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Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

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Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

we are WHO

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

 e are a highly passionate team that’s W been at the forefront of the event and festival revolution since 2003. We are specialists in our field. W  e provide high-performance event bars at everything from corporate events to large scale outdoor festivals.


We  go above and beyond to deliver our clients’ vision. We are a team of talented, highly-skilled, event professionals. W  e are small enough to be nimble and flexible, but large enough to deliver scale when required. W  e have over 15 years experience - but we are always looking at ways to evolve and innovate. Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

We are incredibly passionate about food & drink

We are entrepreneurs

We are innovators

We love technology

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

We love being creative

We are nimble & reactive 3

We are realists

We love our people

Journey THE

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.


Adam meets Alex at University in Oxford - the “DJ” and the “nightclub promoter” came together and promoted club nights whilst studying. They are life long friends as well as business partners.



They setup a DJ Agency and several record labels based in London next to Pete Waterman’s hit factory.

2002: They identified a gap in the market for entertainment experiences at sports events & high quality bars at outdoor events. 2003:

Adam and Alex setup Peppermint and start to pick up contract wins at boutique music festivals. They help produce the first ever Lovebox Festival with the Mint group on Clapham Common.


Peppermint sees growth in the festivals and sports event sector. Adam and Alex get their forks license!


Adam hands back his forklift license Peppermint expand into pop up events in city centres – including ice rinks, pop up bowling, pop up restaurants and bars.

2011: Peppermint is first to the market with online EPOS solutions and real time reporting in the event environment. 2012-15:

Peppermint celebrates its 10th Birthday by winning the Barclaycard British Summertime contract in Hyde Park. They also helped deliver the official fan zones for the Commonwealth Games. Peppermint operated three of the biggest fan zones for the Rugby World Cup.

2016: ‘Equals’ our in house brand activation agency is born! Peppermint delivers bars for the Queens Birthday on the Mall (in the pouring rain!) Peppermint wins Best Bar Company at The Festival Awards. 2016-17: Peppermint wins multiple contracts at Royal Ascot and delivers 20 events at Building Six, the nightclub at the o2 arena. Peppermint wins Best Bar Company again! 2018-19:

Peppermint smashes all time record for most amount of pints sold in one hour for the Semi-Final of the World Cup in Hyde Park. Delivers bars to the hugely successful Winterville for the second year running and bars for the first ever All Points East Festival. Peppermint wins Best Bar Company at the Event Production Awards.

©2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.


we do WHAT

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.



Award-winning fully-managed event & festival bar solutions

Specialist in-house experiential marketing agency match making brands with events

Capacity to serve 100 – 100,000 customers in one day Innovative technology & payment systems

Integrated brand campaigns and end to end solutions

Creative bars and production

Retail experts

Pro-active data-driven operations Cutting-edge drinks & ranging The best staff in the business

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

SPONSORSHIP & BRAND PARTNERSHIPS Dedicated team delivering sponsorship for events Data and insights to deliver long term brand partnerships Full integration with Equals



Full in-house bar consultancy service

City centre footfall-driving concepts


Everything from design to on-the-ground operations

Pop up restaurants, shops and bars

Venue bar management – fully outsourced service

Fully white-labelled service

Winter markets and summer pop-ups

Extensive experience in nightclubs – specialists in ultra-premium VIP table service

400+ events worth of data and insights

From a one month to three-year term

Our team becomes your team

Over 30 previous events

We create the plan – you execute it

High quality private and corporate event bar solutions Premium staff, premium drinks, premium service From bar backs to molecular mixologists and everything in-between

©2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

STREET FOOD & DRINKS Bringing together the very best drink and street food operators to all types of events Adding wow factor and true value to events Corporate & private hire services All commercial models available



Jaw-dropping creative bars and environments

Professional, fully managed bankstandard mobile ATMs for any event

From 2D & 3D designs to execution on the ground Creative concepts Branded event tours

On site/trader banking & float provision services Over 300,000 transactions every summer Fully regulated

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

Peppermint? WHY CHOOSE

Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

Would you let an inexperienced stage manager look after your artists? Bars are often the second biggest profit centre at your event. There is too much at stake not to make the right supplier choice. Choose an operator that’s been there, got the T-Shirt. We love to work closely and collaboratively with all of our clients to help them grow and develop their events. And, we can bring so much more to the table than just a great deal. Reasons to choose Peppermint: 1. We are more that just a bar operator! 2. We have the most passionate team in the business 3. We are nimble and flexible 4. We work in partnership with our clients 5. We can bring sponsors and brand partners to add value to your event 6. D ial into our extensive experience – over 400 events and 15-years in the industry 7. N o one-size-fits-all financial model – profit share, revenue share, fee, buy outs 8. W  e are proud of our diversity of events (from Royalty to Ravers…) ©2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

Who we’ve worked with


Š2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

Case Study Barclaycard British Summer Time 2013 - 2019 Peppermint are proud to have been the exclusive bar operator at Barclaycard British Summer Time since inception in 2013. Each year we deliver over 30+ bars to the event, including all front of house, backstage and 4 dedicated VIP areas. Over 200 metres and up to 1200 staff per day are deployed to this world-class concert in the heart of London. Peppermint work alongside the AEG Partnerships teams to support numerous partners, sponsors and brand activations throughout the event. This contract demonstrates the scale and capability of Peppermint - but also our ability to look after the finer detail such as sponsor relationships, Hospitality suites, VIP and Artist’s bars. Barclaycard British Summer Time attracts up to 65,000 guests per day. Acts so far have included The Rolling Stones, Kylie, Take That, The Killers, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars and many more. In June 2018, London Mayor Sadiq Khan requested that Hyde Park was transformed into one of the official Fan Zones for the FIFA World Cup Semi Final. Peppermint duly smashed the all time record of pints served in one hour… We have worked with Peppermint for over 15 years now. A professional outfit that understands what we need - and delivers it, every time. - Jim King, Executive Vice President Live Music, AEG Presents (BST Hyde Park, All Points East) ©2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.



©2019. Peppermint Limited. Strictly private and confidential.

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We are Peppermint  

We are Peppermint