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Can Manhood Pain Be Due to Male Hormone? A guy will overcome a host of obstacles in search of sensual activity, but when manhood pain rears its ugly head, it can sometimes derail the plans of even the most ardent seeker of pleasure. Sometimes that pain can be related to CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome), a condition in which the pelvis area experiences various levels of pain. So men who are interested in their male organ health and want to avoid manhood pain should know that some doctors believe low male hormone is one cause of CPPS. CPPS CPPS is a form of prostatitis, meaning the prostate gland is painfully inflamed. This inflammation can result in pain anywhere in the pelvic area. Sometimes the pain may be in one area, sometimes in another; the intensity of the pain can also vary from day to day, or even hour to hour. Often that pain can show up in the manhood, and for men with CPPS this is especially true during the urination or seed release. In some cases, the intensity of the pain during release can be such that it dampens a man’s enthusiasm for and willingness to engage in sensual activity. Study link In 2016, the Journal of Sensual Medicine published a study that indicates a link between CPPS and male hormone levels. The scientists wanted to look at men whose male hormone levels fell below a certain benchmark and compare them to men with higher levels of the hormone, with the goal of seeing if there was any link with CPPS. So they enrolled 948 men with a male hormone level of 3.5 or lower and 4,740 men with levels above that mark. Sure enough, when the data was tabulated, the scientists found the men with the low male hormone level were more likely to have CPPS – whether mild, moderate or severe – than those in the higher male hormone group. This was especially true for those with a level of 3.0 or lower. Not conclusive

One study is not conclusive evidence, but it does suggest a link. So what should a guy do? Well, first he should check with his doctor to see what his male hormone levels are. If they are low, he should then discuss with the doctor whether he should do anything to raise them. There are several ways male hormone levels can be raised, including doctorsupervised supplementation. But here are a few natural ways to keep the male hormone up:  Sleep. A well-rested man naturally produces more male hormone. Getting the proper amount of sleep allows the body to adjust itself and keep male hormone production on track.  Stay at a healthy weight. Carrying extra poundage creates an array of problems, including a drop in male hormone. But that same is true for men who weigh too little. If a guy is unsure what his proper weight should be, consulting a doctor can be helpful.  Exercise. A sedentary lifestyle discourages the body from pumping up male hormone. A man doesn’t need to spend hours every day at the gym, but planning regular walks, indulging in a sports activity or doing yardwork can keep a guy’s body tuned up.  Avoid stress. Like obesity, stress is bad for so many reasons – and male hormone depletion is among them.  Have sensual activity. Studies suggest that the more sensual activity a man has, the more male hormone he produces. So having sensual activity, whether with a partner or by himself, is an enjoyable way to keep the hormones happening. Avoiding manhood pain and keeping male hormone levels up help keep a man prepared for an active sensual life. So does keeping the male member in good overall health, which can be aided by daily use of a top drawer male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Find one that includes both alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L carnitine. The former is a potent

antioxidant that fights free radicals and ensures cellular health, while the latter is a neuroprotective and fights loss of manhood sensation. The two interact synergistically, so finding both in one crème is a bonus.

Can Manhood Pain Be Due to Male Hormone?  

It’s a no-brainer that avoiding manhood pain is high on the list of any man’s to-do list. A study suggests that maintaining higher male horm...

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