odor and make sure that distressing problem is well under control. For those for whom fighting male organ odor is on their must-do list, the following simple tips can make a big difference in the aroma wafting from the mid-section. Tips to lessen male organ odor  Wash. One of the most important things a guy can do to eliminate male organ odor is simply to wash every day. But washing is more than just standing under some running water for a minute or so. Men with intense male organ odor issues need to use some soap and get a good head of lather going. Since organ skin is sensitive, make sure the cleanser used is gentle and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances that can dry the skin out or create a rash. Also, for intact men, be sure to retract the foreskin and wash thoroughly under the hood. Often an intact man will benefit even further by causing the member to become tumescent before he cleans it; this may enable him to more easily get at some hard-to-clean areas.  Dry. Too many men quickly run a towel across their body when they get out of the shower. The manhood and sacks need to be thoroughly but gently dried; otherwise, moisture will cling to them. The manhood area is already prone to excess moisture, which in turn helps bacteria breed, which in turn causes odor. So dry thoroughly – however, don’t rub the member too roughly, as that may cause skin irritation. Patting the member dry is a better option.  Consider a shave. Sweat and the bacteria it produces is a big cause of male organ odor. Shaving the area can both “cool it off” a little (thereby reducing the amount of sweat) and keep sweat from accumulating in a thick thatch of hair.

 Air it out. Since the manhood is most often trapped beneath two layers of clothing (trousers and underwear), it’s twice as likely to get overheated. Add in the fact that the blood engorgement during the Enlarged process adds heat and it’s easy to see why so much sweat gathers. When possible, a man should spend some time bare (or at least bare from the waist down) so the midsection gets a chance to “breathe.” Sleeping in the buff is often an easy way to accomplish this goal.  Watch the diet. It’s true that what goes into the body has a big effect on what comes out of it- including sweat. Every man’s body processes food differently, but there are some foods more likely than others to create an “aromatic” tinge to a person’s sweat. Garlic, asparagus, onions, meat and fish are among the most common culprits. It may be worth it to experiment a little and see just what foods seem to produce an unwanted odor in his body. One other important tips for fighting male organ odor: Make daily use of a first rate manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For purposes of fighting that odor, select a crème that includes vitamin A. This vitamin has special antibacterial properties that can be a big aid in dampening the bacteria that causes rank male organ odor. Since washing may dry out the sensitive manhood skin, be sure the crème also includes a combination of potent natural moisturizers, such as Shea butter and vitamin E.

Male Organ Odor: Some Simple Basic Tips  

An unwanted case of male organ odor can knock a man for a loop and totally derail his chances with a potential partner. These simple basic t...

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