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Advertising • Digital • Events


Advertising • Digital • Events

Case Studies

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Mario’s Pizza, Digital Marketing Led by ardent technophile Roger Harford, the General Manager of Mario’s Pizza, the company has added new media to its marketing mix, so much so, that Mario’s is often the first Trinidad & Tobago brand to experiment with new forms of digital marketing. In 2010, Pepper-e was enlisted to manage Mario’s Pizza’s digital footprint, beginning with the Mario’s Pizza Facebook fan page. At the time the fanpage fan count stood at 45,825 fans. Less than two years later the fan page has expanded to over 110,000 fans from around the world.

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Pepper-e expanded Mario’s online offerings beyond Facebook to include Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Website Development and other social media platforms.

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Pepper-e implemented mechanisms by which Social Media & Email touch points, including the website, are regularly maintained and updated with engaging, new content. Online Advertising Taking advantage of Google’s ubiquitous Adwords payper-click program, Mario’s is able to target possible customers on thousands of webpages through the use of Google Text Ads and Image Ads. A simple email to your colleague asking if they’d like pizza for lunch can trigger a Mario’s Pizza ad to appear. To date, Mario’s online ads have appeared over 60 million times. Social Media Marketing Mario’s keeps its large social media audience engaged and entertained with a steady stream of contests, giveaways, games and jokes. Essentially, trying to

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recreate the fun, playful family atmosphere encountered at their restaurants. Mario’s communities exist on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare with plans to investigate fan interest on Pinterest and Instagram. Email Marketing Mario’s maintains a very robust email subscriber list of over 10,000 subscribers who receive personalised birthday greetings and regular specials to attract them to Mario’s stores and reward them for brand loyalty. Website Development In keeping with Mario’s focus on the family, Pepper-e launched a Mario’s website for children - kids.mymarios. com in 2012 and introduced a new mascot, Marco. Children can visit the family-friendly website to access a virtual play park, mirroring Mario’s physical play parks, where they can download colouring books, play games

Kids Website

and follow Marco on his adventures in a digital comic strip. Affiliate Marketing Mario’s has also partnered with, an online learning resource for children about to sit the S.E.A. exam. Mario’s Pizza supplies prizes and incentives to encourage and reward the students who form part of its target audience. All of Pennacool’s online properties wear the Mario’s brand proudly. Tip: Mario’s Pizza has been able to use new media to draw customers to it outlets with specials, deals and other incentives, provide customer service and remain top-of-mind for its target audience.

T&T Drinks Festival, Event Planning The T&T’s Drinks Festival was billed as a breakthrough event celebrating beer, spirits and wine. The brain-child of the spanking-new Pepper Events team, Trinidad & Tobago’s first Drinks Festival took place in November 2012. The festival’s 2012 incarnation was entitled Souk, the Arabic word for an open-air marketplace. Google Image Ad

Differentiation Quite early, the Pepper Events team identified several differentiators for the festival to appeal to an audience who had seen it all before. These differentiators included the use of experiential drinks, an eclectic and exotic cuisine, the use of underground non-mainstream performers, the employment of a distinct currency and, finally, education through entertainment.

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Execution Upon entry, guests received branded tokens with which they sampled drink and food in lieu of cash. Drink Brands were showcased in individual booths where they were encouraged to interpret their brand personality in a novel manner. Eats included Arabian bites, sushi and alcohol-infused treats. Esteemed local artist Darren Chee Wah completed a 50-foot mural live while guests enjoyed a variety of local performances. Guests also had the opportunity to attend a Drinks Academy which entertained as it educated. Marketing Strategy T&T Drinks Festival also differentiated itself through its marketing which mainly consisted of online marketing and activation. There was a heavy online investment with a Facebook page which kept fans engaged with vivid, engaging content.

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In the weeks leading up to Souk, the events team raised awareness of the event by visiting locations patronised by the target audience. The team distributed puncheon snow cones to the avenue, unveiled Souk’s official cocktail with the help of flairtenders and partnered with Julius Caesar Entertainment Company to visit locations in the south of Trinidad. Each promotional event was photographed and filmed for promotional use online. Results: Positive Reviews and Media Exposure in all major daily newspapers and online food blogs, satisfied patrons and brand exposure for Premium Drink Brands.

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